Delta 8 Flavoured Distillate Syringes



Distillate syringes with 90%+ THC requires a blow dryer to warm up before extracting to avoid any extraction complications

Try our quarter ounce Mix & Match distillate syringe bundle for trying different flavors

(163 customer reviews)

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Medusa Botanical Delta 8 Flavoured Distillates Syringes (90%+ THC)

By reinfusing distillates with terpenes, we can not only improve the product’s flavor, but can customize the exact type of high the distillate produces, as well. This makes it easier for you to choose your experiences carefully based on your medical needs and personal preferences.

Each batch is lab tested with results of over 90% THC content! This product is great for dabing, vaping, baking and ingestion.

Select from our wide range of tasty flavors

We also have delta 8 distillate syringes if you prefer the natural taste

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163 reviews for Delta 8 Flavoured Distillate Syringes

  1. drednot (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  2. drednot (verified owner)

    Very good and sweet

  3. drednot (verified owner)

    Nice kick nice favour

  4. EastCoast4Life (verified owner)

    Tried the Banana Blueberry Muffin and It’s my favorite so far. All flavors are good potency but the flavors are different and the banana blueberry muffin tastes AMAZING.

  5. EastCoast4Life (verified owner)

    Tried the Pineapple Tangie which was good but not as good as others I have tried. It’s a sour flavor not sweet or berry flavored but it put me on the couch!

  6. EastCoast4Life (verified owner)

    Got 2 Zkittles with my last order because the name and I read a review on it saying it’s good and it really is amazing! It tastes like skittles and leave the skittles after taste! Every dab has a great taste and I just want to eat it. Zkittles and Banana Blueberry muffin are my two favorite so far as the selectin grows I’ll keep updating.

  7. drednot (verified owner)

    Love it

  8. drednot (verified owner)

    Got a nice kick to it

  9. Woodsie1 (verified owner)

    Just love the flavour of the blue cheese, will buy this again

  10. Woodsie1 (verified owner)

    Tried zskittles and I’m highly impressed, so delicious to dab this stuff.

  11. Woodsie1 (verified owner)

    Got 3 syringes on this order the first one was good but weak on the flavour, second one is great much stronger taste. Delicious

  12. Woodsie1 (verified owner)

    The cherry pie didn’t have to much flavour this time

  13. Woodsie1 (verified owner)

    It was like they forgot the grape ape flavour in the syringe I got . High was still good though

  14. Tyson Hearsey (verified owner)

    Perfect for c cell vape carts, just perfect. Wrecks you

    Blue Dream: Delicious almost like blue raspberry or something my #1
    Lemon Sour Diesel: Nice lemon flavor
    Pineapple Express: Soft pineapple flavor not too strong its great
    Zkittles: Amazing one of the best
    Pineapple Tangie: Pineapple Tangerine im guessing. It was nummy never had a tangerine though so

    Get this for ccell vape carts it works amazing
    i use yocan bsmart its 25$ local vape store

  15. Marco (verified owner)

    Grabbed a banana kush to try. Was good but had a very hard time getting it out of the syringe, it was as if the distillate was to thick even using a hairdryer to soften it.

  16. Highflyingheron9219 (verified owner)

    Got banana kush it works good but the taste is kinda funky taste like pine sol or something lol but I’d get it again

  17. Kelcy Beirnes (verified owner)

    Great product, terrible customer service

  18. Woodsie1 (verified owner)

    Blue cheese is simply delicious, will buy more

  19. Woodsie1 (verified owner)

    Banana kush has a great taste with an awesome high. Will buy more

  20. Woodsie1 (verified owner)

    Headband is so yummy , will buy this again

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