Nowadays, you can immediately enjoy cannabis without having to prepare joints with pre-rolls. It is a common suggestion to cannabis newcomers to start with pre-rolls as they do not require the selection of rolling paper and leaf and nimble hands to prepare. Safe, discreet and can easily be disposed of responsibly after use, pre-rolls are practical and convenient.     

West Coast Supply’s pre-rolls consist of the choicest blend of high-quality flower, oil, and kief for smooth, consistent, and slow-burning. The flowers have been hand-selected for potency, flavor, and essence. As with our other products, our pre-rolls passed strict processing and rigorous quality assessment for your maximum enjoyment.  

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What are Pre-Rolls Mean in Cannabis Consumption?

Pre-rolls are the most popular form of cannabis consumption, which is a joint or spliff that has been pre-rolled with marijuana. They come in different sizes and prices depending on the quality of weed used to make them. For example, if you want to get high without having any knowledge about what kind of marijuana strain you like, it may be best to find a lower priced pre-roll so you can try out different strains until you find one that suits your needs. 

Pre-rolls are cannabis joints that contain the amount of flower required to roll a joint. They come in different sizes, shapes and designs with varying strengths per gram. The pre-rolled cannabis is usually packaged for easy handling by consumers. One major benefit of pre-rolls is that they eliminate the need for rolling paper which can be difficult if you’re new to smoking or don’t use it often. 

What are the benefits of Pre-Rolls for consuming cannabis?

Pre-rolls are one of the most popular ways for people who want to consume cannabis without having to roll it themselves with rolling papers and leaves. What’s more, pre-rolls can be easily disposed of responsibly after use! 

Pre-rolls are a convenient and discreet way to consume cannabis. They come in many different flavors, can be inhaled through any type of cannabis strains, and they’re also the perfect introduction for newcomers who want to try out cannabis but don’t know how or where to start. Cannabis pre-rolls make it easy! 

Pre-rolls are easy to use, they’re convenient, and most importantly, pre-rolls come with different strengths and terpene profiles geared towards each individual’s needs. For example, Sativa Dominant Pre-Rolls have properties and uplifting effects it provides when consumed at work or in social settings where clarity and energy are needed most. Pre-rolls (aka joints) are a convenient and cost-effective way to use marijuana. They’re the perfect choice for when you need cannabis on the go, either in between errands or before you head out with friends.

Pre-rolled joints are usually more expensive than loose cannabis in bulk, but you’re paying for convenience. Your joint is already rolled with your preferred amount of flower and ready to go when you open up the package. Pre-rolls allow you to save money because they are pre-ground. When you roll your own joints, it is more likely that the burning tobacco will not be evenly distributed throughout the joint. 

Buy Pre-Rolls in Canada

Pre Rolls are a great choice for someone who’s not knowledgeable about smoking cannabis. They come in different flavors that have different effects based on the strain being used. is the best place to buy Pre-Rolls in Canada because it’s reliable and has great customer service. It’s easy to buy Pre-Rolls at west coast supply. You can order them online and have them delivered straight to your door! These make it easy to consume marijuana and they’re affordable too!

We started West Coast Supply with an idea to provide the best possible products for our customers. Our pre-rolls consist of high quality flower, oil, and kief that will be sure to please your taste buds while providing a smooth slow burn. The flowers have been hand selected for potency, flavor, and essence so you know you are getting only the finest product at all times. As always we put in strict processing standards just like our other products because we want nothing but perfection when it comes to pleasing you!