Some time ago I placed an order for the Sativa Bunnies gummies and several samples to help focus and mood stability, during the holiday rush. I received Indica Bears and another indica flower product by mistake, and I asked if there was anything they could do about this. They ended up sending me 2x the original quantity of Sativa Bunnies, and several samples of Sativa flowers along with Indica Budder, and I could not be happier. This was awhile ago, I’ve been meaning to write to show my appreciation for the customer service I received but my computer broke, and I’ve been scrambling to get back to where I was! The star of the show for sure was Super Silver Haze. I suffer from an intense mood and anxiety disorder, and SSH stabilizes me better than anything. At the right dose, it’s not too intoxicating and really allows me to feel balanced. Headband and Strawberry Cream were also fantastic, Strawberry being such a unique and delicious strain. WCS continues to deliver on all fronts, and the best part is that they hear what customers are saying and make things right when mistakes happen, we’re only human 🙂 THANK YOU WCS!