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An indica-dominant marijuana strain, Meat Breath is a cross between Meatloaf and Mendo Breath strains. It is characterised by vibrant colour and contrast because of its bright greens, deep purples, orange hairs, and dense trichome coverage. Aside from its attractive look, the Meat Breath offers a powerful body high that kicks hard, so caution should always be practiced when dosing.

As the name suggests, Meat Breath gives off a pungent smell that is both earthy and sweet. When smoked, the Meat Breath can instantly uplift your mood or relax your body, providing a gentle nudge to help you sleep. As for its medicinal benefits, it is useful for chronic issues related to pain and sleep.

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Flavors: Herbal, Skunky
Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Sleepy
Medical: Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Spinal Cord Injury, Stress
Potency: 21% THC Content


Why do you choose Meat breath strain?

Meat Breath strain is an Indica-dominant marijuana variety and a cross between Mendo and Loaf. It has vibrant colors because of its bright greens, deep purples, orange hairs, and dense trichome coverage, which give it an attractive look! When smoking or consuming this product, be aware that some powerful effects will be felt, thanks in part to THC levels at 21%. Be careful not to overdo things, though, since too much can negatively affect your body’s health.

Merely through its Smoke-inhaler, the user can sense a powerful body high that kicks hard. This Indica dominant marijuana strain is characterized by vibrant color and contrast because of deep purples and bright greens with orange hairs or dense trichome coverage. It offers more than one attraction for consumers looking to try something new in their lives!

The Meat Breath strain offers a strong body high that’s perfect for kicking back and relaxing. With its bright colors, this Indica-dominant marijuana variety is sure to impress your friends with how amazing it looks on top of giving you great mental clarity.

What are the effects of Meat breath strain?

The effects of Meat breath strain are both earthy and sweet. When smoked, it can instantly uplift your mood or relax your body in just one hit! And as for its medicinal benefits? You’ll be needing a lot more than that to cure chronic issues related to pain and sleepiness, though! The meat breath strain is impressive in many ways. Not only does it give off a pungent smell that you’ll love, but this particular type of cannabis can help with pain and sleep issues as well!

When it comes to smoking weed, we all have our preferences. Some of us love the taste and aroma that this plant gives off. In contrast, others might be more subtle with their tastes or want something lighter on cannabis’ mood-lifting properties – but no matter what your preference, maybe there’s one thing everyone can agree upon Meat Breath! This strain packs an earthy flavor and sweet undertones thanks primarily to its parent strains Indica/Sativa ratio. So if you’re looking for some nighttime help going into deep relaxation mode, then look no further than meat breath strain. 

Buy Meat breath Strain in Canada

At, we pride ourselves on offering some of the finest cannabis strains in Canada, and our Meat Breath strain stands out among them all! So if you’re looking to relax after work or need help sleeping at night, this may be just what you’re seeking. We offer a wide variety of strains with different effects and purposes – from medicinal strains like Lemon Kush or Blue Dream, all the way to more recreational options such as Orange Haze or Granddaddy Purple. With so many choices, it’s hard not to find something that suits your needs perfectly. 

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  1. jonathan482 (verified owner)

    One of the smoothest smokes and a smooth high to match. Must try.

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