Ok, Umm… Let me start by saying I was having a few drinks one night and was just relaxing and was thinking about the good ol days… I love the magic shrooms and haven’t been able to get any from my local guy for about 4-5 years. Well I was surfing the web and typed in my search.. magic mushrooms in Canada and I seen a number of sites. I was thinking com on! Seriously!! Well I clicked on a number of sites and just looked around and had my suspensions (shady site) and backed out to my search engine.. I spend a lot of time online and can 98% of the time hone in on bogus or misleading sites and believe me I trust my gut feeling..

Now I came upon a site called West coast supply and started looking around, I looked and looked and basically trying to find a flaw or abnormality with-in the site it’s self but I couldn’t find a single flaw. I’m thinking to myself… Naaaa this cant be real can it? Well I noticed they had dried shrooms and I’m like WTH… you must be shitting me! So I created an account and placed a few items in my cart.. 2x7g of dried shrooms and just couldn’t gather the nerve to hit buy.
Another night passed and I checked the site out again and thought, wth lets give this site a go and I went to my cart and clicked pay and sent my cash to them.. SO sit back and check this out ppl! I got an email, got tracking and low and behold the package was sent off and out for delivery… I was on the road working (drive truck) so I do random pee tests, and so the reason I like to take a journey down the rabbit hole once and a while on zoomers..They don’t test for them!

Checked tracking and said delivered, so I called my wife and said check the mail box, our package shows as arrived.. Well sad thing happened I didn’t get my package. Then the dreaded thought overwhelmed me and thinking I’ve been scammed!!! FML I thought!! So long story short, I emailed WCS and in about an hour I got a reply back advising me on what to do. We did as instructed and no luck.. the package was gone. Called Canada Post and told them I had a package delivered but nothing is here.. they did their best and said it’s gone.. someone must of seen the post man put a package in your mail box and b-lined it straight to the box and grabbed it and took off. CP said its sad that he has to make 5-6 calls a day to ppl about stolen packages.. It’s a tough time right now and ppl are desperate he said..

WCS took this very seriously and emailed me saying they are sending out another package to me on them.. I was like hang on! I want to see what options I have for delivery and called Canada Post and they offer Flex Delivery. So no package will ever sit in my mail box and have the chance of been taken again.. WCS sent it to my Flex Delivery location and in a couple days I had notice my package was ready to be picked up.. went down and picked it up and once home we opened it up and was very surprised how well it was put together and trust me PPL, If I can find any reason to bitch n complain I will, but there was nothing wrong at all!!!! Dam I could ramble on and on but let me get straight to the point.

WESTCOASTSUPPLY is 110% legit and 200% serious on customer service as well as having the best product out there hands down! This company is the only company I’ll ever deal with, and my local 420 stores really could take a page out of WCS book on customer support and product knowledge..

One more thing, I believe in the honour and trust system and HATE to see a company taken advantage of by telling them the package was not delivered.. I really felt bad but also delighted they sent out a replacement and the reason why I set up CANADA POST FLEX DELIVERY!! That’s my way of letting WCS know I’m a straight shooter and am an honest person. SO anyone reading this Please consider Flex Delivery so you know your package is safe! Less loss = cheaper products down the line right!

Thanks WCS I luv you all! Your the best all around and you can bank on me to spread the word on your exceptional company as much as I possible can! Thanks again, you all have changed my life for the better!
-Brad K