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How To Access WestCoastSupply Using A VPN 1

How To Access WestCoastSupply Using A VPN

VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are handy tools that helps mask your identity when browsing on the internet. VPNs work by encrypting your internet traffic through the provider’s secure network, helping you stay anonymous online. VPN services’ primary use and advantage are to prevent hackers, governments, and network admins from snooping on your browsing data. […]

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How to cope with Burnout with the use of CBD oil?

There are moments in our lives when we feel everything is going just the way we had planned out for. Things are under control, our jobs are paying us good, and we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved this far in life. However, suddenly then comes a day when you think of quitting […]

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Is CBD beneficial for cats and dogs?

The effectiveness of CBD in the field of medicine for humans has already been proven. But does it apply to your pet too? Well, yes. And most people are not aware of this fact. Around 63% of veterinarians have reported having being questioned about the use of CBD for their pets. A pet owner even […]

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Beginner’s Guide: What are the different ways to use cannabis?

If you browse through the internet, you’ll find around hundreds of ways to use cannabis. However, beginners are looking out for the simplest way to consume marijuana. With the increase of cannabis consumers, people have devised various ways for ingestion,such as topical solutions, edibles, THC oils, and many more. Depending on the reason for consumption, […]

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Differences between American and Canadian Recreational Cannabis

While Canadians are celebrating the legalization of recreational marijuana throughout the country, the US states, too, have achieved this feat. Although both the countries made progress with the legalization of recreational marijuana consumption throughout their nations, there are significant differences in the ways you can administer weed in either of the neighbors. In this article, […]

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Here is How to Get The Most Potent High With Hash

Hash or hashish is probably one of the oldest cannabis concentrates that can be traced back to middle-east where it is believed to have originated. It is probably more than thousand years old. Unlike the modern-day concentrates, hash is the most potent, delicious and smooth weed concentrates. If you are looking for a weed concentrate […]

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Top 5 Countries Where Cannabis Is Legal

What a time to be alive! It’s been 2 years since Canada has legalized marijuana, giving many Canadians the ability to buy weed online and in retail stores. Although many countries are still slow to accept medicinal marijuana, there are a few progressive countries that truly understand the importance of this holy green medicine and […]

Ways to check if your weed is good

10 Easy Ways To Tell Good Weed

You never know what you get when you buy weed online in Canada. And the only way you can  tell is after it arrives at your doorstep, AFTER you’ve already purchased it. So how do you tell if your weed is good? Here we’ll break down 10 easy ways to tell if your weed is […]

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Can marijuana help arthritis?

More and more patients every day are turning towards medical marijuana for the treatment of arthritis and other muscular aches. In every five people diagnosed with chronic musculoskeletal pain at least, one uses cannabis products for their treatment, according to the research conducted by Canadian scientists. For the patients that regularly suffer from painful inflammatory […]

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6 Signs That Indicate You are Using Too Much Weed

Smoking weed comes with many benefits. Now that it’s legal in Canada, people can buy weed online from the comfort of their homes. This easy availability of weed has made things both easier and complicated. Easy because you can buy weed online conveniently. Complicated because people may be using too much weed without their knowledge.  […]

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Celebrities And Popular Personalities Known To Love Weed

Now, more than ever, cannabis seems to have gained popularity, and almost everyone is becoming aware of its benefits. People are developing a better sense of tolerance towards marijuana usage, and some are known for falling in love with this drug with medicinal properties. Whether we talk about using CBD oil or about the consumption […]

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5 Smart Ways to Consume Various Cannabis Products

When it comes to consuming cannabis, there are more than a dozen of ways. The endless availability of so many cannabis products has led to the demand for different ways to use cannabis. People use cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes or both and now want easy, and effective ways to consume it. Each method […]

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What is THC distillate and how to use it?

In the last few years, cannabis, along with its byproducts, has gained ample importance. Starting from the blunts to concentrates to dabbing to vape pens to CBD strips to THC and everything else that is in between. It seems as if every other day, new forms of cannabis are being explored for us to consume […]

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Here is how you can differentiate between Weed and Hash!

Almost all the newbies in the cannabis world are often confused between Hash and Weed. And that is the reason we decided to write this article to help you differentiate between the two by-products of cannabis. Are you also among the ones who think that Hash and Weed are interchangeable words? Well, then you must […]

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Does THC Have Any Actual Health or Medicinal Benefits?

Cannabis has already gained so much popularity now that it’s legal in Canada. Buying cannabis has also become so easy with online stores offering a wide range of weed. People use weed for different reasons. Some use it for medicinal purposes while others use it purely for recreational purposes.  While it is largely known that […]

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Cannabis: Know everything about its cultural background!

In today’s era, people have been divided into two different groups based on their opinion on marijuana. There is a group that thinks it is refreshing to consume weed, while others believe it is dangerous and could drastically affect one’s health. However, when we speak of ancient times, the scenario was entirely different. If you […]

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What are the Advantages is Using The Bong For Weed

There are plenty of options available when it comes to smoking weed. You can use dabs, vape pens or the bongs or glass pipes. Bongs are one of the best ways. You may have heard about it even if you are a newbie. The legalization of weed in Canada has definitely made the bongs popular […]

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Therapeutic benefits of weed on the gynecological health of women

Cannabis is known to help women with the associated symptoms of menopause and menstruation and has been drastically found to have improved women’s sexual health. It shouldn’t come across as a shocker because women’s pelvic organs have a high density of the CBD (cannabinoid) receptors. Although the reason of the receptors hasn’t been explained yet, […]

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8 Ways To Become an Economical Stoner

Buying marijuana online has made it so easy for the stoners to buy their favorite stash. Even during this pandemic, they can still get the weed delivered at home in Canada. But easy availability can sometimes make stoners out of control. One day you wake up and realize you spend too much on weed.  If […]

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Dry Weed? Here is how you Can Rehydrate Them Easily

No matter how high-quality your weed is, it will eventually dry out at some point. It is a natural thing to occur and not a serious issue. If you leave the bud exposed for too long, it is bound to dry out. Sometimes, it can happen if the weed wasn’t processed well. Well, it doesn’t […]

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Medical Marijuana 101: How does cannabis help with chronic pain?

Medical marijuana is gaining increasing popularity as a replacement for the traditional medications for relieving pain, which includes opioids too. Marijuana is found to be easing certain types of pain caused by chronic diseases, generally resulting from inflammation and nerve damage. The best part about using marijuana as your pain reliever is – it is […]

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Everything you need to know about Weed for anxiety and depression

Depression is all about feeling sick, sad, and less enthusiastic about the activities that you enjoyed earlier. On the other hand, anxiety makes one feel unease, nervous, and worried without any particular reason. With such fast-paced and busy lives, people are falling into anxiety and depression without even knowing.  Also, most people tend to ignore […]

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Could Cannabis Be The Future In The Medical Industry?

Starting from the 1850s to the 1930s, Cannabis grew famous for the purpose of recreation. However, the intake of drug overdose increased over a period of time, which aroused controversies about the medicinal use of Marijuana. In the year 1966 to make Cannabis more medical-friendly, only the active ingredient of Cannabis –THC, was synthesized. The […]

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Top 5 Weed Varieties To Beat The Summer Blues

The summers are one of the best times for cannabis lovers. Summer is the best season to enrich yourselves with the best strains of marijuana that is available in Canada weed online. When you live in colder places like Canada, you have the benefit of going out on summers in the outdoors amidst the lush […]

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