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WestCoastSupply’s new premium budget shake, select from various strains at the best prices available!

Use shake to make edibles, budder or even tea from the stems

Select a free gift when you spend $300+ (tier 1)
– Selection Of AAA Eighth Strain (3.5g)
-Random low dosage edible
-Random budget Shatter (1g)

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– Selection of AAA Quarter Strain (7g)
-Random Premium Shatter
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91 reviews for Budget Shake – 1 Ounce

  1. DKultra1 (verified owner)

    (PINK TUNA sHake Review) – Sept 24/2020
    Leave the rest of the PINK TUNA sHake for me!!! There is only so much of it left!
    OMG, I need more of it cause it’s so very, very good!

    PINK TUNA shake is the best value on the entire website at the moment.
    PLEASE DON’T BUY IT, just leave it all for me.

  2. DKultra1 (verified owner)

    Put in multiple orders for PINK TUNA as it’s great.
    1 review per order I think is how they system works, so I comment again and again.

    Is the PINK OG (photo for that particular shake) is it actually the same shake as in the photo?
    I’m questioning that cause it’s just labeled as ‘SHAKE’ in the photo METADATA.

    PINK TUNA, a person should load up on that and save money.
    Buy some bud for special occasions and just ensure you are smart about which BUDGET SHAKE you buy.

    I think the PINK TUNA is loaded with crystal THC to be honest, cause it has a bit of a strong feeling in the throat when you smoke a joint of it, but at the same time it’s pretty smooth. You just notice it, the same way as when you smoke some crystal that is saved up in your Electric Bud Buster. You get that same feeling in the throat of a strong toke.

    Right now, I am opening a bag of this PINK TUNA BUDGET SHAKE for $60 a oz.
    I just opened it.
    My 2nd bag of PINK TUNA.
    Just like the 1st bag, it is 95% or more Pure Bud/Flower, there is almost no stem in these bags at all.

    What a fantastic buy this was for me. Highly recommend people buy the PINK TUNA and get some real photos of the PINK OG, cause it maybe is choice too? The photo is key to buying these bags, as is reading recent reviews.

  3. DKultra1 (verified owner)

    (PINK TUNA Shake BAG #3 opening) – “This shake is DANK. Doesn’t get much better than this shake, even in AAAAA level bud in my opinion, this is pretty close to as good as you can get. It’s only $60 an OZ and that’s beautiful. What else can I say? But to buy it up and save your $$$ by smoking BUDGET SHAKE as your primary cannabis. That’s the way to go.

    WHY DOES THE MANDARIN SUNSET have a GREAT RECENT REVIEW on Aug 22, 2020, yet is listed at only $30 per OZ??? That could be the best SHAKE there is at the moment besides this PINK TUNA that is at least 95% broken off flower/bud.

  4. Ann (verified owner)

    The Mandarin sunset review you refer to was a different batch than what is offered now…if you notice it said they paid 160$ for 2oz …I also picked some up at that time an it is was awesome…saw the new listing at a cheaper price an sent a message to inquire if it was same batch an the lady I chatted with actually went an checked it for me….an no it’s not same…it’s looks like the pic that comes up

  5. DKultra1 (verified owner)

    I was just emailed by WCS and prompted/asked to write another review about PINK TUNA Budget Shake for $60, from SEPT 2020 Batch of PINK TUNA.

    I find it is a very strong high, gives a body stone, yet clarity when stoned when thinking and being creative.
    If I could afford more of the PINK TUNA, then I would buy it.

    DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, load up on PINK TUNA while you can.
    It may be a while to get this potent of a BUDGET SHAKE strain back in stock for bulk purchase.

    Save your $$$, smoke PINK TUNA shake. It’s AAAA in potency compared to Mac1 Pre-Rolls in my opinion.
    (which are AAAAA).

  6. DKultra1 (verified owner)

    MANDARIN SUNSET Budget Shake Review – AUG 2020 – Mandarin Sunset Batch
    What a deal this was at $27.50 per ounce!!!
    There are some stems included, but the bags are loaded with small little buds, a tiny bit of leaf, but not more than 5%-10% of the bag is leaf, and not more than 5-10% of the bag is stem.

    What a bargain!!!
    A person should way the recent reviews always.

    OG PINK is what I am wondering the quality of?
    Sometimes these ones marked at $30 an ounce are pretty good, I was really lucky with the Mandarin Sunset!!!


  7. ╭∩╮( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)╭∩╮ (verified owner)

    October 3rd:

    Pink tuna was dust with stems. Not very tasty, not very potent.
    Making oil with it. Not impressed

  8. ╭∩╮( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)╭∩╮ (verified owner)

    October 3rd:

    Lemon Drop was very leafy with stems. The taste was so/so, but the effect was half decent. It’s dry, but I’ll try to re-hydrate it first. If not, it goes to oil.

  9. DKultra1 (verified owner)

    PINK TUNA REVIEW (Bag #4 opening): OCT 12, 2020
    This Bag of PINK TUNA was much the same as the last 3 bags I opened.
    There is lots of broken down flower/bud all over and throughout the bag.
    Very visually stimulating high. I just smoked a bowl of this, it’s gotta be AAAA potency or towards that much potency cause of the powdery bud that makes up most of each bag.

    The above poster FINGERIN everyone must have huge Cannabis Usage, even bigger than my own.
    Personally, I prefer a AA level of stonedness, this ensures I am functional and not caught up in hyper-highness where you get overfocused on nothing, and accomplishing nothing.

    AA bud is choice for the price.
    This PINK TUNA shake is better than AA bud for certain.
    Towards AAAA this PINK TUNA batch is.

    I smoke alot. High immunity to cannabis.
    Only 16 ounces of it left!! They are running out.
    BETTER SCOOP IT UP as your PRIMO bud that out punches whatever AA a person may buy as well, if needing lower cost bud.

    For $60 PINK TUNA is super potent, an upgrade above most AA.

    Throaty toke, from the potency of all the flower dust/just caked through everything in the bag.

    1% stems or less than 1%.

  10. Timothy Bilsky (verified owner)

    Third time I order pink tuna for the price very decent not alot of stick but the shake is sticky definately order again wow

  11. Sylver59 (verified owner)

    I ordered an ounce of the Super Silver Haze shake and after smoking all the little nugs, which were delicious and provided a very decent buzz, I figured I had already gotten my money’s worth and passed on the leaf to my granddaughter who is on a super tight budget and she is enjoying it very much.

  12. kevin mansfield (verified owner)

    WOW. I am impressed big time on a the pink tuna Just covered in sugar got four buds bout two gs but the shake has a little bit of sticks n Trim but was very minimal. If they kept this consistency I’d would never buy anything else again it’s a steal.

  13. kevin (verified owner)

    Pink tuna was the best shake I’ve ever had period, better than most buds I’ve smoked crazy. I’m impressed beyond belief. A+++

  14. Sherry (verified owner)

    These economic times I’m happy there’s products that fit my budget
    Thanks again West Coast

  15. Sherry (verified owner)

    Have ordered many times a variety of strains…Gelato is my favorite Mandarin Sunset was great as well
    Like to boost my joints with oil or bubble hash ♡ ♡ both I’ve purchased from Westcoast Supply
    My experience purchasing products has been very positive its a Top notch service

  16. Evan Dempsey (verified owner)

    So very happy with my two oz I received it’s exactly what they state Premium quality what a nice smell what a nice taste I’ve never tasted shake that just tasted like ur actually smoking the bud !! Well in my death budda bag there was about 10g of bud in there and what was left was little leafy with some steam but most part was just Pieces that feel off bud bottom of bag stuff ok smoke nice buzz nothing crazy had better death bubba but it’s bottoms right so get what you pay for kinda deal. The second oz I got was wedding cake was very impressed by this bag again about 10g of nug but what was left over was just small pieces of nug steam here and there what best smelling stuff and even the leaf taste like you actually smoking nug really good buzz for what it is more potent that I expected really. So all around it’s 5 stars because for what your paying it’s well worth the budget option!! For my first order very happy thanks for the zombie og gram guys wasn’t bad!! Will be ordering for this site again and sending people your way good site so far excited to see what else you guys have for me on my next orders!!! Good stuff guys at west coast from a guy Far East coast hahaha

  17. Ann (verified owner)

    Picked up a tuna lush…looks just like the pic…about 8-10g of small bud and a bunch of leaf an stem….bud is nice flavour an smokes well and leaf will go for butter

  18. Scott Manuel (verified owner)

    I am amazed by this!! Got about 10grams of decent size bud from the ounce of shake!! The smoke itself is very smooth in a joint best tasting shake I’ve tried in awhile!! At 40$ per oz the prices just keep bringing me back

  19. Scott Manuel (verified owner)

    Bought a ounce of pink og and I’m pretty sastified with what I received.. a bit of leave but seems to have a lot of crystals on it with lots of small tinny buds mixed. I little dry but by adding a bit more Mosture to it really makes it a good smoke

  20. Ann (verified owner)

    The wedding cake shake was amazing…more bud than shake…smokes better than a lot of the budget bud I have tried…smooth smoke an very clean burning

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