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West Coast Supply Reviews
4.9 Stars - Based on 5109 User Reviews
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Total Reviews: 4405
Island Kush AA
Island Kush AA December 2, 2021

very nice purple buds great taste love the effects would definitely purchase again
corylec69 - avatar corylec69
Pink Kush AA
Pink Kush AA December 2, 2021

very happy with my purchase great buzz very nice night time high love it
corylec69 - avatar corylec69
THC Sour Berry Mix 500MG
THC Sour Berry Mix 500MG December 1, 2021

Tastes good, gives a nice chill vibe
Mommabear420 - avatar Mommabear420

Very yummy, not overly sweet or sour. Good high
Mommabear420 - avatar Mommabear420

Smooth, creamy taste. Nice body high
Mommabear420 - avatar Mommabear420
Blueberry Nuken Shatter
Blueberry Nuken Shatter December 1, 2021

Good high and taste with the consistency of taffy
Kush - avatar Kush
Pink Gas AAA
Pink Gas AAA November 29, 2021

Not a super strong high. But still provides you a good buzz and I liked the flavour in this one.
bcaves - avatar bcaves
Animal Face AAA
Animal Face AAA November 29, 2021

This one slaps you in the face when you smoke it. But in the best way, just that instant high and takes over your whole body. A good strain for people who like to get pretty high and have that full body experience.
bcaves - avatar bcaves
Orange Creamsicle AAA
Orange Creamsicle AAA November 29, 2021

It's a slow high at first. Kinda creeps up on you and then you realize, oh shit i'm high. I liked it, very smooth, chill high.
bcaves - avatar bcaves
Live Resin - 14 Grams
Live Resin - 14 Grams November 29, 2021

Wonderful flavor and great high my only issue is that my dab straw is getting clogged up from the gooey resin but there are worse problems to have hahaha.
The CronECon - avatar The CronECon
Nummy Bears 500mg
Nummy Bears 500mg November 29, 2021

These gummies are the best I've tried. Very effective and help me get a good night's sleep.
Debb - avatar Debb
Platinum Runtz AAAAA
Platinum Runtz AAAAA November 29, 2021

Beauty buds big and tasty
Pinksen21 - avatar Pinksen21
Matrix Extractions Shatter
Matrix Extractions Shatter November 29, 2021

Great shatter. Decently smooth
Pinksen21 - avatar Pinksen21
Roadkill Skunk AAAA
Roadkill Skunk AAAA November 29, 2021

Very skunky
Pinksen21 - avatar Pinksen21
Candy Kush AAAA
Candy Kush AAAA November 29, 2021

Great taste and appearance
Pinksen21 - avatar Pinksen21
Black Gorilla AAAA
Black Gorilla AAAA November 29, 2021

Great quad when on sale
Pinksen21 - avatar Pinksen21
Deathwalker OG AAAA
Deathwalker OG AAAA November 29, 2021

Great quad
Pinksen21 - avatar Pinksen21
Lemon Sour Diesel AAA
Lemon Sour Diesel AAA November 29, 2021

I don't give 5 star ratings often...but the LSD deserves every one of them! Beautiful taste and an amazing buzz! Will repeat this strain for sure!
BC King Shatter
BC King Shatter November 29, 2021

I got three different BC KING offerings and all were very good! Taste was great! Good consistency and color! Buzz was as good as one could hope for! The Pitbull was my fav!

This PGSC was very good! Smallish nugs but that's big But great taste and was surprised how long the buzz lasted...easily recommend!
Buzzed Extracts Shatter
Buzzed Extracts Shatter November 29, 2021

Repeat customer on the Colombian Gold! This shatter is so nice in every way! Lovely taste!! Great buzz!!
Bob Pen Kit
Bob Pen Kit November 29, 2021

Still happy with BoB's...repeat customer...have tried them all...good flavor and buzz...handy device...never leave home without it! ;P
Chocolope AA
Chocolope AA November 29, 2021

I really enjoyed this strain! Tasted marvelous and a nice uplifting high!
Mango Haze AA
Mango Haze AA November 29, 2021

I enjoyed the taste and buzz of this offering!
Rockstar Bubble Hash
Rockstar Bubble Hash November 28, 2021

Who ever made this is an artist 5 star artist
Playerslight25 - avatar Playerslight25


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