Mary’s THC Phoenix Tears Canada (3mL)


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Our finest extracts go into our premium Phoenix Tears Canada. Renowned for the medicinal properties, our heavy Indica Phoenix Tear Canada is a pure fully extracted cannabis oil. This customer favourite is well known for a multiple of medical treatments and is often the go to product for cancer patients at all stages of their treatment. Our extraction process and testing means that our Phoenix Tears come with a consistency that customers and patients can rely on.

Phoenix Tears Canada is one of the most sought-after medicinal cannabis products due to concentrated potency, lack of psychoactive high, versatility in use of cooking or the option to simply take the oil.

  • Lab Tested
  • 3ML Syringe
  • 1,236mg THC (412mg THC per mL)
  • 88.2mg CBD (29.4mg CBD per mL)
  • 82.8mg CBN (27.6mg CBN per mL)


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6 reviews for Mary’s THC Phoenix Tears Canada (3mL)

  1. kilbandco (verified owner)

    This product is also known as “RSO” or the “Rick Simpson Oil”, which is a highly potent/high-quality indica-dominant oil. It’s important to note that this oil is ONLY for oral or topical use, meaning you cannot vaporize/smoke it. The instructions say to start with a grain of rice sized portion, but as a heavy cannabis user, I found a pea size amount was perfect for day-use. The taste is fairly mild, considering the potency and viscosity of the substance. The noticeable high lasts after about 6 hours for me. The effects give you a heady, yet functional and mellow high, as compared to feeling silly or overly sedated. In my experience, this oil is great for pain, nausea, anxiety, and insomnia.

    One last thing, this particular oil is touted as a “cure-all” for cancer, but that is incredibly dangerous information to spread. There is not enough research to understand exactly how cannabis affects cancer patients. Please trust in the scientific community, do your own research, and don’t take this alone to “cure” your cancer.

  2. Beau (verified owner)

    I picked this up for my little bro who had a work accident and can’t smoke atm. He was SO happy once this arrived. Literally went from grumpy to happy. Thanks for this

  3. luke rempel (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing for sleep issues. I take 0.2 ml and I’m out like Tina Turner on date night

  4. Wise Old Woman (verified owner)

    I possess a prescription for cannabis and purchase oil from an LP – while the THC/CBD oil helps, I found I was consuming fairly significant quantities of oil. Someone referred me to this product and I’ve since purchased several vials. I’m in my 6th decade and have significant tolerance to THC. This product offers a quick method of administration and I control amount. I suffer from fibromyalgia (among other things) and use this product prior to swimming – I swim 8-10 k’s per week and this product assists in keeping pain at a distance. I’m unable to smoke any type of product so this is a quick, discrete, tolerable and controllable method of administration.

  5. Brian Foster (verified owner)

    These Phoenix tears are amazing. One drop under the tongue and instant calm and relaxed. It feels like a warm hug. I mix it with Mary’s 250mg CBD oil and use it topically. The pain relief is instant and long lasting. Smoking it is just as good.

  6. Jason Marazzo (verified owner)

    Nice relaxing and mellow body buzz and you dont need alot to get you there and kicks in pretty fast. Will definatly be back for more in the future!

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