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How to Use Shatter for the Maximum Effect

If you are thinking of using shatter, it only means one thing –you want to take your cannabis use to the next level. Its true. Shatter is the most potent, purest form of cannabis & is designed to provide the best high. Think of it like going one level up with your cannabis usage. Once […]

Weed online Canada

The story of Everything that led to the legalization of weed in Canada!

Are you in a state of dilemma about planning your next holiday trip? Is cannabis on your mind? Why not turn to Canada, which is on its second-year of marijuana legalization. For green-minded travelers, Canada is your next destination! As a matter of fact, the set of rules followed in the territories, and 13 different […]

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Buying local vs. purchasing weed online: Which is better?

Many countries have eventually legalized the consumption of weed in their region. With this decision, numerous sites have opened up selling different varieties of weed online. When you can get the weed delivered to you at the comfort of your home, why go out and buy from the local market? Don’t forget the risks associated […]

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What is a hash? Is it different from Marijuana? Here is how to use it!

You must have come across advertisements online that ask you to buy hash online. But what is the use of it when you’ve got no clue about it? Well, no problem. If you are a beginner and have no idea about it, then we’re here to help. If one asks to describe it in short, […]

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How to save yourself from getting duped when purchasing cannabis online?

One thing about buying cannabis online is that there are multiple risks associated with it, especially if you belong to a region where cannabis hasn’t been legalized yet. However, in places where cannabis has been legalized, people should be aware of getting scammed while buying it online.  There are professional swindlers online who are waiting […]

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Why Cannabis Concentrates are So Much Better Than Buds

Ever since weed became legal in Canada, the market has been flooded with so many marijuana products. You can easily buy marijuana online and get it delivered at your door step. While smoking flower has been the most traditional way of using weed, concentrates are getting popular too. Concentrate are quickly becoming more popular and […]

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Coronavirus & Cannabis: Precautions to Take When Consuming Your Favorite Weed Oil

After SARS and MERS, another coronavirus strain that has started its journey to take over humanity is the COVID-19. Even though the national and international media has been glorifying this disease, one needs to avoid panicking and start being careful.  If you happen to live in Canada, we are sad to bring you this news […]

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How to Choose an Online Marijuana Dispensary for Buying High-Quality Weed

Now that the buying weed is legal in Canada, so many online stores have opened up selling a wide range of cannabis products. You can now buy weed like you buy things from amazon or eBay. You can buy cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes from an online marijuana dispensary. Buying weed online is much […]

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What to keep in mind when you order weed online?

Whether you have been an experienced cannabis consumer or just a beginner, ordering cannabis can be a bit tricky. While several countries and states are now doing their best to legalize the use of cannabis for both medical as well as recreational purposes, the legal status is still restricted to certain places. Talking about Canada, […]

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Weed vs. Hashish: The Complete Comparison Guide

Both Hashish and weed are the parts of the plant of Cannabis Sativa. One of the most significant differences between weed and Hashish is –marijuana is the dried plant parts, which includes the –flower buds. And the Hash is basically a sap obtained from the plant or paste from resin. Hash has a higher concentration […]

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Marking Important Events in the Marijuana Industry during the Corona Lockdown

The COVID-19 virus has taken the globe by storm. The foundations of the global financial systems seem to have been weakened by the spread of the flu, while the industries show signs of tumbling down. However, in such a scenario, the need for recreational cannabis is at an all-time high as a greater number of […]

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What are some of the CBD oil benefits to know when you order cannabis online?

Although cannabis has been used for far too long as a natural remedy, it is only now that it has sparked into the limelight. From issues such as depression to chronic pain, this miraculous herb has the potential to help tackle the same. With several studies dedicated to finding out the potential of this plant, […]

weed edibles online

Cannabis Edibles – The Types, Benefits and Advantages of Weed Edibles

Cannabis edibles are very popular these days and for all the good reasons too. They come in a wide variety to accommodate different needs and preferences. Part of the reasons why weed edibles are so popular is that they taste better than the oils and tinctures. For people who don’t want to smoke, edibles offer […]

cheap bud canada

Traveling with cheap bud, Canada? Here are some tips & tricks to check out!

Cannabis has been legal in Canada for more than a year now. It is obvious that traveling with the cheap bud, Canada, might have crossed your mind,and you might be ready to experiment the same. However, what most cannabis users do not know is the fact that traveling with marijuana or cannabis can get a […]

cheap weed

Beginner’s Guide to Marijuana: How to Use this Miracle Plant?

Marijuana is something that has always been debated among the health-care regulators as well as lawmakers. With several scientific studies being carried out by the scientific community, more and more countries are now easing in towards the use of this miracle plant.  However, for someone new to marijuana, understanding the dos and don’ts can be […]

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Here are the Major Cannabinoids Present in the Weed Plant and its effects

Cannabinoids are the 66 out of 480 compounds found in the Cannabis plant. They are the naturally occurring compounds responsible for making the weed what it is. Two of the compounds – THC and CBD –are more well-known than the others. THC is responsible for making people high, while CBD is used for medicinal purposes. […]

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CBD 101: Extraction Processes Explained for CBD Oil

While this topic might not seem important to you, but the extraction process for CBD oil plays a critical role in determining how effective it will be. The method used for extraction can different massively and have a critical impact on your overall health. It is critical that you understand how the CBD oil is […]

Mail Order Marijuana

Top 8 Recreational Marijuana FAQs Answered for You

As the sales for recreational marijuana increase with the legalization in Canada, more and more buyers are now confused as to what their legal obligations are. There are several other issues or queries that remain unsolved or unanswered till date. Given the fact that marijuana has been a hush-hush topic to date, some questions haven’t […]

bc weed online

Exploring The Medical Advantages of Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana has been in the news for quite a long time. The United States categorizes the element as a Schedule I drug, comparing it to heroin and LSD. On the other hand, medical marijuana is a huge hit across nations like Canada, where it could be found at the local stores. Search for BC […]

thc e-liquid

THC E-Liquid vs. THC Concentrate: Which Should You Choose?

Today, more & more stoners are opting for the use of vaping devices for the consumption of marijuana. The reason for this choice is pretty clear. The vaping devices are easier to use, cleaner, as well as potentially safer. However, as the marijuana industry grows and the options expand, things can get confusing. One such […]

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5 Best Cannabis Concentrates for the Beginners

If you are starting with cannabis, you are probably confused where to start, which product to choose and so on. You are not alone. Now that buying cannabis is legal in Canada, there are so many types of cannabis products available in the market that can even confuse an expert cannabis user. The confusion can […]

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Is “Shatter Weed” the Future of Cannabis? A Glimpse into the Days to Come

While the traditional ways of smoking weed are still popular, more and more pot smokers are in need of an alternative that is heavier and hits a whole new high. The latest craze in the market is “Shatter,” which is a concentrated derivative of weed that flaunts as much as 80 percent in terms of […]

online marijuana dispensary

How to Choose an Online Marijuana Dispensary for Buying High-Quality Weed

Now that the buying weed is legal in Canada, so many online stores have opened up selling a wide range of cannabis products. You can now buy weed like you buy things from amazon or eBay. You can buy cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes from an online marijuana dispensary. Buying weed online is much […]

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Top 5 Marijuana Strains with High CBD and Low THC

Today, more and more people are discovering the benefits of CBD for issues such as anxiety, depression, seizures, and what not! The marijuana strains with high CBD and low THC are popular in the market, given the fact that they bring in a myriad of medical benefits.  There are several dispensaries that provide high-quality marijuana […]

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