CUSTOMER SERVICE  *****. (5 star)
DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT ***.  (clearer scientific description of product, esp bud, content; Indica/sativa well marked, actual THC content, CBD content not always)
Original replacement order paid for by credit card, arrived April 14
an assortment of edibles that we are experimenting with.  Karen for her medical needs and for my work/pleasure.  Karen has a form of Rhumatoid Arthritis complicated by allergies. We have juggled CBD/THC mixtures depending on level of pain and activity quite successfully with bud and are now tying the same thing for edibles.  healthier and longer lasting.  so far so good.  Mary”s Gummies seem to provide the most variety and are quite effective.  We also enjoyed Medusa, on a previous order but seemingly not available on our last order.  Karen says the new capsules from  SKY  are helpful, just beginning to try different strength levels so far so good.
Final Replacement Credit order.processed from the ‘back end’ arrived April 17th
Blonde hash-  fruit flavor. Karen says  “tastes more like popcorn.
                                         Bruce says “nice memories, good,  but not quite what I remembered from the 60’s.   Dry mouth and munchies.
So that is it, thanks again, we are putting together our next order.  Our confidence in your company has been fully restored and we are happy to recommend you to the very few people who we have “come out of the pot closet”  and anonymously as Bruce and Karen publically.
Overall Impression   *****