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very good website I suggest to everybody who loves potent strains

Grayson B. Avatar
Grayson B.

Awesome store Awesome store; I've been ordering from them for over 3 years and I've never regretted an order. They always have... read more


Great place to order from super fast shipping to Ontario, very easy to deal with , the way they package... read more

Donald L. Avatar
Donald L.

WESTCOAST SUPPLY is a non-profit/charity status type of Corporation.That proves advantageous for the consumer, as they ensure the highest quality... read more

Derek K. Avatar
Derek K.

This is the place I order the cbd isolate that I use to treat my arthritic cat. I Always receive... read more

Joel N. Avatar
Joel N.

great prices, lots of selection, arrived sooner than expected. one thing i found weird however was i bought a tin... read more

Dylan W. Avatar
Dylan W.

One of my favourites so far! The consistency of their sales/coupons keeps bringing me back. A pretty good selection of great quality weed, pre rolls, and... read more

Ziggy H.

Awesome web site Awesome web site. New customer and will be using this company again and again in the future.

Lucie M.

Super professional!! I have been using West Coast for two years now, and couldn’t be happier! Always great service, and amazing products!... read more

Brandy B.

Best of the best! West Coast Supply are hand's down the best company to order from. Quality are always top shelf products and customer... read more

Brad K.

This should be the only site you order… This should be the only site you order from. Great prices and product with top notch customer service. They always... read more


'WESTCOAST SUPPLY Review' 'WESTCOAST SUPPLY Review' - SEPT 24, 2020_________________________________________________WESTCOAST SUPPLY is a NON-PROFIT CORPORATIONWESTCOASTSUPPLY is an outstanding supplier of Cannabis & other... read more


Well it was a small order; 4 raw distillate and a pink ditillates syringes. (btw you gotta heat up the... read more

Kevin m. Avatar
Kevin m.

I placed my order with Westcoast Supply and two days later I received it at my that's great service....once... read more

Deanne A. Avatar
Deanne A.

I really enjoy not only the quality of the product, but the quantity as well. The deals and coupon codes... read more

Will D. Avatar
Will D.

Great products at great prices and responsive team. Always as described and packaged well. Received in just a few... read more

ekq 7. Avatar
ekq 7.

I love Pink Tuna!!! Very sticky and smells awesomely rich. You get a beautiful high (28-35%THC), you become... read more

Paul S. Avatar
Paul S.

Great place to order. Definitely give them a go if you like free gifts!! Free gift on your First... read more

Lindsay M. Avatar
Lindsay M.

Really easy website to navigate. The products are always great, delivery is really quick as well. They have a great... read more

Brent C. Avatar
Brent C.

Cool Customer Service! Great Medicine

Yan C. Avatar
Yan C.

We had a little mix up at the beginning but everything was fixed up. all their products are wonderful.great company

Jack T. Avatar
Jack T.

Always very happy with my purchases from WCS! Great deals, great quality product. You can't go wrong ordering from here!

Canna B. Avatar
Canna B.

OG Pink – Quarter (7g) - Regular top shelf AAAA. Loved it! The nose, the taste and the buzz all... read more

jfn482 Avatar

Excellent selection for all users and all purposes as outlined in the product description. Many ways to search for your... read more

SqrlGrl C. Avatar
SqrlGrl C.

A first time customer and NOW long time customer. Remarkable products and impeccable service. When I had a problem with... read more

Brad K. Avatar
Brad K.

I placed my order with Westcoast supply and 2 days later I received my package so the speedy service was... read more

Deanne A. Avatar
Deanne A.

I have ordered a few times now and other than the long wait for my first order (which was because... read more

Mary O. Avatar
Mary O.
Total Reviews: 3812
Free Gram Offer
Free Gram Offer April 16, 2021

Good taste not too hard , Nice kick
Zigidou - avatar Zigidou
Free Gram Offer
Free Gram Offer April 16, 2021

Was good! Not too hard to smoke
Zigidou - avatar Zigidou
Dolato AAAA
Dolato AAAA April 16, 2021

Nice buzz, but too strong in taste....hard on george.."
Zigidou - avatar Zigidou
Tahoe OG Shatter
Tahoe OG Shatter April 16, 2021

Great product. Super clean colour. Great taste. Would buy again.
Robin Scott - avatar Robin Scott
Girl Scout Cookies AA
Girl Scout Cookies AA April 16, 2021

Great bag appeal, taste, burn, and fairly potent
Jim Kearney - avatar Jim Kearney
Comatose AAA
Comatose AAA April 16, 2021

Nice strain, great taste, nice burn and good buzz
Jim Kearney - avatar Jim Kearney
Donkey Butter AAA
Donkey Butter AAA April 16, 2021

A little dry, but tastes good and a nice buzz
Jim Kearney - avatar Jim Kearney
Comatose AAA
Comatose AAA April 16, 2021

Tasted spicy and overall it was a fairly trippy event the first time I smoked a half joint of this, first time I had it.
Got 1/4 Ounce free gift from Westcoast Supply. These guys are the coolest of all.

Maybe a 4.5 out of 5 is the rating?
4 to 4.5 out of 5 for COMATOSE. I was so stoned on it that I forgot I was intending on posting a review.

DKultra1 - avatar DKultra1
Zkittlez AA
Zkittlez AA April 16, 2021

good bud
Keyon Littlejohn - avatar Keyon Littlejohn
Watermelon Zkittles AAA
Watermelon Zkittles AAA April 16, 2021

Awesome, loved this one!!
SheDawn - avatar SheDawn

Been using CBD for pain management for a while now and its been great but sleep is still interrupted so this tincture has been awesome. Good nights sleep finally.
Trina Rundgren - avatar Trina Rundgren
Miss Envy THC Bath Bomb
Miss Envy THC Bath Bomb April 16, 2021

I love the Miss Envy bath bombs. Full body relaxation every time. Perfect solution after a day of hard play or maybe the start of a relaxing night in 😉
Trina Rundgren - avatar Trina Rundgren
Dolato AAAA
Dolato AAAA April 16, 2021

Very nice dank bud, sticky icky and the high is very strong
Joe Lau - avatar Joe Lau

The Watermelon OG has just the right amount of flavour, not too strong not too light just right 😀
Erik Way - avatar Erik Way
Gorilla Bomb AA
Gorilla Bomb AA April 15, 2021

Very nice buds. Very nice taste. Very nice high.
Chrisc8 - avatar Chrisc8
Girl Scout Cookies AA
Girl Scout Cookies AA April 15, 2021

Girl scout cookies is the best weed they have save yourself some time and just order this. Very high THC levels and great taste!
Chrisc8 - avatar Chrisc8
House of Glass Shatter
House of Glass Shatter April 15, 2021

House of glass shatter is where it's at period. You won't find better anywhere and the selection of flavors is second to none.
Chrisc8 - avatar Chrisc8

Tell the world how great this company is. Their AA is phenomenal at the prices they have set. I love spending the time and going through everything and getting the right product for me. So much selection!
Chrisc8 - avatar Chrisc8
Tutti Fruity Shatter
Tutti Fruity Shatter April 15, 2021

1st a company giving away free weed is a great deal, But Glad it was free as it's not as good as some of their other stuff. I will definitely spent the extra 5 or 10 dollars to get other shatter.
Chrisc8 - avatar Chrisc8
King Louis XIII AAAA
King Louis XIII AAAA April 14, 2021

Some pretty good bud
Quite a bit of purple on it
Wadehopeisdope - avatar Wadehopeisdope

it was definitely my favourite out of the order
And will be buying again
Wadehopeisdope - avatar Wadehopeisdope
THC Distillate Syringe
THC Distillate Syringe April 13, 2021

Well worthwhile trying

Does the job
Huckleberry Soda AA
Huckleberry Soda AA April 12, 2021

Really impressed with this one for the price. Great flavor and smell. Nice purple buds.
Jason Bellis - avatar Jason Bellis
Free Gram Offer
Free Gram Offer April 12, 2021

Was Great and it’s free!!
Mori07 - avatar Mori07


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