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WestCoastSupply’s new premium budget shake, select from various strains at the best prices available!

Use shake to make edibles, budder or even tea from the stems

Select a free gift when you spend $300+ (tier 1)
– Selection Of AAA Eighth Strain (3.5g)
-Random low dosage edible
-Random budget Shatter (1g)

Select a free gift when you spend $500+ (tier 2)
– Selection of AAA Quarter Strain (7g)
-Random Premium Shatter
-Random Medium tier edible

Select a free gift when you spend $700+ (tier 3)
-Premium edible selection
-20 Packs of pre-rolls option
– Half Ounce (14g) of AA/AAA Strain

91 reviews for Budget Shake – 1 Ounce

  1. mlclm (verified owner)

    got MK ultra this time , nice !!! thankx WCS

  2. Beau (verified owner)

    This has become my staple. The prices is great and I can smoke as often as I want!

  3. Dave (verified owner)

    Loved these except I bought some of the black diamond this time and didn’t like it, smelled funky and was very leafy and dry. Wouldn’t recommend that strain again.

  4. DKultra1 (verified owner)

    DEATH BUBBA in the June 2020 batch of DEATH BUBBA is lesser or middle quality compared to all the batches of shake I have ordered over the past year.

    I am not saying it’s bad at all, but it seems less impactful and less spicy than the last order of DEATH BUBBA shake I got about 5 months before.

    Usually, you really win out with a good batch of shake, but about 20% of the time a person ends up ordering a poorer quality shake than may be expected.

    Perhaps ordering BUD and adding in 1 or 2 oz of SHAKE is the best way to ORDER???

    FREE SAMPLE of LEMON STOMPER is awesome!!
    THANKS for that, Westcoast Supply!

  5. DKultra1 (verified owner)

    BLACK DIAMOND review – JUNE 2020 batch —
    I was surprised by the immediate potency of the BLACK DIAMOND in terms of it being $60 for an OZ, and yet I got a noticeable high from it when I smoked it after having smoked BUD before, like 1 hour before.

    It is very leafy and looks pretty weak compared to most batches of SHAKE i suppose, but the potency seems moderate in the batch at least, even if it doesn’t look great and is super value priced cheap as can be in the store.

    It does have a funky taste to it that reminded me of smoking MALE CANNABIS in that it makes your tongue a bit numb when you smoke it. So it may be more CBD like with moderate THC levels in it. Overall, it gave me an airy high for about 30 minutes and I am a regular user / medicinal user of cannabis.

    If you are broke, you could survive on this, but you would be less baked than usual, yet you would be baked enough.

    At $60 an ounce I would spend the extra $20 for MK ULTRA shake instead, but I am okay with this for $60 an OZ BLACKDIAMOND and recommend for the seriously impoverished or those brand new to cannabis!

  6. Ann (verified owner)

    Back for another mk ultra and tried a death bubba as well…..Mk is great as usual and death bubba isn’t bad…very dark ash but taste isn’t bad an effect is decent…for 80 an oz you can’t go wrong (but I would pick the Mk outa the 2) hoping they have some hybrid or sativa to try next time

  7. DKultra1 (verified owner)

    DEATH BUBBA July 2020 is less potent than DEATH BUBBA was last time around.

    BLACK DIAMOND is $35 a ounce if you buy 8 ounces or a HALF POUND for $285 at a discount rate of 25% off.

    I was gonna get this, but since I already have 3 ounces of shake, I’m not spending on the 8 ounces.

    If you are new to smoking pot, then this is a super duper deal for the BLACK DIAMOND in July 2020.

    I just smoked 2 bowls of it 5 minutes ago when I started typing this review. Overall, you feel the high in your head like a good buzz of a high, it has some potency for certain.

    Having paid $60, I will make it into Oil or I will just use the BLACK DIAMOND shake for edible cannabis.

    It’s worth it if you are new to smoking pot.
    Buy the entire HALF POUND for $285 when it’s on sale. JULY 2020 DEAL of the MONTH, maybe????

    Has potency and gives you an AIRY HIGH, not a centre of the brain, between the middle of the eyes type AAAAA high. This is definitely a B grade, but hey, you get stoned off it, so that’s good.

    Make 1/2 LB of BLACK DIAMOND shake into HONEY OIL using 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and a hair dryer on low heat in a baking dish?? What? (Don’t get debris into your batch of oil)! Look up the method online instead of me typing it here.

    SUPER DEAL for the BLACK DIAMOND!!!!!!
    Buy it up if you are new to smoking!

    JULY 2020

  8. DKultra1 (verified owner)


    At $35 an ounce on discount when you buy 8 OZ, or a 1/2 LB!!!!!!!!!!

    * remember it’s a B Grade in my opinion *

    I remember when they sold cigarettes to teenagers legally in the 1980’s & 90’s. If you were 14, you could buy smokes.

    This potency should be for new smokers as mandatory to get them used to the cannabis and not overwhelmed by the AAA+ levels of cannabis.

    A person could also combine BLACK DIAMOND of JULY 2020 batch with regular bud. You’d get a nice body stone added to your stone that way.

    I hope this makes sense.
    Maybe I am really baked while typing this after all?? BLACK DIAMOND shake effect is noticeable.

    B or B+ is it’s grade IMO.

  9. Ann (verified owner)

    For 30$ an oz I had to try…it’s very “homie” when opening the bag… rolled a joint an found the smell was also the taste…go figure…lol! Got a surprising little lift shortly after smoking but this will be better served using for butter…still a great deal…thanks west coast supply 🙂 west coast to the best coast shipped Friday in my Mailbox Tuesday …awesome service everytime

  10. Wendy Parsons (verified owner)

    Mandarin Sunset is definitely my new favourite, lovely aroma and a very nice head high.

    Can’t say I was impressed with the Thin Mint though, all the shake I’ve bought in the past was basically already ground up bud but this strain came looking like a bag of bay leaves and both bags were the same. I guess I was just expecting better for something advertised as AAAA

  11. Yan Chatel (verified owner)

    Thin Mint arrived with only stems and leaves, mildewed and smells like mushroom. Worst shake I have seen in my whole life

  12. ╭∩╮( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)╭∩╮ (verified owner)

    Don’t waste your money on the Thin Mint:
    “product has more leaf and stems” – Pffft, brutal.
    Should be worth $30/oz

  13. jeremy (verified owner)

    Zero stars for the thin mint shake???? It was all leaf and stem not some….. I was disappointed enough I almost puked! It smelled moldy and I was more than upset when it arrived. A bag of someone else’s trimmings has no value so 60$ was about 59.99 too much!!I did receive a refund after fighting with customer service for two days but beware…. it’s advertised as shake and there is no shake in it at all it is pure floor scraps!

  14. jonathan482 (verified owner)

    Got 2 OZ of Mandarin Sunset at $160. The shake had no stems or seeds whatsoever and was consistent. Good high, harsh if toke to big, tasty and mellow with small tokes. Made some nice oil with it that just smacks you with a body and head high. Comparatively priced OZ with bud may be a better value though truth be told – unless wanting strain specific its a decent deal.

  15. Dave (verified owner)

    That thin mint shake was terrible. Smelled moldy and was mostly leaves and stems. Very disappointed.

  16. tsmoke (verified owner)

    Death Bubba an excellent value
    Thank You West Coast

  17. Ann (verified owner)

    Picked up a QP of SSH an wasn’t expecting anything but butter making supplies…went through and picked out over half oz of large popcorn bud…which I didn’t expect from a 110$ QP the rest is a mix of leaf an shake all of which is covered in crystal…awesome deal! Customer service is amazing…answered in minutes and actually went to check on my questions for accurate answers…very happily impressed with the 2 ladies I chatted with

  18. Beau (verified owner)

    Sept 2020. Just ordered new stuff that I knew was going to be different.. They weren’t kidding. It’s basically just what they said extra leaf n stems. So I’m happy they priced it at 50% off. If u smoke it it needs to be blended with something else. At least it doesn’t taste so bad it gives me a headache? Might use it all for butter

  19. Ann (verified owner)

    The critical mass is all chopped leaf with some crystal but not much more than butter material an not worth the price/oz

  20. Ann (verified owner)

    Pink tuna was a much better choice…everything is loaded with crystal to the point of feeling sandy…decent smoke after being ground also be great for butter or oil

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