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West Coast Supply Reviews
4.9 Stars - Based on 5109 User Reviews
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Total Reviews: 4399
Chemo Kush
Chemo Kush May 18, 2017

Nice full tight buds. Will definitely knock you out if not careful. Full body smoke.
FrankieC - avatar FrankieC
Sensi Star
Sensi Star May 18, 2017

Nice smooth high but not as strong as i thought
FrankieC - avatar FrankieC
Purple Kush AAA
Purple Kush AAA May 15, 2017

Super decent for the price
hamstermeal - avatar hamstermeal

I've been smoking for the past sixteen years, and have been chronic for the past two years straight and was having a hard time getting anything from what i was smoking...then i tried this! awesome high and i actually feel it! this is now my favourite strain and i just wish i had some seeds of my own hehe
alloys - avatar alloys

Gives me a bit of paranoia but love the long lingering cerebral stone. Really supercharges the brain and good for use in the day, don't even burnout after smoking this. I got big dense nugs and overall was very satisfied with this strain
John - avatar John

Very nice. Great med for day time, very up! Sneaks and taste awesome.
mikejponto - avatar mikejponto

Wow the trichomes on this strain are amazing, it smells very good and gives you a very powerful high. HIGHly recommend. - avatar
Romulan AAA
Romulan AAA May 4, 2017

This was a great strain. Smell was so nice, taste was great and burn was clean. Super bud and medication for heavy indica needs. Nice!
hof420 - avatar hof420

Really loving the sativas that Westcoast has been providing lately.
trapgame - avatar trapgame

Got this strain during the 420 sale and it really surprised me! Very frosty buds with a clear sativa high
trapgame - avatar trapgame

Incredibly dense buds, lovely smell and an equally delicious taste. I would play $240 an oz for it
dovakhiin6969 - avatar dovakhiin6969

just ordered more! hope its as good as last time!

Very nice sativa strain. Great for the daytime
rockdisco87 - avatar rockdisco87

Really nice looking bud. Perfectly trimmed and cured, rock hard. Smell is fruity and piny, maybe a little earthy, not as strong smelling as I would like but smells a lot better after being ground up.

Nice sativa high. I find myself mixing it with some Purple OG to tame down the sativa effects as I mostly toke at night.
Curtis - avatar Curtis
Blue Frost AAA
Blue Frost AAA May 2, 2017

Hits very strong but turns into a nice relaxing high. Delicious taste
sarah__palmer - avatar sarah__palmer

Very nice Sativa. Uplifting and doesn't give me any anxiety.
The nugs I got were huge too. Would definitely order again.
sarah__palmer - avatar sarah__palmer
Blue Frost AAA
Blue Frost AAA May 2, 2017

I got Jack Frost in a variety pack and this was my favorites in the pack!
It had a nice smooth taste and had a very relaxing effect. Ashes burnt white and they were really nice looking buds.
Definitely something I'll be ordering again!
j.smithtech - avatar j.smithtech

Nice sativa high good for price, unlucky on the size of the bud I got.. little bit hard on the throat
jimOuellet - avatar jimOuellet
King's Kush AAAA
King's Kush AAAA May 2, 2017

Good for the price, relaxing effect give me good munchies.
jimOuellet - avatar jimOuellet
Alaskan Thunder Fuck AAA
Alaskan Thunder Fuck AAA April 30, 2017

Best strain I've ordered to date, beautiful smell and looks amazing
mattpelerine1 - avatar mattpelerine1
Alaskan Thunder Fuck AAA
Alaskan Thunder Fuck AAA April 29, 2017

So tasty, beautiful crystal buds, Wonderful taste. Would get again and again
Sjrumball - avatar Sjrumball
Alaskan Thunder Fuck AAA
Alaskan Thunder Fuck AAA April 26, 2017

smells great and for me it is an ideal sativa
Alaskan Thunder Fuck AAA
Alaskan Thunder Fuck AAA April 25, 2017

Smell's great, a little piney and fruity. The nugs are dense and packed with trichomes. Definitely one of my faves.
jimmy.liu2823 - avatar jimmy.liu2823
Pineapple Express Shatter
Pineapple Express Shatter April 25, 2017

Great energitic high and sweet apple taste. Perfect for me.
jimOuellet - avatar jimOuellet
Lemon Skunk
Lemon Skunk April 21, 2017

A mere couple of puffs of Lemon Skunk and my mood is completely changed. Totally uplifting, exactly as described and wonderful to ease social anxiety.

Very nice buds, perfectly dried, fresh lemon smell. This will be a daytime choice strain, no regrets at all with this one.
Richard - avatar Richard


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