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Strawberry Cream aka Strawberries & Cream, is a sativa dominant hybrid strain of unknown genetics due to breeder secrecy. Although its parentage and exact sativa to indica ratio are unknown, this bud is a favorite of breeders and has been rumored to have been used to create many other infamous strains, including the mysterious Strawberry Fields strain. Nonetheless, this tasty bud is best known for its insanely delicious taste that has been said to be like eating a cup of freshly picked strawberries covered in sugar and whipped cream, but with a slightly earthy aftertaste.

Flavors: Berry, Chemical, Grape, Spicy, Strawberry, Sweet
Effects: Arthritis, Asthma, Chronic Pain, Depression, Eye Pressure, Fatigue, Migraines, Stress
Medical: Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Inflammation, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Muscle Spasms, Nausea, PTSD
Potency: 19% THC


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47 reviews for Strawberry Cream AAA

  1. Christian Roccatani (verified owner)

    My favorite out of the 4 qauds I ordered. Tight crystalized bud with fruity stank with overtones of baby diarrhea.

  2. Krosty (verified owner)

    The 2nd Black Label product I’ve tried and possibly my favourite strain as far as aroma & taste. It actually tasted like those lil strawberry cream candies. Great choice if you want to enjoy the experience.

  3. DamonTheDemon (verified owner)

    strawberry cream is super potent and is really phenomenal! 10 out of 10

  4. Janis McIntyre (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the strawberry cream – the taste is simply Yummy – one of the best strains I have tried & would repeat buy on this item – Love the professional service – makes shopping so much fun.

  5. Caitlin (verified owner)

    This one is simply amazing! If you want exceptional week then definitely splurge and treat yourself to this!

  6. jeremy (verified owner)

    Excellently delicious! Smells and tastes like Strawberries. Wonderfully pungent and eye watering, my face hovered the bag for a considerable length of time! Smokes fantastic, wish it was a little cheaper but it’s well worth the price for the coni sure! Heavy hitters only for sure in this strain! Enjoyable thanks!

  7. ╭∩╮( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)╭∩╮ (verified owner)

    This is excellent for chronic pain, but low THC (or maybe I’m high tolerance?).

    The buds are caked in trichomes, smelling and like a combination of them Campino strawberry cream candies and cheese cake. Smooth on the pallet, white ash.

    I received a free quarter of this for meeting the $400 cart requirement. My back and shoulder feel good. My friend said his neck doesn’t bother him.

    Thank you WCS, relief taste great!

  8. Chad (verified owner)

    One of our favourite strains and black labels. Great taste, terps seem endless. Great experience and high. Worth the black label price.

  9. Dan voicey (verified owner)

    I love this strain. Very potent and smooth, taste is great. Worth the buy!

  10. Amanda Broderick (verified owner)

    Have tried many strains. This takes the cake. Tastes beautiful and hits hard.

  11. Rattyfay (verified owner)

    This stuff is awesome. Like previous comments, very smooth. Gets u really ripped. The bonus part to this flower is the subtle taste of strawberry after your lick. No joke

  12. Rattyfay (verified owner)

    Love the subtle taste of strawberry. Very smooth and potent

  13. Jashort (verified owner)

    Not many strains have a name that backs up there description. This does smell like strawberries and a 5 star buzz

  14. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Smells and tastes great! Smooth, potent, excellent buzz

  15. jeremy (verified owner)

    Strawberry strawberry strawberry the smell is sweet and seductive…. smokes like a dream and the buzz is top notch Although the price point is high it’s well worth every penny to the bud lover extraordinarie!

  16. Dancann (verified owner)

    This is tasty stuff not harsh and packs a punch would buy again

  17. Jason A (verified owner)

    just yummy, nuff said.

  18. Blazin (verified owner)

    Very strong aroma when you open the bag. Gonna buy one before they runs out!

  19. Layne Reurink (verified owner)

    Great stuff

  20. rebkavod (verified owner)

    Nice buds, smell, and taste but I found the potency lacking.

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