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Distillate syringes with 90%+ THC requires a blow dryer to warm up before extracting to avoid any extraction complications

Sold in 1 gram quantities

Need bulk? We have Oz jars of Raw THC Distillate

Or try our unique Flavored THC Distillate Syringes

(80 customer reviews)

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Lab Tested Results

THC – 93.4% | 99th Percentile

  • Effects/Treatment : Happy, Relax Muscles, Stimulate Appetite, Reduce Pain, Promote Sleep, Deep Relaxation
  • Negative Effects : Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizziness, Anxiety

CBG – 4.3% | 96th Percentile

  • Effects/Treatment: Reduce Inflammation, Slows Bacterial Growth, Anti-Microbial, Treats Cancer, Bone Stimulation

CBD – 1.3% | 68th Percentile

  • Effects/Treatment: Calming, Reduce Inflammation, Reduce Nausea, Decrease Anxiety, Relaxes Muscles, Treats PTSD

CBN – 0.4% | 51st Percentile

  • Effects/Treatment: Promotes Sleep, Reduces Inflammation, Reduces Pains, Treats Glaucoma, Bone Stimulator

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-Random low dosage edible
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80 reviews for THC Distillate Syringe

  1. Cranky (verified owner)

    Great service and products but I question your marketing practices when shortly AFTER purchase I receive discount offers. I’m sure that I am not the only one with this concern

  2. ╭∩╮( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)╭∩╮ (verified owner)

    Hi Cranky!

    I’ve been a customer since 2017.
    I understand how you feel in terms of sale notifications shortly after purchases. However, it isn’t what you may think.

    My observations point to the sales being completely random and that’s how marketing works.

    Last fall:
    Spent just over $200 on an 18% off sale. Got an email while my order was in delivery (few days later) for 20% off Spent another $500. THEN I got another email a few days later for 22% off (and yes, I bought a lot!).

    Yeah, I nagged and I laughed.
    These guys make it fun and worth the while.

    I do believe they have guaranteed sales like New Years, Valentines, Easter, Canada Day, Halloween, Christmas, Boxing Day, etc. (THANK GOD!) Be sure to mark that on your calendar and stock up!

    Please keep in mind that they are beyond excellent to their regulars and are very compassionate when it comes to volume pricing.


  3. wcsjack

    Hello User & Cranky,

    This is correct, sales are just random like with any other business, you are correct in saying that we have sales on specific Holiday’s during the year like Xmas, Halloween, etc. For July-Aug-Sept there’s not really any guaranteed days we’ll do a sale we’ll try and have two small ones or one long one during these months but when it’s Oct, you can expect Thanksgiving & Halloween. Sorry for the inconvenience of sales.

  4. Chezz (verified owner)

    Was really pure-tasting and since it was in a syringe it was easy to use and not messy.

  5. noly g (verified owner)

    Definitely my go-to for a chill night.
    Burns clean in a vape @ 9W

  6. Sir kushington (verified owner)

    Grabbed an extra g with my half just to have some extra because this stuff is good … plus cant beat that customer service it’s always on point !

  7. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Super thick and potent!!!!

  8. RobbyNightmare (verified owner)

    The price and quality of this distillate, are awesome! Thick and sticky, and potent. I measured out a syringe full, and it was exactly a gram. Thanks WestCoastSupply!

  9. Jeff Grigsby (verified owner)

    Love this stuff. Great taste and so easy to burn. Great price too!

  10. Layne Reurink (verified owner)

    Some of the best I’ve ever had! Plastic syringe ist even that bad to work with

  11. Wesley Benson (verified owner)

    Honestly i dont notice a big buzz like i have before, maybe its just this batch , i dunno
    Normally , 1-2 dabs is all you need
    Eating most of this order , using for body pain and sleep aid.
    Good price tho

  12. 420strain (verified owner)

    I’ll be getting more, prob the best distillate under $50 on the market.

  13. steve33 (verified owner)

    Good stuff,Good price !

  14. thinkingoceandeep (verified owner)

    Very clean and potent for discrete medicinal usage.

  15. George Moore (verified owner)

    Very nice product and good price

  16. Dave Morris (verified owner)

    I bought this for my RUBI vape, but the tank plugged after a couple of fills. I enjoyed the vape, it just shortens the life of the tank too much. So now I just place a small dab on my thumb nail and lick it off. This eases the constant pain in my knees enough for me to walk.

  17. stefstef (verified owner)

    I bought distillates before at some other places and this one is by far the cheapest ever ! Quality vs price excellent ! You always get the same THC level, no surprize

  18. Jody Pinette (verified owner)

    Nice and thick, not runny like some other distillates ive tried. Taste is decent, but i’ll probably get the flavored ones next time. So far very happy with my experience with Westcoastsupply.

  19. Manu (verified owner)

    My 3rd order and its by far the best distillate for the buck. But i just received my new batch and WCS do not use blunt tip syringes anymore like they used to. instead i got oral tip. wth How can i transfer distillate to my ccell now ? I found a way but not without loosing some distillate. Please use the original blunt tip asap or this was my last order thank you

  20. Bato Vukovic (verified owner)

    Thicker than other distillate I have tried.

    Great feeling.

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