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Vibrant purple buds with a sweet taste and euphoric high.  This newest strain development in the Girl Scout Cookie phenomenon had my expert friends sharking around, wide eyed and excited. The buds are so dense they’re hard to break up with your fingers. Ultra crystallized and smells like a sweet, “purple” dessert and Kush. Good for clearing your sinuses and airways and leaves a little smooth after taste on the tongue.

Organically grown in B.C. and It’s Durban Poison Cross with Girls Scout Cookies, one of its kind. It tasty like how it smells and burns super white Quadruple A high quality strain.

Flavors: Fruity, Grape, Herbal, Spicy
Effects: Body High, Relaxing, Sleepy
Medical: Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Stress
Potency: 28% THC

*Updates Every 1-2 Weeks*

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19 reviews for Purple Space Cookies AAAA

  1. mahad.jama

    Great bag appeal, looks just like the pictures. Nice kushy undertones when smoking, white ash and good trim. Smells like a sweet kush like smell.

  2. alloys (verified owner)

    I was curious as to why this strain was as low a price as it was, being that it is purple space cookies; but now I can see why. The smell is subtle and off putting, and I tried smoking a few bowls but barely felt anything. disappointing for sure. a note should have been made about the quality of this batch!

  3. BSDC (verified owner)

    Alloys doesn’t speak for everyone.
    There seems to be a growing amount of people that order something and then turn around and trash it online like a spoiled child in the hopes of being offered more free product from the vendor as compensation…

    In my personal opinion this bud is very appealing. It really does like just like the picture with lots of light purple, violet and even blue in places.
    This one will not stink up your room. I personally find this a good thing, I dont always need to be walking around smelling like a skunk exploded in my face.
    The aroma is subtle but very pleasant.
    I found it to be very floral and sweet.

    The taste in the vaporizer is the same as the smell, kushy undertones, very sweet, floral and mild.

    I personally very much enjoyed this one. Great happy, energetic, creative buzz with a calming body effect.

    All in all not the most potent strain out there but certainly very functional and very enjoyable.
    This has quickly become one of my favorites!

  4. alloys (verified owner)

    would not be surprised if this was c02 washed, it’s that bad tbh

  5. terryontherock63 (verified owner)

    Unlike alloys, I am completely happy with my PSC. The smell is exactly like other PSC that I have had (including the THC Delivery stuff that everyone raved about). Buzz is more than adequate for $136/oz and one glance at a bud in decent light will tell you it is not CO2 washed. Buds are a bit small and not as dense as they could be, but that is the only fault I find.

    I won a Golden Ticket for $150 of store credit, so i immediately ordered another oz of PSC.

  6. colinsimmons (verified owner)

    This bud is not as bad as the last review. Has a mild grape smell and smoke is smooth. Decent quality for price I paid.

  7. FrankieC (verified owner)

    Nice beautiful nugs, look just like the pic but sadly quite disapointing for purple space cookies…the buzz is short lasting and quite weak

  8. Curtis (verified owner)

    Very Light, spongy buds. Smell is subtle, but sweet like candy. Going to cure for another week or so and write another review then. Out of the bag the cure doesn’t compare to even some cheaper strains. Can’t complain so far for price paid, but I’ve had better from WCM in the same price range multiple times.

  9. JamesFromCambridge (verified owner)

    I just recieved mine and am happy, does not look bounced or rolled. smooth smoke, more smell after sitting for even an hour. Popcorn nugs, but I am one who prefers popcorn nugs. With the discount I am very happy with what I got and would order again!

  10. alloys (verified owner)

    to the people ripping on me, fuck you. i actually read the write ups for the strains on the product pages before i order, and they shouldn’t have copy and pasted some bs about this being quad quality covered in trichomes because it fuckin ain’t. a lot of people smoke for medical purposes as i do, and don’t have hundreds of dollars to waste on products that i thought would be good after researching and comparing like an intelligent and logical person. didn’t expect to be ripped off is all. at least with thcdelivery they give you extra, i’ve had stuff from here weigh under when it arrives to me!!! will be taking my business elsewhere, this is canada and soon we will be flush and prices and quality will match up a lot more often. it’s not a good deal if you’re a fucking lazy seller who can’t make the page reflect the actual quality of the product. not everyone can handle smoking a bunch of useless shit trying to medicate themselves. and it’s not free, i fucking paid for a product i can’t use. still have the full zip. in reg businesses, you spend over a hundred bucks you get some kind of guarantee so fuck off you ignorant losers lol

  11. bbyrne94 (verified owner)

    i agree with alloy, looks like the picture but tastes horrible, under flushed or under cured, worst representation of psc ive seen yet, but with the price differecne i shouldve expected it to be that.

  12. Arokachobi (verified owner)

    Bud looks good, but is the weakest weed I’ve ever smoked, do not recommend purchasing as there are much better strains on this site for the same price, at first I thought alloy was over exaggerating, but he really isn’t. This is bad.

  13. Curtis (verified owner)

    Cured an extra week and a half and no better. Can’t really complain much for price payed after discounts, but this is possibly the worst I’ve gotten from these guys (its usually great!). Smell got a little stronger, but effects are very mild and short lived. I find myself smoking at least double of what I would smoke for normal mids.

    I had 1/4 of blue dream with this order as well and all I could feel while smoking this stuff was regret that I didn’t buy 1.25oz of blue dream.

  14. hamstermeal (verified owner)

    Idk how everyone hates this. I personaly got two zips and love it. Nice purple tones here and there with a great head high. Its
    not a quad but its awesome for the price and super keify.

  15. Chris Howard (verified owner)

    Looks good smokes good.

  16. lesswater44 (verified owner)

    Unacceptably subpar. If this is one of the top rated strains on this site, it is definitely not worth risking it on any of their other flower. This strain was incredibly even less potent than the Black Diamond AAA that I ordered along with it, which turned out to be an ounce of dry shake. Thankfully I only ordered a Q. I tried this strain from budexpressnow a couple orders ago and it was the best I’ve found in such a long time, so needless to say, I was very much looking forward to trying this. It is even more depressing that my local no-name average flower beats this batch of purple space cookies by a long-shot. When you drop over $300 on an order, one would expect a certain level of professionalism, and westcoastsupply has completely missed the target here…

  17. Luke Tookalook (verified owner)

    I haven’t receive my orders yet, I will let you know once I receive them.

  18. miller88 (verified owner)

    good but expected better for he price.

    Great flavor, look but lacked abit of punch

  19. Michelle Armstrong (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourite strains to smoke. It’s got a light flavour and it’s great for the purpose I use it gor

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