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West Coast Supply Reviews
4.9 Stars - Based on 5254 User Reviews
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Total Reviews: 4504
Kush Mint AAAAA
Kush Mint AAAAA January 25, 2022

Great tasting strain. I would buy this again.
Pellet - avatar Pellet
Chocolate Kush AAA
Chocolate Kush AAA January 25, 2022

For free, this was alright. I prefer the quality strains, though.
Pellet - avatar Pellet
Death Tuna AAA
Death Tuna AAA January 25, 2022

I liked the taste and buzz. It was mild but great for daytime use.
Pellet - avatar Pellet
Critical Mass AAA
Critical Mass AAA January 24, 2022

I tried this for the high CBD %. Good bud.
Kush - avatar Kush

So good so great
drednot - avatar drednot

Got to love it for sure
drednot - avatar drednot

Best deal every can't complain
drednot - avatar drednot
Nuken AAA
Nuken AAA January 24, 2022

Good stuff good price good day
drednot - avatar drednot

Very sleek design. Blueberry was good
jillian_simmons - avatar jillian_simmons
Pre-Rolls - 5 Pack
Pre-Rolls - 5 Pack January 24, 2022

Found them great. Great sizes. Will likely purchase again
jillian_simmons - avatar jillian_simmons
Hardcore OG AAAA
Hardcore OG AAAA January 23, 2022

Consistent strain. Great taste. If you want something fun try this guy.
Wren Wilson - avatar Wren Wilson
Master Tuna AA
Master Tuna AA January 21, 2022

Très bon au goût ! Buzz très bien, je vous le conseille en 100%
Vanessa25 - avatar Vanessa25
Nuken AAA
Nuken AAA January 21, 2022

It really worth the price ! Really good
Vanessa25 - avatar Vanessa25
Shimmer Vape Pens 1000MG
Shimmer Vape Pens 1000MG January 21, 2022

I ordered grape ape I hope this turns out to be great flavor
Charles harper - avatar Charles harper

Great selection and price. So convenient to grab and smoke!
Tabitha Trecartin - avatar Tabitha Trecartin
Bully Bits CBD Pet Treats
Bully Bits CBD Pet Treats January 20, 2022

Love their product definitely will order again
Tuna61s - avatar Tuna61s
Ice Cream Gelato AAAAA
Ice Cream Gelato AAAAA January 20, 2022

Rare strain. Nice
Blazin - avatar Blazin
Northern Lights AA
Northern Lights AA January 20, 2022

Love it
Blazin - avatar Blazin
Orange Crush AA
Orange Crush AA January 20, 2022

Nice crush feelin
Blazin - avatar Blazin
BC King Shatter
BC King Shatter January 20, 2022

Old skool but good stuff
Blazin - avatar Blazin
Live Resin - Gram
Live Resin - Gram January 20, 2022

Blazin - avatar Blazin
Pink Gorilla AA
Pink Gorilla AA January 20, 2022

Smooth taste. Heavyweight
Blazin - avatar Blazin
Alien Cookies AAA
Alien Cookies AAA January 20, 2022

Great bud. Will buy again
Kush - avatar Kush
Galactic Death Star AAA
Galactic Death Star AAA January 19, 2022

Ordered twice I'm chronic and this kicks my ass. Definitely not for newbies. Beautiful high just make sure you are able to have a little nap...cuz this will have you nodding off
Tracy Beyer - avatar Tracy Beyer
Deathwalker OG AAAA
Deathwalker OG AAAA January 18, 2022

Very good stuff. Quite potent.
Debb - avatar Debb