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West Coast Supply Reviews
4.9 Stars - Based on 5254 User Reviews
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Total Reviews: 4477
Strawberry Cream AAA
Strawberry Cream AAA January 16, 2022

I recieved this as a freebie with my purchase... it was delicious and clean smooth burning. Great buzz. Would definitely purchase.
Sakai420 - avatar Sakai420
Mataro Blue AAA
Mataro Blue AAA January 16, 2022

frosty lookin buds, nice high and good taste, overall some excellent weed
Wadehopeisdope - avatar Wadehopeisdope
Zig Zag Hash
Zig Zag Hash January 16, 2022

smooth inhale & Nice high that has you "groovin"
Wadehopeisdope - avatar Wadehopeisdope
Tom Ford AAA
Tom Ford AAA January 16, 2022

Pretty potent and nice taste to it
good deal for the prices
Wadehopeisdope - avatar Wadehopeisdope
Galactic Death Star AAA
Galactic Death Star AAA January 16, 2022

i bought this for the high thc and it was striaght fire
burned pretty nice too
probably my favorite item out of my order
Wadehopeisdope - avatar Wadehopeisdope
G Wiz AAAA January 16, 2022

Nice taste, nice buds.
Not terribly uplifting, but also doesn't put me to sleep. Good for relaxing
Cheri.k - avatar Cheri.k
Headband AA
Headband AA January 16, 2022

Nice buds, & nice taste.
Good for staying productive!
Cheri.k - avatar Cheri.k
Pink Gorilla AA
Pink Gorilla AA January 16, 2022

Nice taste, nice buds.
This is the one I pick for when I'm ready to sleep, lol
Cheri.k - avatar Cheri.k
White Fire AA
White Fire AA January 16, 2022

Really enjoy this one! Nice taste, and a good balance of Sativa/Indica so that I'm relaxed but productive still! Will definitely get again!
Cheri.k - avatar Cheri.k
Blue Cookies AAA
Blue Cookies AAA December 19, 2021

Nice looking medium sized buds. Lots of crystals. Really good buzz!
Kush - avatar Kush
Comatose Shatter
Comatose Shatter December 19, 2021

Thought I would try a little higher priced shatter and the step up in quality was apparent with a smooth draw.
Mike Mac - avatar Mike Mac
Astro Hard Candy Planets 180mg
Astro Hard Candy Planets 180mg December 19, 2021

Great tasting and effective....obviously if your tolerance is high...this may not be economically sound.

But there are limited selections for hard candy...and this one is good

Thanks WCS!!
Stephan Aston - avatar Stephan Aston
Trrlli Sour Gummies 600mg
Trrlli Sour Gummies 600mg December 19, 2021

Was splitting these In half at 50 a piece, and still the punch it packs is like none other. 10/10 sleep purposes and appetite.
Kylesaab - avatar Kylesaab
Fatso AA
Fatso AA December 19, 2021

Steal of a deal. Great product with good potency and very nice effects.
Kylesaab - avatar Kylesaab
Mercedes Black Hash
Mercedes Black Hash December 19, 2021

Amazing. Alotta good terpenes, classic kiefy hash scent. Great effects. 5/5stars for certain
Kylesaab - avatar Kylesaab
OCB Trial Pack
OCB Trial Pack December 19, 2021

Phenomenal price point to get some high quality stoner essentials. 10/10 recommend to any cannabis enthusiasts
Kylesaab - avatar Kylesaab
Mercedes Black Hash
Mercedes Black Hash December 18, 2021

Pretty decent hash. There are Better options quality wise, but you cant go wrong with this price.
Mark Anderson - avatar Mark Anderson
El Muerte AA
El Muerte AA December 18, 2021

Great bud with a great high for a great deal. Mine was very purple in appearance
Mark Anderson - avatar Mark Anderson
Blue Cookies AAA
Blue Cookies AAA December 16, 2021

very nice bud, trimmed properly! girl scout cookies and blueberry nice together! flavorful and instantly uplifting followed by a nice body mellow effect! long lasting..
john vandermaas - avatar john vandermaas
Ice Cream Cake Shatter
Ice Cream Cake Shatter December 16, 2021

I've always been a fan of Gelato's taste but this takes the cake so to speak, it's so delicious and a potent stone
Kosp - avatar Kosp
Monkey Mints Shatter
Monkey Mints Shatter December 16, 2021

Really enjoyed the taste profile of this shatter....pretty decent effects....uplifting but not too racy
Kosp - avatar Kosp
Caramel Candy Kush AAAA
Caramel Candy Kush AAAA December 16, 2021

Great quality for the price, the thc content is understated if anything
Lucas Crawford - avatar Lucas Crawford
Moonrock Canada - Pre-Rolls
Moonrock Canada - Pre-Rolls December 16, 2021

DINOMIGHT! : WSC please keep these stocked.
Bigbear - avatar Bigbear
Comatose Shatter
Comatose Shatter December 15, 2021

Quality, service and price all at Westcoast Supply.
Mike Mac - avatar Mike Mac
Tropic Truffle AAAAA
Tropic Truffle AAAAA December 15, 2021

I was initially reluctant to purchase this weed with only a 18-20% THC level after enjoying a 27% THC smoke BUT...OMG, this truffle has exceeded my expectations and is one of the best I have ever had. Nice, long lasting and energetic buzz which keeps you alert rather than drowsy and the come down is hardly noticeable. I would highly recommend this strain.
kokes - avatar kokes