How to cope with Burnout with the use of CBD oil?

How to cope with Burnout with the use of CBD oil?

There are moments in our lives when we feel everything is going just the way we had planned out for. Things are under control, our jobs are paying us good, and we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved this far in life. However, suddenly then comes a day when you think of quitting your job and having a frustrating feeling. This could be because of possible burnout. 

But, you don’t have to worry anymore; you can use CBD oil to clear your mind of things. This time when you buy weed, make sure to order some CBD oil as well, and before you do that, read this article to know about its benefits. 

What are the possible causes of a Burnout?

Even though you might love your job, you could find yourself in a position to call it quits. That is because you are unable to bear the toxicity of the workplace and the exhaustion that comes from working 60-80 hours a week. You might have feelings of powerlessness and stagnancy, and the constant pressure of trying to prove yourself could make your life further miserable. 

In order to deal with such situations, you can use CBD oil. Order it when you buy weed the next time from your dealer. When the work pressure is grinding all the energy out of you, there are chances of you facing burnout. Burnout is a state of severe exhaustion that leaves you overwhelmed emotionally, mentally, and even mentally due to excessive stress caused at your workplace. 

Hence, if you feel exhausted because of causing the boundaries and sacrificing your mental sanity for quite some time, you might be burned out. You will have feelings of depleted energy like there is nothing left in your body to get and go to work, which is a sign that shows your mental, emotional, and physical energy has been completely consumed, and it is time for you to take a break.  

What the bad news here is –when you reach that stage of burnout, it could be extremely challenging for you to get out of the situation and restart everything. This is why –it is always advised for you to take some time out for yourself, and make sure to take breaks from your exhaustive working schedules. With your use of CBD oil, now you have the provision to keep issues of burnout at bay! So why not just grab onto the opportunity and calm yourself down and unwind a little. 

Typically, burnouts can be very detrimental as they reduce the level of your productivity while robbing you off of all your energy and even make you feel resentful, helpless, cynical, and hopeless too. You will find yourself in a situation where you will feel like there is nothing left in you to give. So before you reach that state, make sure to check the signs of burnout and prevent it from coming and eating you up. 

What are the various symptoms of Burnout?

When you are on the edge of burnout, there could be days when you would feel sloppy, and getting out of bed alone would be challenging. To prevent the situation from taking a worse turn, it would be great if you took some help from CBD oil. 

You need to know one thing, and that is –burnout is not an immediate outcome of a situation. It develops with time. Therefore, the symptoms could be very subtle but would get worse with time. The early signs show that your body is basically crying out for help. 

Some of the physical signs that you would notice are:

  • A drastic change in your appetite and sleeping habits
  • Feeling tired and drained all the time
  • Affected by diseases all the time as the immunity level decreases 
  • Persistent headaches and muscle ache

With the use of CBD oil, your appetite can be regulated, reduces inflammation or pain in the muscles, improves the quality of sleep, and enhances your productivity and focus as well. Thus, make sure to order CBD oil from your dealer when you buy weed

Emotional symptoms of burnout:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Feeling defeated, helpless, and trapped
  • Sense of persisting failure and self-doubt
  • An increasingly cynical and negative outlook towards things
  • Decreased sense of satisfaction and accomplishment
  • Often finding yourself alone and having detachment issues

CBD oil helps in treating these symptoms and makes you feel at ease by boosting up your mood, reducing levels of anxiety and stress, and opening up your mind to having a positive outlook towards life. 

Some of the behavioral symptoms of burnout:

  • Skipping work, or coming in late and leaving early from work
  • Isolating yourself
  • Procrastinating or delaying to do certain things
  • Using food, alcohol, or drugs to cope with stressful situations
  • Withdrawing from responsibilities
  • Taking your frustration out on people around you

How can CBD oil help with the issues of burnout?

CBD oil can effectively help in treating all the symptoms mentioned above by reducing the levels of anxiety or stress issues. The oil will help you in establishing improved relationships, enhance your productivity at work, and help you focus better too. Therefore, this time when you buy weed, make sure to buy CBD oil as well as it is more beneficial than pot and will help you cope with stressful situations in a much better way. 

If you CBD oil to deal with stress-related issues, the oil will help you in dealing with the aforementioned symptoms as well. However, when you decide to use CBD oil, make sure to incorporate your schedule with self-care in order to prevent a significant level of burnout in the future. 

The key to keeping burnout at bay is by ensuring that your candle keeps burning at the ends. That is –with the use of CBD oil, make sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep yourself from wearing out anytime soon. 

Bottom Line:

Did you go through all the signs of burnout that we have mentioned above? Well, then compare it with your behavior, emotions, and physical activities, and you will have a crystal clear answer. In case if you seem to notice even the mild signs of burnout, make sure not to ignore it. Go ahead and purchase CBD oil when you buy weed. 

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The effectiveness of CBD in the field of medicine for humans has already been proven. But does it apply to your pet too? Well, yes. And most people are not aware of this fact. Around 63% of veterinarians have reported having being questioned about the use of CBD for their pets. A pet owner even mentioned that CBD tends to make aggressive pets calmer and relaxed. Analysts also have predicted that the market of CBD pet care will reach around $125 million by the year 2022. 

When it comes to pet ailments, CBD provides relief from seizures to anxiety. Studies have revealed that CBD oil is effective and safe for pets. Conditions such as arthritis, epilepsy, anxiety, and chronic pain can be treated using cheap weed available online. Before you place your order for weed online, make sure it has been legalized in your region, or you’ve to face serious legal consequences. 

Definition of CBD

CBD is a compound, which can be naturally found in both hemp and marijuana. Certain hemp strains have high concentrations of CBD, which has high medicinal value. Most cannabidiol comes from the hemp plant. The 2018 Farm Bill has recognized hemp as a product of legal agriculture. To be legitimate, the CBD must have THC of less than 0.3%. THC in high amounts will lead to tremors, depression, disorientation, vomiting, hyperactivity, seizures, death, and even stupor. Since dogs and cats are very sensitive to THC, you should always look for THC levels while you’re buying cheap weed online.

Things you should look for while buying CBD for Cats and Dogs 

The legalization of weed in several countries has made access to weed for people easier than ever. An increased level of THC in the product might be toxic for your pet. Also, harmful contaminants or chemicals might be present. Also, the ground in which hemp is grown might contain foreign substances and heavy metals. So, there are certain things you should look for while getting weed for the treatment of your pet online. 


  • Organic hemp 


Always go for the product that had been grown organically in the US. Look for the areas producing the best hemp. Make sure the practices used for manufacturing the hemp is good. 



  • Tested by labs 


The product should be certified and tested by an unbiased, neutral source. It must be tested in a third-party, independent lab. The labs should test THC and CBD levels and find out traces of pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals that might be harmful to your pet. 



  • Reputable seller 


Don’t lead with swindlers just because they’re selling cheap weed. Check for reviews of customers, or reviews posted by other sites. Check out whether independent lab results are posted on their site showing the product is contaminant-free and pure. 



  • Absence of Xylitol 


Xylitol is quite dangerous for your pets and can prove to be fatal for dogs. It’s a kind of sugar substitute.



  • THC-free 


Every product has labels showing the level of CBD and THC present in it. This is the most important thing you should look for while purchasing weed for your pet. Make sure the weight of THC is 0.3% or less than that. In simpler terms, it should have three parts of THC for one thousand parts of oil. 

How much CBD should you give to your pet? 

Before starting a regimen of CBD for the pet, it’s very important to consult the veterinarian. For most effectiveness, CBD oil is administered in food or orally. It’s highly recommended to start from a very low dose, such as around 2 mg/10 lbs./month. Keep a check on the reaction of your pet, and slowly increase it to twice daily. Eventually, then increase the dosages. 

Since cheap weed is available online, buying them for your pet won’t empty your pocket. The American Kennel Club has revealed that when it comes to side effects of weed, very few of them have been noticed in pets. Just like humans, not every pet reacts in the same way. You’ve to wait for an hour or a half to get the result. 

As per American Kennel Club’s reports, fewer side effects caused by CBD are:

  • Drowsiness: CBD has a calming effect, which might cause a little drowsiness, especially when it’s used in higher doses. 
  • Dry mouth: You might notice increased thirst and more water intake in your pet. 
  • Low BP: When given in high doses, CBG might lower the blood pressure, which can generate a sense of light-headedness. 

How is it beneficial for your pets?

There have been reports suggesting an improvement in the quality of life of several cats. Cat owners have been using CBD for years now. A pet owner has strongly recommended the use of CBD for alleviating conditions such as arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, pancreatitis, asthma, chronic upper respiratory infections, and seizures. The availability of cheap weed online has made it even easier for customers, and almost everyone can afford it. 

When it comes to our loyal, furry friends, Dogs, CBD has helped alleviate several conditions such as inflammation, behavioral problems, arthritis, seizures, anxiety, cancer, and dermatitis. The Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic, Oregon has revealed that products of CBD derived from the industrial hemp, has shown great therapeutic results. 


Nothing super alarming has been found about the CBD yet. So, pet owners must use it carefully, only after consulting their veterinarians. If you take the points mentioned above into consideration, you will have a very good experience with CBD. Sometimes, the CBD products might contain high levels of THC without being mentioned in the labels. This is why it’s always better to buy from reputable online stores. You wouldn’t want to take risks with your friend’s health, right? So, do proper research before you bring it in practice. It’s always better to take professional help, instead of trusting on unreliable advice over the internet. 

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If you browse through the internet, you’ll find around hundreds of ways to use cannabis. However, beginners are looking out for the simplest way to consume marijuana. With the increase of cannabis consumers, people have devised various ways for ingestion,such as topical solutions, edibles, THC oils, and many more. Depending on the reason for consumption, every method has several benefits.

The availability of cannabis online has made it even easier for people to get access to it. Whether it’s for recreational purposes or medical use, cannabis users are in constant search of unique ways to consume cannabis. So, in this guide,we’ve mentioned some of the easiest and widely-followed ways to consume cannabis.



One of the easiest and popular ways of consuming cannabis for beginners is consuming THC capsules or pills. These capsules contain suspended cannabis in oil. The best part is, this method is suitable for those who suffer from respiratory issues. Not just that, when you consume these capsules, you get an accurate dose, which will help treat the illness.

When compared to smoking, the consumption of capsules is considered safer, as you know how much THC is entering into your system. You can try out the Osmosis Stress Less Capsules to lower the level of anxiety or stress. You can easily order cannabis online, given it’s legalized in your country or region.



Experienced smokers consume cannabis flowers through the Bong, which typically looks like a water pipe. Though they differ in design and size, one common thing between them is, the smoke is cooled down by the water before it reaches your lungs. Not just that, the water also helps in eradicating carcinogens that are usually found in the smoke.

When this method of consumption is used, cannabis hits fast and intense, and this is why most people are opting for it. Apart from that, the ease with which it can be inhaled, makes it a popular choice among people, especially the beginners. If you’re opting for this method, you should try out the Nepalese Charas Hash.



You probably might have seen a stoner on the roadside rolling something and then using it like a cigar. Well, that thing is called a joint and is very popular among stoners. You’d need not more than two things to use this: rolling papers and a bud. If you are shopping for cannabis online, you’ll find different varieties of paper such as wood pulp, flavored, hemp, rice, etc.

If you’re a beginner, you should try out the pre-rolled joints such as Black Diamond Pre-Rolls. This way, you don’t have to learn the techniques to roll a joint. However, if you’re a pro at rolling joints, you can get only the bud, such as Premium AAAA Mix And Match Ounce. Get your favorite strains from the variety of options available online.



Edibles are the best option for consumers who want to either hide it from their parents or partners. As they just look like any other brownie or cookies, no one would ever doubt it. Apart from that, you also get different flavors and items to choose from, such as snacks, candies, cookies, brownies, teas, and other ingredients required for cooking.

Just type in edible cannabis online, and you’d get a list of options on your monitor. However, when you consume it in a digestible form, it’ll take one to two hours to hit. Also, it’s very intense and lasts longer when compared to any other method of ingestion. Try out one of our most popular sellers; Mary’s Chocolate Bars, especially if you’re a chocolate-lover as well.


  • Dabbing 


Dabs are considered as concentrated cannabis, which is made by the extraction of cannabinoids and THC from a cannabis plant. Solvents like carbon dioxide, butane, or ethanol are often used in the process of extraction. The outcome is a kind of sticky oil called wax, budder, shatter, RSO, or butane hash oil (BSO). If you prefer budder, try out the Extracts Bundle, and for shatter, try the Sour Jack Shatter or our new mix and match shatter quarter ounce 

Dabbing is a tricky process often used by experienced consumers. It would be best if you had a dab rig, e-nail, or torch. Place a little amount of wax concentrate over the vaporizer or rig, and then heat it from one side. It’ll begin to discharge the ingredients, and you can inhale the smoke coming out of it. The best part is, it’s very easy on the lungs, which makes this method different and preferable from all other ways.
You can find dab rigs on our accessories page.



This is the least favorite method and should only be opted when you’re dissatisfied with edibles and smoking. Cannabis tinctures are oil-based as well as alcohol extracts, that can be consumed sublingually (by placing under the tongue). Though they hit quickly than the edibles, their duration is still less as compared to edibles. Also, it offers a longer effect than smoking. In simpler terms, you get to experience the best of both when you use Tincture.

You’ll come across it when you shop for cannabis online. Tinctures act faster because they quickly get absorbed into your bloodstream. What makes it best for medicinal use is the ease with which one can regulate and measure the dosage. If you’ve fed up with all other methods, get the Medusa Botanicals 5000mg.(our highest CBD tincture dose at a reasonable market price)


We hope the methods mentioned above have proved to be helpful. If you want to look for further methods, you can browse through the internet. Innovations in the cannabis world bring you several other ways to consume cannabis if you cannot smoke. With so many methods to choose from, getting a dose of CBD or THC has become easier than ever. The access to cannabis depends upon whether or not the consumption of cannabis is legalized in your region. Most of the countries are now legalizing the use of cannabis for medical as well as recreational purposes by acknowledging its medicinal benefits.

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While Canadians are celebrating the legalization of recreational marijuana throughout the country, the US states, too, have achieved this feat. Although both the countries made progress with the legalization of recreational marijuana consumption throughout their nations, there are significant differences in the ways you can administer weed in either of the neighbors. In this article, we have taken time to list out the major differences between the US and Canada when it comes to administering Canada weed online

Read on to clear out your doubts and get your facts checked.

1-State and Federal Regulations:

The notable difference between American and Canadian recreational marijuana system is the program in the US relies on different state programs, which vary with the regulations from one another. And Canada depends on its federation to set rules for Canada weed online. While cannabis is strictly prohibited on the federation level in the US, there are no such issues arising in Canada. In the United States, different states have come up with their own set of rules about the limits of possession, non-standard regulations, and restriction on cultivation as well.

In the present scenario, due to the remote nature existing in several parts of Canada, marijuana is now being sold in some of the existing liquor shops. According to the legalization bill released by Canada’s federation, the legal age for buying marijuana in Canada is that of 18 years in some provinces, and in others, it is 19. However, the rules of the US starkly contrast as the legal age for consuming marijuana in the US is 21 years.

2-Shopping in stores or Shipping from online stores:

Canada will allow its citizens to buy recreational cannabis online directly from the stores of the government. This serves as a vantage point for the people living in the remote locations; they can place their Canada weed online purchase order from a verified online retailer and get their parcel delivered at their doorstep. This isn’t going to be new for the Canadian Postal Service because they have been delivering the medical marijuana parcels for a long time now. However, one rule that the buyers need to adhere to is –on delivery of their recreational marijuana, the purchaser should be present as the mailmen are not allowed to leave the parcel without any ID proof.

As a whole, the entire Canadian federation seems to take a more relaxed approach to avail its citizens with recreational cannabis. However, in the US, the scenario is quite different as the people need to get down to the allotted stores by the state provinces to get their recreational cannabis. But, as a matter of fact, both the countries are evolving in their own unique ways to adopt the usage of recreational marijuana throughout.

3-Different Types of Products used:

Canada today permits different forms of cannabis to be consumed. The different varieties of products that you can now purchase from Canada weed online include –the Raw THC Distillate, CBD Capsules, Chocolate Bars, Vape Tanks, Pre-rolls, hash, wholesale marijuana products and more. The licensed producers are now permitted to sell even the edible varieties of cannabis along with marijuana concentrates and marijuana oils, which are profusely being used for the purpose of recreation.

The United States, however, has a different of dealing with marijuana product permission throughout their country. However, they are now taking significant steps in approving the customers to use the concentrated forms of cannabis. As a matter of fact, the concentrated types of marijuana and the THC oils are in more demand as compared to the vaping products. That would be because the amount of THC is high in the oils, and the concentrate distillates as compared to that of the weed that is used to smoke up.

4-Labelling and the Products:

Canadian recreational cannabis will have specific regulations, which might hinder the distributors, retailers, and manufacturers of the cannabis industry. The Federal Health Department has made it mandatory to enlarge the warning signs and has given out specific font size requirements along with the color and the style of the letters, which is why labeling statutes could be considered as an excessive now. The labeling regulations leave out very little room for branding or designing for the products of either of the companies in Canada.

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However, if we talk about the US, there are no such specific regulations imposed on the manufacturers, distributors, or retailers of cannabis. There is no such agenda of preventing the sales of the minors and give priority to the primary producers of cannabis. There has been no limit imposed on smaller businesses from differentiating their products in the US. But, in Canada, the scene is quite different. Also, the marijuana edibles weren’t initially available for retail purposes in Canada. But, now the rules have somewhat mellowed down, and the edibles, along with vape pens and concentrated THC, are available for sale.

5-Banking Access:

One of the significant hurdles faced by cannabis retailers in the United States includes –having limited access to bank services. Most of the dispensaries forcefully use gift cards or cash to pay for the utilities, expenses, and due to which the payroll leaves them highly susceptible to armed burglary. As Canada does not consider marijuana to be a Schedule I Drug, cannabis retailers have the permission to deposit their profits into their respective bank accounts, just as the owners of any of the businesses would.

However, on the early onset of medical cannabis usage in Canada, some of the corporate banks were less than willing to work with the cannabis business owners. Rather, the retailers sought after financial assistance from the independent smaller banks, investment banks, and brokerage firms. However, in recent years the big players in the world of banking have gotten involved in allowing the dispensaries to establish credit lines and bank accounts as well.

Bottom Line:

In this article, we have tried to address all the major differences about the Canada weed online purchase and retailer purchase of marijuana in the US. More or less, both countries have now successfully accepted the legalization of recreational cannabis throughout; there are certain factors that still hinder the smooth functioning of the entire process. But, as we have already noticed that the regulations are being mellowed down with passing time, we expect them to take completely different transformations in the upcoming years.

Call to action:

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Hash or hashish is probably one of the oldest cannabis concentrates that can be traced back to middle-east where it is believed to have originated. It is probably more than thousand years old. Unlike the modern-day concentrates, hash is the most potent, delicious and smooth weed concentrates. If you are looking for a weed concentrate that will provide most potent high, try hash. You can buy hash online and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Since weed became legal in Canada, the number of online stores has gone up and the demand for concentrates like hash has gone up too. Hash is one of the best weed concentrates. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, hash will not disappoint you.

Now that you have your hash, it is time to consider the best way to consume it. There are many ways you can use hash. Some are traditional methods, while some are recent and very creative. What method you choose will depend on your preference and convenience.

Here are some of the best ways to use hash to get the most potent high:

  1. Pipe or Bong

Hash is one of the oldest cannabis concentrates to be used. Centuries ago they didn’t have vapes or fabs, what they had was pipe or bong. Today’s pipes and bongs are an advanced version of the old method. It is also an easy way to use it. So, if you are new to hash, try the easiest method for the best effect.

All you need is a pipe or bowl or bong and buy hash online. For the best results, put the hash on a spoon and heat in a low flame. Make sure that the hash is soft in texture. The soft hash will be easy to crumble in your hand, after which you can place the hash in the pipe or bong. Now your hash is ready to smoke. If you want to add some extra strength or flavor in your hash, try using hash with flowers.  This is an effective method of using hash that will provide you with potent high.

2. Make a Hash Roll

Rolls or joints are favorites of many. Its easy, saves time and ensures you enjoy a quick smoke. Like many other concentrates and extracts, you can use has rolls too. While making a roll with hash, you can be as creative as you want. You can use hash with flowers while making the roll. Again, heat the hash to soften it and sprinkle the crumbled hash over the weed. Use the best rolling paper to get the best results. After you have all the ingredients at your disposal, roll the paper and smoke it.

Using the rolling paper for making joints will help you get the smoothest and the most potent high. Although, many believed that joints cause waste of the products as most of them are burnt. Still, if you are looking for an easy and convenient way, making a joint is one of the best methods. Buy hash online and make sure that they are of high-quality as it will affect the quality of the high you get.

3. Use Vaporizers

Vaporizers have become the go-to device for using weed. They come in various sizes and can be used for all types of weed from dry herbs to concentrates. Portable vaporizers have gained a huge popularity due to the fact that it is portable and versatile. They can be carried around easily. Vape pens are also popular.

Using vaporizer for smoking hash is one of the best methods for various reasons. Put them on the vape nail and set the temperature. The heat will slowly release the compounds in the weed and the thick smoke is very enjoyable. You can get the most potent high with vaporizers.

One of the many benefits of using the vaporizer is that the products are not wasted. Since the heat does not burn the product directly, you can reuse the hash the next time. The heat slowly released the compounds which also helps in getting the best high. Plus, using the vaporizer is super easy and it doesn’t require any special skills. All you need to do is buy hash online from a reliable seller and enjoy it the way you want.

4. Heated Knife

Also known as the hot knives, it is another old method of using hash. It is quite dangerous and it is recommended that you don’t use it. But just for the sake of it, here is how you can use a heated butter knife to smoke hash.

You will need two butter knives, hash, a coil stovetop or similar heating device, and a straw. Heat the knives and once it’s heated place the hash between the two knives. This will combust the hash completely and smoke will be released. You will need the straw to inhale the smoke.  Keep the straw at a safe distance from the heated knives and stovetop.

During the entire process, you have to be very careful about using the hash with the heated knife. It may get you the high you are looking for, but it’s risky. Make sure to use a high-quality knife and have someone to help you with it. This may not be an easy process and definitely not for the beginners.

5. Dab Your Hash

Dabbing is another very popular method of using the hash. You need a dab rig for it. Dab rigs look like glass bongs and are a very popular method of using concentrates. It comes with a dab nail, which is heated with a handheld torch. Heat the nail till it turns red hot and then put a glass bowl over the nail and get your dabber to put the hash on the nail directly. Smoke will come out and you need to inhale it.

Dabbing is one of the best methods for smoking hash as it provides the most potent high that users look for. You can buy dab rigs online. They are also portable like the vaporizers and will provide you with the best hash smoking option. You will find many options online. You can also buy hash online and get it delivered at your doorstep. Using high-quality hash is essential for getting that potent high you wish for.

The Bottomline

Hash is one of the best weed concentrates that provides the most potent and smoothest high you can ever get. There are many ways to use hash. Choose from the above option and enjoy hash as you want. You will definitely fall in love with this “wonder weed” whether you are a beginner or an experienced smoker. Make sure to buy hash online that is high-quality, because it is key to getting the best high you want.

If you are looking for the best place to buy hash online, West Coast Supply is your one stop destination for buying the best quality weed. We have a huge collection of weed concentrates including the hash. You can buy hash online with us at the best prices. We always have some attractive deals for the customers. Visit our product page and explore. You can e-mail West Coast Supply at [email protected]

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What a time to be alive! It’s been 2 years since Canada has legalized marijuana, giving many Canadians the ability to buy weed online and in retail stores. Although many countries are still slow to accept medicinal marijuana, there are a few progressive countries that truly understand the importance of this holy green medicine and have fully embraced it. This article will introduce the Top 5 countries where marijuana is now legal. For all the weed lovers who love to travel and smoke (or eat, vape, dab) this article is just for you. Make sure to read to the end for a surprise country that you would never expect to be on this list!


  1. Uruguay:

Sitting at the top of the list and the first to legalize recreational cannabis is Uruguay. In the past, personal possession was never criminalized but judges were allowed to determine whether possession was personal or commercial. In December 2013, President Jose Mujica signed a bill to make recreational cannabis legal, paving the way for Uruguans to fully enjoy this wonderful plant without fear of criminal punishment. This bill was aimed at tackling drug-related violence and reducing profits for organized crime, while allowing users to cultivate their own plants for non-commercial uses and farmers the ability to operate in larger scale productions. The Uruguay government, however, would control the market from production to sale. Everything from price, quality, and maximum production volume was determined by the government. In order to buy weed in Uruguay, users must be at least 18 years or older and be registered in a national database. Legislation also limited the maximum number of crops per household to 6 and no more than 480g, while smoking clubs were allowed to grow 99 plants each year. But even with such a progressive move, there are some drawbacks. Foreigners are prohibited from buying cannabis.


  1. Peru
    This one is a little tricky, but if you follow the rules (as you should) you will not have a problem. In Peru, recreational cannabis use is technically illegal, however possession is decriminalized due in part to Art. 299 of the Peruvian Penal Code. Based on this article, it is legal to carry eight grams of marijuana and two grams of derivatives including concentrates, edibles, extracts, etc. But only for “your own and immediate consumption.” As long as you possess less than eight grams or marijuana and clearly state that it’s only for personal use and not sale, you won’t have an issue with the authorities. Keep in mind that “the possession of two or more types of drugs” is considered a crime. So, if you’re carrying weed and cocaine, you will be in trouble for committing a crime.

    Also keep in mind that police are notoriously corrupt in Peru and often don’t know the law as they should. Corrupt police often try to pressure travelers with the hopes of getting some form of bribe. Best way to avoid any legal issues is to carry the legal amount, not carry two different types of drugs, and avoid using cannabis in public.


Laws in Peru get tougher when you traffick marijuana in significant amounts and if you sell to a minor. 100 grams or more is considered trafficking and the punishment can be very severe, up to 15 years in prison.

3. Colombia:

When you think of Colombia, you often think of cocaine, cartels, and probably the hit TV series Narcos. But did you know for almost a decade, marijuana has been decriminalized? It’s true. A country with a rampant drug problem is also a pretty progressive one. In the past 15 years, Colombia has spent more than $140 million fighting cartels and drug traffickers. In Colombia, you can enjoy marijuana and grow up to 20 plants and aren’t in possession of more than 20 grams. 


  1. Argentina:

What an amazing country Argentina is by being the first country in the world to provide free medical marijuana. In March 2017, Argentina passed laws to legalize the use of cannabis, but strictly for medical purposes. However, one can simply get a prescription by visiting a licensed physician (we know how easy that is here in Canada).  The law doesn’t permit patients to grow or produce their own marijuana, but are able to get access through health care providers, however you can’t buy weed online just yet. Argentina is one of the first countries to provide patients marijuana for free through their public healthcare system. Recreational cannabis is technically still illegal but due to its public acceptance, police tend not to enforce the law for small possession of cannabis. But if you’re caught on the streets, you might have to pay a bribe to avoid any legal issues. 


  1. Netherlands:

Cannabis is illegal, but decriminalized for personal use. Due to its wide acceptance, recreational cannabis is tolerated and readily available in cannabis coffee shops. But it wasn’t always like that. In 1913, Netherlands had criminalized cannabis until about 1972 where the Dutch government relaxed legislation by dividing drugs into levels of dangerousness and making possession up to 30 grams a misdemeanor. Amazingly, coffee shops have been openly selling cannabis since 1976 to recreational users. Fast forward to today, cannabis can still be purchased in coffee shops, but you can also buy weed online. All in all, the Netherlands is extremely progressive and the government as well as authorities are lenient towards cannabis. 


You’ve made it to the end. But wait, there’s one more country where cannabis is legal, and surprise it’s not Jamaica.

6. North Korea:

Since it’s difficult to get any sort of information about North Korea, the information that is available to the outside world is that cannabis is legal or tolerated at the very least. In ancient Korea, cannabis was known to be an important crop in use as hemp fabric. Sources claim that cannabis is actually widely used and tolerated in North Korea and it’s common for North Koreans to cultivate their own marijuana. One can also harvest the readily available plants that grow in the wild. So SURPISE! This badass, power hungry, tyrannical country is actually more progressive than some would think. Even more so than the land of the “free”, America.

Ways to check if your weed is good

10 Easy Ways To Tell Good Weed

You never know what you get when you buy weed online in Canada. And the only way you can  tell is after it arrives at your doorstep, AFTER you’ve already purchased it. So how do you tell if your weed is good?

Here we’ll break down 10 easy ways to tell if your weed is good or bad.

  1. Color

The first thing you should notice is the color of your weed. High quality cannabis typically has a green color ranging from lime green to a light green, mixed with purples, blues, reds, and pinks. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to tell if your marijuana is good or bad is by checking the color.

Remember, brown weed is bad weed. When weed turns brown, it’s due to oxidation and could contain pesticides or mold. Brown weed is harsh on the lungs and has lower potency. Best to avoid anything that looks brown. But also yellow, red, or tan, is probably also a low quality bud, so best to stay away.

  1. Smell

Another simple way to tell if your weed is good or bad is the smell. Good weed smells fresh and has a very strong, distinct odor. Some people have even reported a skunk-like aroma. Weed should never smell like old grass or hay. If it smells like hay, stay away!

  1. Taste
    Taste is one of the ways to determine the quality of your weed. Good bud tastes fresh and has either a hint of chocolatey bitterness, indicating an indica strain or citrus flavor, indicating sativa.

  2. Crystals

You’ve probably seen super close up pictures of buds on social media and noticed those tentacle-like extrusions that look almost alien. Those are trichomes, and they determine THC potency in your marijuana. Good bud has plenty of VISIBLE crystals. No crystals probably means it’s low quality.

  1. Feel

Sticky Icky, that’s how good marijuana should feel. If your marijuana doesn’t stick when handled, it’s probably too dry. But you also don’t want it to be too moist. Properly cured marijuana has a sweet spot between a little dry, and a little sticky.

  1. Seeds, Sticks and Stems

If there’s seeds, sticks, and stems, get your money back immediately. Good marijuana should have none of these, and the thicker the bud the better. This is another easy way to tell how good your weed is.

  1. Orange Hairs

Little orange hairs is a good sign of pollination and maturity in marijuana. High quality marijuana should have plenty of little orange hairs, avoid if you can’t see any.

  1. Well-Trimmed

Although it’s not specifically about marijuana. A well-trimmed bud is an indicator that the grower takes the time and effort into his plants. Especially if it is hand-trimmed nicely because big trimming machines can damage the fragile trichomes, so hand-trimming although takes longer, produces a nicer product all around.

  1. Contaminants

    Contaminants like mold and little bugs are something everyone should watch out for. Especially if you see little white hairs that look like spider webs, it’s a strong chance they’re spider mites. If you see something off, better to avoid it.

  2. Tested Products

Lab tests are a sure way to tell how good your bud is. It not only tells you the THC level, but it can also tell you the genetics and if there are any pesticides or contaminants. By purchasing lab-tested products, you can ensure your marijuana is of high quality.

All in all, you want to buy the best weed possible so why not go with the most reliable and trusted source at West Coast Supply. With a wide selection of premium cannabis products available in their online dispensary, they are easily the best place to buy weed online in Canada. From top shelf cannabis flowers to potent extracts that will blow your mind, they’ve got something for everyone and you can count on West Coast Supply the next time you want to have a good time. 

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More and more patients every day are turning towards medical marijuana for the treatment of arthritis and other muscular aches. In every five people diagnosed with chronic musculoskeletal pain at least, one uses cannabis products for their treatment, according to the research conducted by Canadian scientists. For the patients that regularly suffer from painful inflammatory sensations buying of marijuana online is one of the best options. Cannabis not only helps in managing the primary arthritis symptoms but also facilitates in keeping the side effects under control. 

In this article, we will talk about arthritis, its common symptoms, how medicinal marijuana can alleviate the painful sensations, and more. Read on to have an in-depth view. 

Why is Medical Marijuana considered to be an effective treatment?

Medical marijuana is an affordable and natural way to treat arthritis. This traditional medicine also prevents the side effects from emerging, which would have been shown in cases where the patient consumed the conventional drugs for the disease. Increasingly, people are accepting the usage of cannabis for arthritis and other such musculoskeletal illnesses. The results obtained have been excellent, as marijuana was found to have reduced the symptoms of arthritis dramatically. 

According to experts, specific marijuana strains are helpful for the ones with arthritis. Some of the strains of cannabis that are known to heal cannabis include –Harlequin, which belongs to sativa species and is a popular strain for imparting relaxing sensations without even sedating the user. Another such strain is –Pennywise, of Indica species that has mellow psychoactive effects on the patient. Also, there is Cannatonic, which is a hybrid form of cannabis known to provide mild high and relaxing sensation; and AC/DC belongs to the Sativa category that doesn’t alter the mood or perception of the user yet relieves pain. 

Symptoms of Arthritis treated by Medicinal Cannabis:

Now you can purchase marijuana online from various reliable websites to treat the symptoms of cannabis. The medicinal crop is useful in aiding the patient from inflammation and joint pain. It can even be used for improving your appetite, treating insomnia disorders, and can also be used for elevating your mood. If, in case arthritis makes you tired and worn out, you are suggested to administer pot to get energized and feel refreshed. 

Different ways of Using Medical Marijuana for the treatment of arthritis:

 Now you are well aware of the fact that cannabis is being used for the treatment of arthritis and its associated symptoms. But, the question that arises here is –how to consume the medicinal green to obtain maximum benefit? If you have been newly introduced to marijuana, there might be several questions popping up in your mind. Here are some of the ways in which you can consume marijuana for treating any of the painful symptoms:

1-Smoke it up: 

Smoking is one of the most common methods of cannabis consumption that comes to our mind whenever we think of marijuana. Also, now you can buy marijuana online through trusted dealers or reliable companies. However, one thing you must keep in mind is –when you are consuming cannabis for medical purposes, you should keep yourself from exposing your lungs to smoke. In case you do have a desire to smoke up marijuana, you can begin by taking small puffs. 

2-In the form of Edibles:

You can either choose to prepare your edibles by mixing marijuana with it or buy edible products as they are one of the most palatable and simple choices for the inexperienced marijuana users. Also, when you consume weed in the form of edibles, it will take longer than usual for effect to kick in. Therefore, stop yourself from consuming too much in order to get an immediate impact. Also, make sure to keep these edibles out of reach from your children and pets. 


You should use the topical form of cannabis directly on your skin to alleviate inflammatory and painful symptoms. With the use of topical medical cannabis, you can receive all the essential properties of marijuana without even having to get high. 

Different Strains of Medical Cannabis for symptoms of arthritis:

Cannabis no longer persists, along with the stigma that it once used to have. Different strains of green weed have different types of benefits to impart. Here is a quick guide for you to understand about the various strains of cannabis in order to show you the path:

1-For Inflammation and Joint Pain:

The strains that can help you if you suffer from joint pain and inflammation are:

  • Girl Scout Cookies: It is a strain of cannabis that contains a high amount of THC, which helps in relieving from body pain
  • Burmese Kush: It a potent strain of marijuana, which has long-lasting effects on the body and is very helpful in alleviating pain caused due to inflammation of the joints
  • Canna-Tsu: This variety of cannabis offers you pain-relieving abilities while keeping your mind clear. It consists of a lower level of THC and a high concentration of CBD. The strain works effectively towards the reduction of joint pain and inflammation

2-For better mood:

Your mood can be drastically affected due to chronic pain, which takes quite a toll on your psychological and emotional well-being. You can now purchase different strains of marijuana online that will automatically enhance your mood. 

  • Pennywise: It helps in relieving pain and can also be used for the treatment of depression, stress, and insomnia
  • Double Dream: This strain of cannabis is not only known for killing all the painful symptoms of arthritis but also will offer you physical relaxation and get your head cleared of all the stress
  • Acapulco Gold: It is one of the strains of marijuana that is famous for having high THC content that offers the user with an uplifting and happy vibe and works tremendously against inflammation

Bottom Line:

When it comes to treating the symptoms of arthritis, medical marijuana can help you in several ways. However, everybody is different and faces different signs and symptoms of a particular disease. Therefore, before you go ahead and order marijuana online, make sure to consult with a doctor and discuss with them about the different strains of the weed that can cater to your needs. Also, your doctor will diagnose you better and decide the amount of cannabis that you should consume to treat your issues. It is strictly advised to take medical assistance before administering yourself with marijuana. 

Are you looking for a reliable source to purchase marijuana online? Well, then you have ended up in the right place. At West Coast Supply, we deal with different strains of marijuana that can accommodate your needs. Before you place your product, make sure to check out the variety of cannabis strains that we deal with. Also, the best part about purchasing your products from us is –you can rest assured once you place the order, and it will be delivered to you at your doorstep. Check our promotion pages for the latest promo codes!

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Smoking weed comes with many benefits. Now that it’s legal in Canada, people can buy weed online from the comfort of their homes. This easy availability of weed has made things both easier and complicated. Easy because you can buy weed online conveniently. Complicated because people may be using too much weed without their knowledge. 

Easy availability of weed is not the only reason why people may be using too much weed. Some get addicted and while some don’t realize. The point is to be aware of how much weed you are using. In the long run, using too much weed can become a problem. 

Use of Weed – Benefits and Needs

Weed or marijuana is used for both recreational as well as medicinal purposes. It comes with many health benefits. The CBD present in weed can help in pain management, anxiety, depression, sleep and much more. While the THC compound present in the weed is mostly responsible for creating the feeling of high. 

Weed is widely used for various purposes. Using it consistently or on a daily basis is not a bad thing. But things can go out of hand quickly. It is important to understand the need for weed use and use it wisely to reap the benefits for a long time. 

Signs that you Are Overusing Weed 

Smoking weed everyday can be fun, but don’t become addicted to it. Meaning, don’t let weed become a crutch from being a habit. There is such a thing as smoking too much weed. You can be one of those weed smokers living in denial. There is a simple way of finding out if you are using too much weed. 

Here are the signs that says you are using too much weed:

  1. You Smoke Immediately After Waking Up Everyday 

If you smoke immediately after waking up, you could be over using weed. The first thing you need in the morning is water and breakfast or juice. Weed should be done while you are relaxing or after coming home from work. If you consistently use weed every morning even on weekends, it clearly means that you are addicted. 

Using on weekdays is understandable as you there is too much work-related stress and you want to de-stress. But if you are using it every morning after waking up, it means you are overusing weed. No doubt you can easily buy weed online in Canada, but using it wisely is the key to enjoying the various benefits of weed. 

    2. Too Many Smoking Devices 

Do you have a bong, a dab, a vaporizer, a bowl or pipe and rolls in the house? You are clearly using too much weed. You may be getting addicted to weed. It may be time to relax and go easy on weed. 

If your house is littered with smoking devices from the bedroom to the bathroom, it is now time to give it a rest. This can be the beginning of the downfall. Soon you will be leaving weed lying around the house. If your house smells like weed all the time, it also indicates that you are smoking weed too much. 

Having more than three smoking devices in the house is not ideal. No one would like to visit your home if it smells like weed all the time. 

    3. Losing Loved Ones Over Weed 

If you have lost friends, spouse, GF/BF or family members over weed, there can be no other signs clearer than this that you are going overboard with weed. If your partner is constantly complaining about the smell or your indulgence, it is time to take it slow with weed. 

People in denial don’t realize that they have a problem until it becomes apparent. When you lose friends and significant others to weed smoking, it means you are spending more time with weed than real people. If people have stopped coming to your home or inviting you for your weed smoking behavior, this is another sign that clearly states that you are overusing weed. 

You can buy weed online and enjoy it anytime, but that doesn’t mean you should be using it all the time. Addiction to weed and drugs starts this way and ends very badly. You don’t want to lose important things in your life due to weed. Contemplate and recognize the pattern and address the issue as soon as possible. 

    4. Smoking Weed Before Every Task

Are you a kind of weed user who has to smoke before doing anything, such as cooking, smoking, going to the office, sleeping, watching TV or simply leaving the house? This is the sign that says it all. You are getting overboard with weed. This is a habit that is going to hurt you in the long term. Soon the habit of smoking before every task will result in you sacrificing other aspects of your life. 

It is important to recognize the signs and work on it. If weed is taking over your life, it’s best to slow down and seek help if needed. Many weed users have fallen prey to this habit and have suffered. It is important to address this issue before it becomes a nuisance in the future. Enjoy your weed, just don’t go overboard with it. 

    5. Budgeting Problems 

If you have been sacrificing real food so that you can save money to buy weed, you know this is not good news. After paying the rent and spending on the essentials, if you don’t have enough money to buy weed, you shouldn’t sacrifice the important things. If you are too addicted to smoking weed, you might end up eating soup for food and spend the ration money on weed. 

It is true that you can buy weed online at affordable prices now. You can stock up on weed and use it wisely. But if you are overusing it, you are soon going to run out of weed and end up buying them with the grocery money. It is important to manage your money wisely and use weed economically.

    6. You Talk About Weed All The Time 

If you are constantly talking about weed all the time, you have a serious problem. It is a trait of a person who is obsessed with something. In your care, it’s weed. If you are constantly looking for topics related to weed so that you can talk about it, it means you are overusing it. It’s a sign that says that you need to calm down and take it slow. 

You may not realize that you are talking about weed obsessively, but other people will notice it. And, when they do point this out make sure to take a look at your habit and not freak out at people. They might be just pointing at the obvious. If you freak out at small things, make sure to review your weed smoking habits, it will help you in the long run. 

The Bottomline

These are some of the obvious signs that you are overusing weed. You can buy weed online now, which is great, but just don’t make it a habit of smoking every day. Weed offers a wide range of benefits and should be used as per the needs. 

If you are looking for high-quality weed online, West Coast Supply has a wide range of options to choose from. We provide high-quality and safe weed products online at the most amazing prices. You can e-mail West Coast Supply at [email protected] 

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Now, more than ever, cannabis seems to have gained popularity, and almost everyone is becoming aware of its benefits. People are developing a better sense of tolerance towards marijuana usage, and some are known for falling in love with this drug with medicinal properties. Whether we talk about using CBD oil or about the consumption of cheap weed, marijuana is finding its path into our lives. And therefore, it should be evident that even celebrities and famous personalities are adapting this transformation. 

Of course, there are some of the connoisseurs of marijuana users in the industry that include –Cheech & Chong and Willie Nelson. However, we have stumbled across a list of the new potheads joining the gang. Keep reading to find out who made into the list of celebs who are rejoicing the acceptance of marijuana in the world. 

1-The 21st Century Ganja King –Snoop Dogg:

We decided to list Snoop Dogg as our number one because we believe that the list of celebrities who love marijuana would be incomplete without his name being mentioned. Snoop Dogg has been an advocate for the administration of cannabis for quite some time now. He is not only indulged in the consumption or advertisement of marijuana consumption. Snoop recently became the part of the marijuana industry by introducing his own brand –Leafs By Snoop. 

Snoop Dogg is definitely a wise man who has carefully invested his rap fortune into the weed industry, which is expected to grow exponentially in the upcoming time. Now the celebrity is not only benefitting physically and medically with the use of cheap weed but also is making sure that his bank balance blossoms even more so. We have to say it –Snoop Dogg certainly knows to drop it like it is hot. 

2-The Dope Disney Star –Bella Thorne:

 Although Bella Thorne, the Disney star, who was entirely against marijuana consumption in her teenage, has become an advocate now and is listed among regular users of the medicinal crop. Bella claims that cannabis helped her to get better sleep at night and de-stressed her too after she had played an emotionally challenging character that has scourged her mentally while and even after she had filmed it. 

Bella Thorne not only wiped away her squeaky clean personality of a Disney character by engaging in the consumption of cheap weed but also the reports about her getting involved with some of the controversial artists in the industry has affected her reputation. We are looking forward to the day when marijuana consumption becomes so typical that even the Disney characters start promoting the medicinal weed without any hesitation. 

3-Getting the ‘Best of Both Worlds’ –Miley Cyrus:

It shouldn’t come across as a surprise that Miley Cyrus is listed amongst one of the celebrities who enjoys consuming marijuana. This, after all, hasn’t been a secret to her close friends or even people in the media. Miley also threw her long-term boyfriend –Liam Hemsworth, a party that was based on a marijuana theme. The reason that we added her to the list of newcomers to the world of cannabis consumption is –the singer had quit smoking pot a few years back but is back at it again!

Miley has been enjoying her decision to smoke marijuana once again. And unlike in most cases, people are influenced by their friends to consume cannabis; Miley’s Mom was the person who influenced her still to enter into the world of medicinal green. Perhaps, the open use of marijuana consumption isn’t limited to just Miley Cyrus; other members of her family, too, are a part of the green world. Miley even openly claims about marijuana being her “first and true love,” isn’t that just awesome? 

4-Marijuana for Enjoyment and Balance –Pete Davidson:

Pete Davidson, the SNL Comedian, has come clean since the past year about his experience with cannabis consumption and would even promote the consumption of cheap weed. This is not just because he enjoys the euphoria, but he experienced Borderline Personality Disorder, and cannabis helped him tackle the issues. 

Pete talked about how he has struggled with BPD for several years and how marijuana has been a constant companion that aided him in managing his condition and remain under control. Pete Davidson gained much popularity after engaging with the famous pop singer –Ariana Grande, and that is the reason he has been added to the list of celebrities that are mega potheads. Pete has started to gain tons of recognition and attention lately. 

5-The Cannabis Momager –Kris Jenner:

Kris Jenner could be a surprising individual added to the list of celebrities that enjoy drinking. There have been several reports released that suggest apart from being a member of the Kardashian clan; Kris is somewhat inclined towards pot consumption. She was even noticed enjoying a fat blunt of marijuana on ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ as well as in some of the videos that were shot at various parties. 

Jenner is open about her adoration for green and cheap weed, and she also talked about how she cannot stop herself from laughing endlessly after the consumption of marijuana. We are just eager to wait and watch Kris Jenner promoting more tolerance towards the administration of cannabis and enabling its open consumption as well. 

6-Lady with Blunt Humor loves Blunts –Jennifer Lawrence:

Jennifer Lawrence has traveled a great distance after ‘The Hunger Games’, and the hilariously funny and blunt actress is not even shy about her love for cannabis consumption. Apparently, she loves to consume the medicinal herb much more than just in a moderate amount. We love the way that Jennifer rolls. And she had also made claims about smoking right before the Oscars. Further, there have been reports about Jennifer out-smoking her co-stars too. 

There have been several incidents about Jennifer Lawrence enjoying pot smoking; one such event was encountered in the 60th Birthday Party of Ellen DeGeneres. This suggests that the actress is far away from being shy when it comes to her smoking marijuana. 

Bottom Line:

The transparent attitude of the celebrities coming clean about smoking cheap weed is quite refreshing. We could go on longer with the list of celebrities who have adopted this relaxed attitude and are not at all shy about addressing marijuana in the open. We hope that this list has revealed to you about the mega potheads that are loved in the industry. 

Are you shy about purchasing cheap weed? Well, there is no particular reason to be embarrassed about administering marijuana in the open. After all, even celebrities are promoting it quite often. However, you can always rely upon West Coast Supply for purchasing your need. Now you have the provision to buy weed from an online platform in a more discreet manner. And the best part about shopping from us is you can get a variety of options to choose from without having to deal with the shady dealers. Visit our promotions page for our latest deals for picking up the cheapest high quality strains you can find online.

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When it comes to consuming cannabis, there are more than a dozen of ways. The endless availability of so many cannabis products has led to the demand for different ways to use cannabis. People use cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes or both and now want easy, and effective ways to consume it. Each method consumption method has its own benefits and advantages. The effectiveness of the marijuana also depends a lot on the way you consume it. 

Since weed become legal in Canada, the number of online stores has increased. You can easily buy cannabis online and get it delivered at your doorstep. Regular users are constantly looking for newer and innovative ways to consume weed. New users too are looking for easy ways to consume weed before they can use other more complicated methods. 

Here are some of the best ways to consume weed:

  1. Pills and Capsules 

If you want something simple and less complicated try the pills and capsules. These two methods are quite popular and for obvious reasons. Usually, the THC pills and capsules come in oil form where the weed is suspended in the oil. The benefit of this method is that it is perfect for people who want to consume accurate doses. It is a perfect method for people dealing with respiratory issues. 

Since pills and capsules come in specific doses, it is much better method and safe one too. If you are taking weed for medicinal purposes, you don’t want to overdose. Using the pills or capsule can ensure you consume the needed amount of weed and not more than that. If you have aversion to smell and smoke, this method is perfect. And, if you are a beginner and want to take it slow, consider this method as it is easy and risk-free than other methods. 

Read: What is THC distillate and how to use it?

Some weed users don’t like smoking, for them this method is very effective and desirable. 

2.  Bongs and Pipes 

The next comes the bongs and pipes, one of the most popular methods. You can say that bongs are a traditional method of using the weed. Centuries ago, there were no vaporizers. For those who don’t know what bong is, it is a water pipe where cannabis flower is used for smoking. 

The bongs come in varied sizes and designs to meet specific needs of the smokers. The water in the bong is used to cool down the smoke before you take it in. It makes it easy for the throat and lungs to take it. 

The water in the bong also filters the carcinogens found in smoke, which makes the method somewhat safe. At the same time, if you are looking for intense high really fast, then the bong is one of the best methods. You can easily consume high dose of cannabis with the bongs. Bongs are portable devices too, which means you can carry them around in your car. 

Using bongs and pipes are easy once you get the hang of it. Make sure to buy the best quality bong and cannabis online for the best effect. 

     3. Bowls 

If you want something traditional and simple, try the bowls. They are small, hand pipes with a bowl-shaped front. They look very much like the tobacco pipes. They are very easy to use and convenient too. You can use it to consume weed in smaller doses. They come in various materials like glass, metal, wood, ceramic and more. 

If you are a beginner, try using the bowls as they are less complicated than the other methods. You can easily carry them around with little care. Glass can break easily, but the wood and metal can survive. Make sure that you buy high-quality cannabis online from a reputed seller to get the best product. You can also buy bowl online. It is a perfect method of weed consumption for people who use weed for medicinal purpose and want to keep the doses small. You can use the bowl if you are bored with all other methods. Sometimes, the simple methods can bring more enjoyment than other methods. 

     4. Dabbing 

Dabbing is one of the most popular weed consumption methods. They are popular with the regular and experienced users. First thing first, dabs are concentrated forms of weed. They are made by extracting THC – responsible for making people high – from the cannabis plant using solvents such as ethanol or butane. What you get in the end of extraction is a sticky oil. 

Dabs come in various forms, such as was, budder, shatter, hash and more. Compared to other types of weed products, the dabs are healthier as no chemicals are used for extracting it. For dabbing you will need a dab rig, torch or e-nail. Then you take a small out of weed and put on the mouth of the dab rig or vaporizer and then heat it. The smoke or vapor released from the weed is then inhaled through the pipe. This is called dabbing. 

One of the reasons why dabbing is popular is the availability of various types of dab rigs, pens and vaporizers. They are easy to use and carry. It can easily fit your pocket. With dabbing, you get pure vapor without any contamination. The devices now come with advanced features that make using weed easy as well as safer. 

You can easily buy concentrated cannabis online and get it delivered at your doorstep in Canada. 

     5. Joints 

Joints are very common and widely used method of weed consumption. They are very easy to make. All you need is the bud and rolling papers. Again, you can buy the rolling papers in various materials, such as wood pulp, rice, hemp and others. The quality of the rolling paper will determine the quality of the smoke you get. But, no matter what type of rolling papers you use, you will get a smooth smoke. The paper is designed to provide even burn. 

Take the rolling paper, put the bud in it and roll it and burn to smoke the weed. It is a time-efficient method that provides high-quality smoking to the users. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or advanced user, you can all enjoy the joints. 

Depending on where you live in Canada, you can take the joints wherever you go. You can easily roll a joint and smoke to your heart content whenever you want. All you have to do is buy the best quality cannabis online

The Bottomline

These are some of the best ways to consume weed. They are fast, efficient and cost-effective. The method you use will depend on what type of results you want to see. Choose your favorite method and enjoy the cannabis the way you want. Buy cannabis online from a reliable seller to enjoy safe weed consumption. 

If you are looking for the best online store for buying cannabis online, West Coast Supply offers a wide range of cannabis products. We have dabs, buds, edible and various other types of weed products to meet your exact needs. We only sell high-quality weed at the most amazing prices you will find online. You can e-mail West Coast Supply at [email protected]


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In the last few years, cannabis, along with its byproducts, has gained ample importance. Starting from the blunts to concentrates to dabbing to vape pens to CBD strips to THC and everything else that is in between. It seems as if every other day, new forms of cannabis are being explored for us to consume cannabinoids. One such case is the introduction of THC distillate. Before you order weed online, get to know more about the THC distillate and its uses. 

You might not have come across this top-notch byproduct of cannabis. And that is the reason we decided to write down this article, which states everything you need to know about THC distillate. After you have had your piece of knowledge from this article, we believe that you are going to want to buy it. 

One of the most exciting facts about THC that makes it more wanted among the users is –it is 99% pure, which will impart you a different feeling of getting high. Read on this article to know more about THC distillate and how it can be used. 

What is THC Distillate

Typically, a distillate is the end product of a distillation process. A similar procedure is used here for the extraction of THC Distillate from the Cannabis plant. It involves the separation of the chemical components from the liquid mixture by controlling –condensation and boiling of the products. Humans have been utilizing the process of distillation for ages, especially for the distillation of alcohol. And now, the same kind of technology is being applied to marijuana. 

The process of distillation is applied to the parts of cannabis plants that aresomewhat new. And it is being done to extract the purest forms of cannabinoids. For the extraction of THC Distillate, various methods are taken into use. Thus, when you are about to order weed online,you should give THC Distillate a try too because it is known to be the most unadulterated extraction of the cannabis plant and the effects it has on your brain is a different kind of high. 

How can the THC Distillates be used?

Even though the introduction of the THC Distillates is entirely new to the world of cannabis users, the product can be used in a variety of ways. All of these methods that are mentioned here are tried and tested. 

1-Vaping Pens:

One of the simplest ways of consuming the THC distillates is through a vape pen. You will need a Vaping pen that provides you with the facility of reloading the tanks, and it should also accept a variety of solid and liquid forms of cannabis. It could be of great use if the vape pen will let you adjust the temperature as the different forms of cannabis, including –THC Distillate, wax, liquid, oil, shatter, etc. vaporize at different temperatures. If you do not want to try out a complete tank of distillate yet, you can add a few drops of THC to a cartridge for some additional kick. 

2-The Sublingual method:

It is one of the conventional and most straightforward methods of administering cannabis. You can take one or two drops of the distillate and drop it under your tongue (make sure not to swallow it) and allow the liquid to dissolve into your bloodstream. This time when you are about to place your order weed online, make sure to get a pack of THC distillate as well. When you consume the distillate part of THC sublingually, it creates psychedelic and medicinal effects way faster than when you consume it by swallowing. 

3-Use of Bong or Dab Rig:

To get a kick of high almost instantly, you can take a scoop of the hardened form of THC Distillate onto the nail of your most-loved dab rig or into the bowl of a bong and get all set to fly with the feeling of euphoria hitting your senses almost instantly. 

4-Blunt, Joint, or Spliff method:

Are you a fan of the conventional methods of cannabis consumption? Then why change your ways just for administering the THC Distillate? Instead, what you can do is scoop a small amount of thickened THC distillate and spread it on the rolling paper and create your own blunt, joint, or spliff. But, one thing you need to keep in mind is the concentration of cannabinoids is quite high in THC distillate, and you only need to take a few puffs to feel the effect of high, hitting your senses almost instantly. 

You can use blunts or joints filled with distillates in a party as they are one of the best ways of sharing puffs. If you want to take your smoking trip to the next level, you can start by sprinkling bits of kief on the top before you are rolling the joint. This will ensure a wild ride for you. Therefore, this time, when you are placing your order weed online, buy some THC distillates along with it to spruce up the smoking game. 

5-In form of Pills:

Consuming the THC distillates in the form of pills is going to be the best way of consuming the byproduct. That is because just a solid lump of THC distillate in the form of a pill is much more powerful, and the effect of it is going to last longer as compared to the traditional methods of administering marijuana. Also, solid distillate won’t require you to learn how to smoke, and it wouldn’t even emit out the unmistakable odor of marijuana. 

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Bottom Line:

The possibilities of using THC distillates are endless. There can be one, and the only limitation to their use, and that is your imagination. If you haven’t ever used the THC distillates or any other concentrated forms of cannabis, you should be extra careful before you place your order weed online. You need to take care of the number of products that your body can tolerate.

That is because THC distillate is one of the most concentrated forms of Cannabinoids, and you can get very high in a short period of time even when you consume it in minute quantities. We suggest you started with a small and slow dosage to extract all the fun out of the products and keep yourself from getting into a dangerous situation. 

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Almost all the newbies in the cannabis world are often confused between Hash and Weed. And that is the reason we decided to write this article to help you differentiate between the two by-products of cannabis. Are you also among the ones who think that Hash and Weed are interchangeable words? Well, then you must continue to read this blog to know more before you buy hash online

What do you understand by hash?

Hash is also referred to as Hashish, which is basically an extracted portion of cannabis that is prepared by separating the resin part from the buds or leaves. Although there are several ways of preparing has, all of them involve the separation of trichomes by pressing the leaves or buds in balls, blocks, coins, or cylinders. As a result, you will obtain a concentrated form of cannabis along with unique effects and added flavors. 

Some of the traditional forms of Hashish are obtained from parts of India, Afghanistan, and Morocco. The Moroccan and Afghan Hash was prepared by running the dried parts of the marijuana plant through sieves. Due to the gentle friction application through the sieves, the trichomes are easily separated from the dried plant part materials for the preparation of kief. The kief is then further pressed as well as heated for the production of dark, creamy, potent hashish blocks. 

In India, the procedure of hash production is quite different. Here people took the live cannabis buds or the leaves to roll them in between their hands. The friction and heat produced between the palms will cause the separation of the trichomes from the original plant material, and result in the formation of dark and thick resin on the hands. Later this adhesive residue is collected and rolled into balls and then sold in the name of charas. The other two forms of hash include –BHO, bubble hash, and rosin. Therefore, know well about the products before you buy hash online

What do you understand by weed?

The dried parts of the cannabis plant are typically referred to as weed. In almost all the parts of the world, weed is prepared out of cannabis flowers that have been well cured and dried up and are all set to smoke up. They can also be used in the vaping pens, cooked or manipulated into concentrated forms. In some of the regions of the world, including Southeast Asia, and South America, you will find a product referred to as “brick-weed” that usually consists of stems, seeds, buds, and leaves, which are compressed into dark, hard blocks. 

There are various strains of cannabis available, and all of them impart the unique effects of their own. The cannabis growers, since the 1980s, have indulged in the work of manipulating and breeding various strains of cannabis in order to produce exclusive varieties that have different flavors, effects, as well as aromas. The Sativa varieties of marijuana are known for producing more euphoric and uplifting high, whereas the Indica variety produces more mellow and relaxing effects. However, one thing you need to keep in mind before you buy hash online or even weed is that the results of the strains are related to their chemical make-up rather than their genetic lineage. 

Comparison between hash and weed:

Now that you have gained basic idea about weed and hash, here is the overview of how they are different in terms of various aspects, such as:

1-Way of Preparation:

Marijuana is prepared from the female cannabis plants after they grow flowers, which are prevented from being pollinated by the male plants. Thus the buds are harvested just before they are ripened. In the present scenario, most of the weed is grown in an indoor environment by making use of the ventilation systems, specialized lights, and also nutrients to maximize the ability of the female cannabis plant to produce resin. 

Depending upon the strain of the plant, it takes for a cannabis plant 8-12 weeks to produce flowers. The female’s plants are then cut down, and the buds are taken off to dry for two weeks before they are stored in jars for the process of curing. This is an integral part of the entire procedure because it helps the buds to mature, which maximizes their flavor and level of potency. 

Hash can be further prepared in different ways, but all of them involve the separation of trichomes from the cannabis buds. We have already talked about the traditional methods of Hash preparation in India, Morocco, and Afghanistan. Rosin, whereas, is prepared by pressing the cannabis flowers in a hot press to extracts the precious, golden-colored resin. And the bubble hash is prepared by using ice water along with some physical agitation for the separation of trichomes; butane is used in the production of BHO hash. 

2-Level of Potency:

Hash is known to be more potent as compared to weed. Most of the cannabis strains available today in the market consist of 15-30% of THC. Just because the hash is prepared from tons of trichomes when compounded together, the potencies offered by them could range from 40-60%. This is one of the essential things that you should know before you buy hash online. Although the exact potency level of weed and hash will vary according to the strains from which they are prepared, the hash is always going to have a higher potency level than weed. The BHO hash is known to have a maximum concentration of THC that round up to 90%. 

3-Difference in Flavors:

You can notice a stark difference between the flavors of hash and weed. Weed imparts more fresh, herbal, and in most cases, fruity aromas and flavors, hash offers complex, spicy, and rich flavors. You need to keep in mind that the flavors of weed and hash will vary according to the type of strains used in their creation. Also, the flavor of the mixture varies based on the way it is produced.

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Bottom Line:

It doesn’t matter if you prefer smoking weed or hash; both of them have an enjoyable and unique experience to impart to the user. No matter what form of cannabis you choose to buy, make sure to know every detail about it before you make the purchase. For instance, before you purchase hash online,make sure to note its potency level, the choice of flavors that you would like, and know about its preparation method too. And then jump towards checking its quality. 

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Cannabis has already gained so much popularity now that it’s legal in Canada. Buying cannabis has also become so easy with online stores offering a wide range of weed. People use weed for different reasons. Some use it for medicinal purposes while others use it purely for recreational purposes. 

While it is largely known that CBD has many health benefits, THC is widely seen for its elevating properties. What will surprise many is that THC does have medicinal and healing properties. The opinion about THC is largely due to the fact that CBD has always been seen as the medicinal marijuana with the medical industry backing it. But THC offers similar types of health benefits if not at the same capacity as CBD. 

For cannabis users knowing the health benefits of THC can help them utilize it more effectively. Imagine smoking weed while enjoying the various other non-elevating benefits it has to offer. 

What is THC?

While the experienced weed users already know what THC is, many new users would like to know more about it. Essentially, the cannabis plants have many compounds including the cannabinoids. THC is one of the primary cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. 

THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol and is found in weed along with CBD. THC is mainly responsible for creating the effects of high in users. It connects with the cannabinoid receptors present in the brain and can affect a person’s memory, time perception, pleasure, concentration, thinking, movement and coordination, and sensory. It is produced in the cannabis plants and is extracted to create many weed products for recreational purposes. 

THC is widely known as a psychoactive compound that can induce hallucination, feeling of high, and even cause delusion. This is one of the reasons why THC is not taken seriously for its medicinal value.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of THC?

Contrary to the popular beliefs, THC does have medicinal or health benefits. While it is not as effective as CBD, THC does help with many health issues. Here are some of the amazing benefits THC you probably didn’t know about:

  1. Pain Relief

One of the best things about THC is that it is very helpful in managing chronic pains. Chronic pains, such as arthritis pain can be managed by the use of THC. CBD is also known for the pain-relieving benefits. 

Using THC in small doses can prevent the person from getting high. THC is known for its elevating properties, which is why using it in smaller amounts is wise. It will not make the pain go away completely, but it can provide relief from it. Pain can be very challenging to manage as it can affect the person both physically and mentally. THC can help in managing both physical pain as well as mental stress that comes with chronic pain. 

Although more research is needed in the area, THC does help in pain management. It can provide relief when used in smaller doses. If you are a regular cannabis user, then using THC must not be a problem. Many people use THC for both pain and recreational purposes. When used wisely, THC can become an effective pain management tool for many. 

    2. Appetite Problems 

One of the things that make THC such a good drug is that it helps in bringing back the appetite. Lack of appetite is not a serious problem, but for people suffering from serious disease like HIV or Cancer, lack of appetite is dangerous. In such conditions, eating healthy and having an appetite is important for survival. 

THC is known to help in increasing the appetite. Using THC in smaller doses or regular doses in case you are an experienced user, can benefit people who have lost appetite. People who do not suffer from any serious disease, but have lost appetite can use THC for bringing it back. 

Eating healthy is very important for everyone and not just for the patients. A good appetite will help you create a healthy eating habit. Those who have wasting syndrome can also benefit from the use of THC. Make sure to buy the best quality weed with a high THC level in it. You can buy THC and CBD based products online. Buying Canada weed online is now possible with so many websites selling a wide range cannabis product. 

    3. Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Features 

THC is known to be a source of powerful antioxidants. Stress is the main culprit for the declining physical and mental health. When it comes to skin, it is not spared from the various damages, stress, and other factors it can have on it. Antioxidants are one of the important compounds found in various food items that can help repair the skin. THC is known to have antioxidant properties that make it ideal for the skin. Antioxidants can help skin against cancer. A fair amount of THC can go a long way to help your skin remain in good health.

Inflammation is a major issue. It can happen for many reasons and THC can help in reducing the effects of it. It has anti-inflammatory properties that are considered as one of the best ways to deal with inflammation in health conditions, such as Arthritis, depression, aches, pains and other conditions. Using THC in a smaller amount can help deal with inflammation. For people who use THC for recreational purposes, can also use it for its various health benefits. Of course, it is important to take THC the right way if you need to use it for medicinal purposes. 

    4. Treat Insomnia

Do you often have trouble sleeping? THC can come to your aid. THC is known to have properties that can help you get a good night sleep. People dealing with Insomnia can use cannabis along with melatonin at night to help get good sleep. But always consult the doctor before you use such remedies. Although it is not a proven method, many users say that using weed helps them get a good sleep. CBD is known to possess this power to help people sleep and it does not create the feeling of high. But THC can also be used for aiding sleep. It is one of the most effective ways to get a good sleep and relax. 

You need to make sure to buy high-quality weed products online. Buy Canada weed online from a reputed seller so that you can maximize the effects of THC. You can buy weed that has more THC content as you can buy weed that has more CBD content. With so many sellers now selling products online, you will not have much problem finding the right one. 

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The Bottomline

THC has some wonderful benefits that can help you in various ways. It has many medicinal benefits just like the CBD. Now that you know how valuable CBD is, you can use it for its various medicinal properties. Always make sure to buy high-quality Canada weed online from a reputed seller. 

Buy Canada Weed Online

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In today’s era, people have been divided into two different groups based on their opinion on marijuana. There is a group that thinks it is refreshing to consume weed, while others believe it is dangerous and could drastically affect one’s health. However, when we speak of ancient times, the scenario was entirely different. If you have a look at the ancient culture dating thousands of years back, Cannabis was widely used as a form of medicine, as a building material, and sometimes even consumed to get rid of the blues. Does that astonish you?

Well, then you must continue to read this article to find out about cannabis’ relevance in the historic culture before you make you buy Canada weed online. In this article, we will talk about eight different cultures across the world that loved marijuana and used it for various purposes. 

Historical Origin of Cannabis:

Though it is quite difficult to state when and where precisely the cannabis plant first originated, most of the people believe that Cannabis has its roots from Central Asia. Others say that because of its extensive agricultural and medical documentation in the ancient Chinese literature, marijuana weed was first discovered in China. However, the body of research concerned with the hemp obtained from Cannabis has proliferated within the last decade, the actual origin of the plant yet needs to be established. The historical routes of the weed until then remain obscure. 


Marijuana was first mentioned in the Egyptian culture in 2350 BC. And they make use of hieroglyphic symbol shemshemet for denoting Cannabis in Egypt. The weed was used very often in the Egyptian medicines and was even sold in their pharmacies. The Egyptians further believed that Cannabis could be used to treat the bad humor of women. 


Babylonia is infamous for being the first civilization that created the codified laws by making use of the Hammurabi’s code somewhat around 1800 BC. However, they were also known for using Cannabis, and it was termed as azullu in their culture. Babylonians imported marijuana in from the areas surrounding modern-day Afghanistan and widely used it for treating depression. They also used the weed as a prime ingredient in the medicines. 

3- Greece:

People from the ancient Greek era were well aware of the marijuana weed that was grown in the Middle East, and their God of intoxication and wine Dionysus was believed to have originated from this area. The Greeks were known to be taking baths in the steam, except the catch here is –the steam wasn’t out of heating water and forming vapors but that of the smoke obtained from marijuana that filled the room to get people high. It was an ancient practice of hot-boxing. 


Cannabis always has been a crucial part of the customary Indian lifestyle. The weed was intimately associated with medical, magical, social, and religious customs. Ancient Indians involved in the trading of marijuana from the same traders as that of the Babylonians. As a matter of fact, you may well recognize the word that the Indians termed marijuana as –Ganja. Before you buy Canada weed online, you should know that according to the ancient texts and scripts dating around 1600 BC mentioned that the people then used marijuana for the treatment of many mental conditions, including –anxiety and depression. 


The Chinese were one of the firsts to deal with Cannabis, and they were also the significant exporters of weed in ancient times. In historic times, the Chinese grew hemp for baskets, papers, and various other textiles. But, they also made use of Cannabis to extract all its medicinal properties. And you won’t believe that marijuana was of the most traded commodities through the Silk Road, then. In 2737 BC, the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung further wrote the uses of Cannabis in the form of medicine. 


The Romans, too, were aware of the benefits imparted by marijuana, and they made sure to put it to good use. There has been tons of evidence found that suggest the Romans using marijuana in ancient times.  One of the famous scientists of Rome touted marijuana as the “laughing weed” that was known for getting the people intoxicated. Also, the Roman doctor –Galen mentions marijuana being used for the treatment of several medical conditions starting from burns to inflammations to tumors. Cannabis was also blended and cooked into desserts and served at the parties. 


The use of Cannabis if you look at it technically isn’t ancient history, but it was still worth mentioning. In 1798 when Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Egypt, his troops were becoming restless because the Islamic countries prohibited the consumption of alcohol. Therefore, the forces, to maintain their sanity levels, made use of Cannabis and hashish as a replacement for alcohol as a mode of intoxication. So when Napoleon, along with his army, returned from Egypt, they carried along with them, tons of marijuana. 


Although people are in favor of buying Canada weed online, they don’t know their history. The oldest product of Cannabis that was first discovered is a rope that was prepared out of hemp and was founded in the year 1997 by the Czech Republicans, which dates back to 26,900 BC. It isn’t evident yet whether the people in the Czech culture used Cannabis other than forming into hemp. That is precisely because most of the documents have been released, which showed that eastern cultures –that is Europe as we know of have introduced marijuana to the world. But, the Czech Republicans knew about hemp, and that is clear. 

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The psychoactive properties of Canada weed online have been cited to be used by several ancient cultures in the world. However, many relied upon its medicinal properties too. Therefore, these cultures make it evident that Cannabis has many features and uses, which have been long attributed. Also, in the Old Testament, there have been mentions about the contested theories by the people of the Near East. Although these theories are often challenged for being obscure and having no clear history, the fact cannot be denied that Cannabis has biblical origins as well. In fact, there have been many psychoactive preparations of Cannabis, and more are yet being discovered. 

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There are plenty of options available when it comes to smoking weed. You can use dabs, vape pens or the bongs or glass pipes. Bongs are one of the best ways. You may have heard about it even if you are a newbie. The legalization of weed in Canada has definitely made the bongs popular among marijuana users. 

Bongs may not be as fancy as the vaporizes, but it offers features and advantages that are just amazing. You can use bong to get the best out of the weed and enjoy the best high without any effort. They are also an affordable option. Whether you are a new user, experienced smoker or just want to use a different device for a change, the bong is the perfect answer. 

Buy weed online and get started with bongs as there are many advantages of using it:

  1. Smoother Hits 

Smoking joints can irritate your throat or lungs as it involves combustion. Burning the weed can produce smoke that is hard on the lungs. But with the bongs, you can enjoy better, smoother hits. This is one of the reasons why bongs are better than joints and pre-rolls. It can create the same effects like the vaporizers without the added cost of course. 

The smoke produced in the bongs goes through the water that cools it down before you can smoke it. This ensures that all the burned parts are left behind in the water so that you can enjoy better and smoother hits. The smoke is relatively less harmful than the traditional smoke from the joints.

If you are just starting with the weed, then the bongs can be the best place to start. You can choose from a wide range of option. Now that people can buy weed online without any hassle, many are using the bong for a relaxed smoking experience. 

    2. Excellent Filtration

One of the things that make weed better than tobacco is that you can smoke without harming the lungs or throat. This happens as the weed smoke is filtered before the user can inhale it. This happens when you use the vaporizers or the bongs. 

A bong offers better filtration and can reduce the number of harmful components that enter your lungs. Burning anything produces carcinogens, and other types of toxins. While the bong cannot eliminate everything from the smoke, it can filter out most of the harmful elements from the smoke. This is one of the reasons why many people like to use bongs. The water in the bong can filter out most of the residue like the ash and tar. The result is that you can enjoy nice, smooth filtered smoke. 

You can easily buy weed and bongs online on your budget. Ever since weed became legal in Canada, the marijuana community has been coming up with new and better devices. You can always find the best bongs for your use. 

    3. Bongs are Easy to Use

One of the best things about the bongs is that they are easy to use. You don’t need to be an expert at using bong. You may need to learn to properly roll the joint, but in case of bongs, it’s very simple. 

Bongs usually come with four essential parts, such as the reservoir, the stem, tube and the bowl. The weed goes into the bowl. All you need to do is fill the vase or reservoir with water, place the stem on it and fill the bowl with your favorite weed. The next thing you need to do is put your mouth in the tube end and start heating the bowl with fire to make smoke. When the smoke comes up, inhale it and enjoy the weed. 

Using the bong is super easy and it doesn’t take much time. Clean it after use and you can use it whenever you want. It is not portable like the vaporizer, so you cannot carry them around. You can use them at home. If you are a beginner then a bong is one of the best ways to get started with the weed. Now that the weed is legal in Canada, you can easily buy weed and bongs online. 

    4. Easy To Maintain 

Maintaining a bong is easy enough and will not take much of your time. It is easy to clean and you can remove the parts like the vase and stem. You need to change the water in the vase every time you use it. As you heat the substance, it releases some elements. This makes the water grey and cloudy. Once you are done with one session, don’t use the same water again as they contain harmful filtered substances. 

Using clean water is a good idea, especially if you are going to share it with others. At the same time, make sure to wash the bong once in a while. You can wash them with soap or dishwasher or use a special cleaning solution. Washing the bong is not a complicated thing to do. You can easily do it. Easy maintenance is one of the things that make the bong a popular choice for the weed users

    5. Safe and Hygienic 

Bongs are safe and hygienic in many ways. It can actually reduce bacteria and mold. The water in the bong can trap the bacteria, which means it can reduce the number of microbes you inhale. Most of the weed users share their joints, bongs and pipes, which is not very healthy. A bong can ensure that most of the contaminants get filtered through the water and do not reach your lungs.

Changing the water in the bongs actually helps reduce the number of bacteria and mold. Cleaning the bong with alcohol and Epsom salt can ensure that the bongs are super clean and hygienic. When you are using a shared bong, make sure to wipe the mouth before using it. This will ensure safety and prevent illness. 

Buy weed that can be used in bongs like dry herbs. If you like the herbs, bong is one of the best ways to use it. 

    6. Get Better Hits 

Bongs are favorites of stoners as it allows the user to enjoy bigger hits. You can fill the bowl with smoke and take a huge drag or hit. Many users like big hits, even though they are not very healthy. But taking big hits once in a while can be fun. If you are a new user, make sure that you don’t do big hits with the bong or any device. Start small. Bongs are efficient and easy to use, make sure to use it wisely. 

The Bottomline

Bongs are one of the best ways to enjoy weed like dry herbs. They are easy to use, clean and very efficient. There are lots of options available and the advantages of using the bong is one of the many reasons why you should try it.
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Cannabis is known to help women with the associated symptoms of menopause and menstruation and has been drastically found to have improved women’s sexual health. It shouldn’t come across as a shocker because women’s pelvic organs have a high density of the CBD (cannabinoid) receptors. Although the reason of the receptors hasn’t been explained yet, they are present to maintain a sense of homeostatic balance within the female body.  

As a matter of fact, women have been hesitant to address or embrace cannabis since historic times. But, there has been an array of medically proven reasons as to why women should go ahead and buy weed and incorporate it into their lives for a healthy gynecological lifestyle. Read on this article to know everything about the health benefits imparted by cannabis for women. 

How does weed benefit the gynecological health of women?

 Cannabis interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors present in a woman’s body to elicit its benefits. The Endocannabinoid system is a self-regulatory network of the body, which is responsible for the regulation of a variety of functions, including –mood, appetite, metabolism, pain response, the immune system, and more. The ECS plays a significant role in the female reproductive processes as well. 

The ECS further functions by binding the endocannabinoids to the cannabinoid receptors that are present in the brain, the immune system, and the peripheral nervous system (PNS) as well. These endocannabinoids are basically produced naturally in the female body. However, sometimes the ECS is deficit of these endocannabinoids, which leads to the dysregulation of the entire system resulting in an imbalance in the body. 

This is when cannabis plays a major role. When women intake cannabis –the cannabinoids derived from the weed then interact with these receptors of the brain, PNS, and the immune system to restore balance. In essence, the cannabinoids extracted from the weed can act as supplements for the endocannabinoids produced in the female body; thus, ensuring that the ECS continues to function adequately. That is why women shouldn’t hesitate to buy weed and incorporate cannabis in their daily lives for improved health benefits. 

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How can cannabis help with the menstruation symptoms?

Almost every woman experiences several symptoms before and during their periods, which include –cramps in the abdomen, nausea, muscle ache, diarrhea, spasms, and fatigue. Therefore, a growing number of women have started to buy weed and use it to address these symptoms of menstruation, which helps in varying the intensity levels of these signs, and sometimes it is debilitating as well. 

Although appropriate research on cannabis aiding with period pain is lacking, there is ample evidence furnished about the pain-relieving benefits of the herb. Marijuana has been found to have demonstrated the anti-inflammatory benefits, which helps in lowering the pain and inflammation in the uterus of women during their periods. 

Advantages of using marijuana for menopause:

When a woman goes through menopause, her body experiences a dramatic shift in terms of hormones and the production of receptors as well. However, with the incorporation of cannabis, the transition can be made a rather easier process. Women experience several side effects of menopause, such as –mood swings, hot flashes, osteoporosis, pain, insomnia, and fatigue. For some of the women juggling such transitions can lead to the development of depression or anxiety issues. 

According to the researches done by the scientist on a menopausal woman, they found that marijuana could be of great help. The estrogen levels and the endocannabinoid system in the woman’s body are closely associated. And the early onset of menopause has been linked to the deficiency in endocannabinoid levels. Also, the women going through the menopausal period experience insomnia, and a large number of studies have backed up the benefits imparted by cannabis to improve the duration as well as the quality of sleep. Therefore, women should be upfront and frequent to buy weed in order to keep themselves healthy. 

Cannabis and PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome):

The women in the reproductive age are affected by PCOS frequently. When there is an imbalance in the level of reproductive hormones in women, it leads to the increase of androgen hormones, causing the ovaries to dysfunction and result in irregular menstrual cycles. Although the exact reason behind PCOS remains unclear, the medical experts claim that when the pancreas produces excess insulin, it spikes up the level of androgen in the female body. 

Cannabis is known to support the endocannabinoid system, thereby treating as well as preventing PCOS. There have been reports released suggesting that an irregular level of the endocannabinoid system can result in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Also, ECS dysfunction is linked to the increase in levels of insulin in women and thereby causing PCOS. This helps us to conclude that you should buy weed that helps in treating the symptoms leading to PCOS. 

How can cannabis boost women’s sexual health?

Cannabis is known to help improve the sexual health of women. According to a recent study, 7 out of 10 women who consumed marijuana before sexual intercourse experienced comparatively more pleasure. Also, using cannabis has been found to have increased 60-per cent sex drive in women, and more than half had satisfying orgasms as well. Although concrete reports behind the reason marijuana promoting sexual health in women are unknown, it is suspected that cannabis reduces the levels of anxiety and stress and thereby, boosting their confidence. 

Also, most evidence gathered points towards marijuana positively influencing the ECS in women. The cannabinoid receptors are found near the points of the brain which regulate the hormones that are driven by sex. Additionally, the sexual arousal level in women has been found to have increased when their systems contained higher concentrations of cannabinoids. Therefore, women should buy weed and use it before having sex to obtain better results. 

Bottom Line:

There has been an increase in the level of awareness spread concerned with the benefits of cannabis on women’s health. This blog basically summarizes all the existing facts and advantages imparted by weed to women; and how women should more often buy weed to improve their gynecological health. Cannabis is known to have shifted the paradigm of women’s suffering due to gynecological disruptions. Also, how the endocannabinoid system plays a significant role in the gynecology of women has been highlighted appropriately. It is time that we gave more importance to the use of weed than we already did. 

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Buying marijuana online has made it so easy for the stoners to buy their favorite stash. Even during this pandemic, they can still get the weed delivered at home in Canada. But easy availability can sometimes make stoners out of control. One day you wake up and realize you spend too much on weed. 

If you are someone who wants to enjoy marijuana in a budget, there are many ways you can become an economical stoner. For anyone wanting to save money on weed without compromising on the pleasure, they only have to make some adjustments. Controlled use of marijuana can benefit you in more ways than one. It will save you a lot of money, help in control tolerance, and make the weed last longer. 

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It doesn’t really matter whether you are a new user or an experienced stoner, becoming an economical stoner is always wise. Here are the 8

 smart ways you can save money on weed and make your marijuana last longer:

  1. Buy in Bulk and Ration It 

Buying marijuana online in bulk can save you money in a long run only if you ration it well. One of the best ideas is to divide and rule. Separate the weed into different containers marking them for days you want to use them. Just like the medicine box, you can use the cannabis containers to separate the weed stash and use them on different days. 

Make sure to equally distribute the weed so that you don’t overuse them. Don’t use more weed just because it’s a weekend. It will defeat the whole purpose of becoming an economical stoner. It will not only save money, but it will help you control tolerance so that you can enjoy a better high. 

   2. Use Vaporizers

Vaporizers are one of the best devices for using the cannabis. Unlike smoking the joints, vaping can save you money. Using the weed rolls involved burning the weed inside it, which is a total waste of the product. Combustion burns the weed and you can get high pretty fast. The high can be very strong at the first, but it can wear off easily after sometime. With vaping, the heat is used to release the cannabinoids present in the weed.

You can enjoy better and consistent high that can last longer. At the same, the weed is not burnt and remaining products can be used for making edibles or drinks. You can imagine how much money you can save by using weed wisely. 

   3. More edibles 

Edibles provide delayed by prolonged high, better than any type of methods. While it may take a lot of weed to make edibles, it is totally worth it as a money-saver option. You can use the weed left from the vaping and make edibles like brownies and cookies. You can make them large batches and store them. 

Edibles provide better high that last for hours, which means you don’t have to waste weed on smoking. This way you can easily save money on your marijuana. You can buy marijuana online at the most amazing prices at West Coast Supply. Buy them in bulk, use them wisely and become an economical stoner.

   4. Burn it Slowly

When you are smoking joints or a bowl, you burn more than you inhale. This happens when you burn a large area of the joint or bowl, not realizing that a small amount of weed in enough for getting high. If you want enjoy high while saving money and reducing wastage, start smoking efficiently.

Burn a small portion of the joint or bowl, instead of setting the whole set-up on fire at once. As you inhale, you will appreciate that a small amount of weed is enough to make you high. This way you will a lot of weed and money as you don’t have to buy them again and again. Becoming an efficient weed smoker is the first step towards becoming an economical stoner. 

   5. Try a Dugout 

The technique used by the soldiers in war has become a great option for saving money on weed. You can buy marijuana online and use the dugout method to become a better stoner. A dugout is a method of storage of weed and hit size. You know how much weed is in one hit and how much is left in the storage.

Regulating the use of weed is one of the best ways to save money on marijuana. Moderate intake of the weed can help you get high and stay that way for a long time. This method is efficient in both ways – saving money while getting you high on little amount of weed. 

   6. Store wisely 

Proper storage is essential for making your weed last for a long time. Keep the weed in different smaller jars. When you keep them together in a jar, they can get oxidized. This happens as you use the weed and airspace increases. With smaller jars, you can reduce the oxidation and keep the weed fresh and nutty.

Make sure to use airtight jars to store the weed as you don’t want the marijuana to dry out. Buy marijuana online and separate them into different smaller jars as it makes the weed last longer and help save money. At the same time, use several storage options to make the weed last longer than usual. 

   7. Smoke Fewer Times 

You don’t need smoke all day long to enjoy the high. Smoking joints throughout the day can put a dent on your reserves. Make sure you leave a gap between two sessions so that you can enjoy your high while using the weed wisely. Don’t smoke joints if you had it last night. Having the weed for breakfast, lunch and dinner is not wise for your health or money. 

Reducing the number of joints you smoke in a day can help you save weed as well as money. the best way to address this issue is to do the math. Once you have the number, it will surely wake you up and make you consider your usage. Being aware of your weed consumption can help you become an economical stoner. 

   8. Try Other Herbs 

If you don’t want to waste marijuana, you can try mixing some other herbs into the mix. Not only it will diversify your weed intake, it will save money too. You can either use other herbs and weed together or use the herbs on off days. Either way, you will be saving money on weed and will become an economical stoner. 

You can try using herbs like the mullein and damiana, they are very popular. A different flavour can enrich your experience while helping you save money. You can buy marijuana online as well as the other herbs. Online stores are now offering a wide range of options that you can choose from. 

The Bottomline

These are some of the best ways to save money on weed and become an economical stoner. Use these methods to smoke weed wisely and ensure that you don’t burn through your stash quickly. 

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No matter how high-quality your weed is, it will eventually dry out at some point. It is a natural thing to occur and not a serious issue. If you leave the bud exposed for too long, it is bound to dry out. Sometimes, it can happen if the weed wasn’t processed well. Well, it doesn’t matter why your weed dried out, the important thing is that you can rehydrate it back to life. 

Most people would simply throw the dried bud away, which is a complete wastage of the weed. But, smoking dried weed makes no sense either, as they will taste bad, its not good for your throat or lungs. Dried weeds are not easy to use as rolls either. These are some of the reasons why most people would prefer throw it out. You can buy weed online easily. But salvaging a dried out weed can have many benefits too. 

The good news is that, you can rehydrate your cannabis bud and reuse it as usual. It will save you money as well help reduce the wastage of products. 

Here is everything you need to know about rehydrating weed:

Weed can Dry out for Various Reasons

If you keep the weed for many days, it is going to dry out. It is as simple as that. It is after all leaves or buds. They will lose their property. If you haven’t used your stash for a long time, chances are there they will dry. Proper storage of weed is important if you want your weed to last longer. 

Now, there are various reasons why weeds dry out. Here are some of the most common reasons for it:

  • Weed Processing 

The raw cannabis plant, leaves, flowers and buds have to go through a process before they are fit for selling. The drying and curing process is the most important stage as it determines the quality and longevity of the weed too. If the weed is dried too much, it is likely to be harsher than usual. When the marijuana starts drying, it removes the moisture from the inside. So, there is no way you can tell whether the weed is perfect for not. Only after smoking that you will know. 

  • Poor Storage 

You can buy weed online with a few easy steps and get it delivered at your doorstep. But, if you don’t store them properly, they are likely to lose its moisture. For instance, if you keep them in a wrong container, the moisture will seep out of the weed and leave it dry. The dried weed will not taste good, won’t produced the desired high. Make sure that you store your weed properly in mason jars as they are considered as one of the best storage options. Choose a container that comes with an airtight lid. 

  • Too much heat 

If you heat the weed under high temperature not suitable for it, it is likely to dry out. The process is called Decarboxylation, which is what happens every time you heat the weed. Exposing the weed to high temperature isn’t ideal. In some cases, you need to slowly heat the weed to release the CBD or THC content in it. 

How Does Rehydration Works

The process of rehydration follows the simple science of relative humidity. There is a process called microclimate, in which when a dry and wet object are kept together in a sealed container. What happens is that the moisture from high concentration area shifts to low moisture area. This shifting continues to happen till everything evens out. It is very similar to the process where water travels from high to low altitude. 

This is basic fundamental used for rehydrating the weed. When you are using water for rehydrating your weed, it is important that you use distilled water. It is free of impurities and chemicals and will not cause any harm to your weed. 

Simple Ways to Rehydrate Your Weed

Here are some of the best and the simplest way to rehydrate your dried out weed. Choose any method that you like:

  • Moist Bread 

All you need is a moist bread and an air tight container. Remember the mechanism of relative humidity? This how you are going to use it. Moist the bread, but don’t soak it. Spay some water on it to moist the bread. No put the moist bread and the dry weed inside an airtight container with a good lid. Now, let the two of them sit there for couple of hours. Check the bread in between to make sure it has moisture in it. Moist the bread again and repeat the process. Stop when you feel like the weed is back to its original form once again. After you are done, don’t forget to store the newly hydrated weed in a proper jar. 

  • Terra Cotta Disc 

Most of the chefs use the terra cotta disc to keep the brown sugar moist. You can easily buy the terra cotta disc online or from a shop. They are easily available. All you have to do is soak the disc in warm water for thirty minutes and repeat the process in the previous point. Put the disc and the dried out weed in a tightly sealed container and let the rehydration begins. Keep checking the weed as you don’t them to be over hydrated. Remove the disc when you are done and are completely satisfied that the weed is completely hydrated. 

  • Use Fruit Peel or Herbs 

Another way of rehydrating the weed is using a fruit peel of your choice of any herb. You can choose any fruit peel, such as apply, grapes, lime, orange or any other fruit. Put the peel and the dry weed inside the jar or an airtight container. The moisture from the peel will slowly travel to the weed and rehydrate it in the process. 

If you don’t want to use the fruit peel, you can use herbs. Herbs like the mint, rosemary, or thyme are some of the best options. You can do the same process with the herbs by keeping it with the dry weed. 

One of the best things about using the fruit peel or herb is that you can get a new flavor or smell. It will greatly enrich the weed while rehydrating it in the process. Make sure that you store the newly hydrated weed in an airtight container. You can buy weed online and store them properly so that you don’t have to deal with the issue of dry weed anymore. 


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The Bottom-line

Everything boils down to one thing – proper storage. If you store your precious weed properly in a airtight container, it will last longer. If you have weed stash that has dried out, use some of the above method to bring back the moisture in it. It will save a lot of time and money. 

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Medical marijuana is gaining increasing popularity as a replacement for the traditional medications for relieving pain, which includes opioids too. Marijuana is found to be easing certain types of pain caused by chronic diseases, generally resulting from inflammation and nerve damage. The best part about using marijuana as your pain reliever is – it is easy to obtain it too without violating any rules and regulations as cannabis has been legalized. Therefore, you can now buy cannabis online and take advantage of all the benefits offered by the drug. 

Today more and more people are being affected by chronic disorders than they are by cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases combined. Chronic pain has been found to be one of the most common causes of disability in the long-term. There are several strains of marijuana available in the market today, and every variety has its benefits to impart. In this article, we will decipher it all for you. Read on to have sound information on the subject before you proceed towards buying marijuana from an online platform. 

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The best strains of cannabis for treating chronic pain:

The different varieties of cannabis plants include:

  • Cannabis sativa
  • Cannabis indica
  • hybrids

 The amount of research on the specific pain-relieving strains of marijuana is minimal. That is why; the results of strain-specific recommendations cannot be proved medically. According to a study conducted, it showed that the patients would prefer Cannabis indica for the management of pain, sleep, and sedation. At the same time, they would opt for Cannabis sativa when it comes to improving mood or energy levels. There were statistically significant results obtained when pain management was taken into consideration, and the patients were injected with Cannabis indica. 

The types of health disorders that were relieved with the consumption of Cannabis indica are:

  • neuropathy
  • non-migraine headaches
  • joint pain
  • spasticity

However, notably, users should regulate the consumption of marijuana to prevent any health issues. Also, another study provided results in favor of medical marijuana consumption, which showed that the organically grown Sativa and Indica plants of marijuana is being used by patients to treat HIV. The Indica strains of cannabis can be significantly utilized in increasing appetite and energy levels. And both Sativa and Indica can be used to alleviate the symptoms of nausea. 

How does medical marijuana help with relieving pain?

When you are about to buy cannabis online, know that it contains some of the pain-relieving properties, which can help with nausea and other related symptoms. The prime components contained in marijuana for relieving you from chronic pain are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD)

What is the difference between THC and CBD?

THC has a resemblance to the cannabinoid chemicals that are naturally produced by our bodies. When people inhale or ingest THC, it helps in stimulating the receptors in the brain that are susceptible to cannabinoid. This further rewards the system of the brain and thus reduces the level of pain. THC is a psychoactive compound that binds with the cannabinoid receptors and therefore produces an elevated mind state, known as being high. 

Although CBD does interact with the pain receptor in our brain to alleviate pain and reduce the after-effects of inflammation, it doesn’t cause a high state. 

Medical and synthetic marijuana:

Medical marijuana is referred to as the unprocessed extracts of the plant parts. Cannabis has been legalized in many parts of the world now and is speedily gaining popularity due to the medicinal values it has to offer to its users. The severe forms of epilepsy have been found to be controlled well with the usage of medical marijuana, which you can now buy online. Also, while you buy cannabis online, just know that it can be used for the treatment of severe seizures. 

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Also, the drugs containing synthetic forms of THC are being approved as forms of medications. They are now available in types of medicines such as Cesamet (nabilone) and Marinol (dronabinol). These drugs have been found to reduce nausea in people that were undergoing cancer treatments. Also, they helped in increasing appetite levels in patients with HIV. 

Synthetic cannabis is duplicating the properties that are naturally offered by the cannabis plant. Further, there has been a profound theory released that confirms the entire plant of cannabis has better effects as the ingredients work together to impart an entourage effect. 

The side effects and risks of marijuana consumption:

Overdosing of any drug has its side effects, and cannabis is no exception. Here are the side effects caused by cannabis:

  • breathing problems
  • dependency
  • addiction, which occurs in a 9-per cent of the people
  • dizziness
  • reaction times are impaired
  • memory issues
  • loss of concentration levels
  • rapid heart rate
  • memory issues
  • withdrawal symptoms

Opioids Vs. Marijuana for pain relief:

Many opioids have the reputation of being powerful medications for relieving patients from chronic pain by directly acting upon the nervous system. However, opioids are known to be highly addictive and can have adverse withdrawal symptoms on the consumer. Now you can buy cannabis online, which is known to be a better alternative for the addictive opioids for pain relief. According to the research results, marijuana has imparted better results as compared to that of in combination with opioids. 

Also, it has been noted that patients that were addicted to opioid were able to give it up after consuming marijuana. The studies suggesting the benefits offered by cannabis for relieving the patients from chronic pain are increasing every day. And they are being considered as valid as opioids, which were previously known as the most potent sources of pain relief. 

Bottom Line:

The side effects shown by the consumption of cannabis is minimal as compared to that produced from consuming opioids. However, a constant regulation of the use of the product is advised. Whenever you buy cannabis online, make sure to check the quality as well as the composition of the product.

 There is no doubt about the fact that marijuana is very helpful in getting relief from chronic pain. But, there are several strains of marijuana available in the market, and you should choose the one that caters to your requirements. Also, when you select the strain of cannabis with precision, you are significantly improving your chances of healing faster. And those who are keen to use medical marijuana for healing purposes make sure to discuss the benefits and the risks with a medical professional. 

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Depression is all about feeling sick, sad, and less enthusiastic about the activities that you enjoyed earlier. On the other hand, anxiety makes one feel unease, nervous, and worried without any particular reason. With such fast-paced and busy lives, people are falling into anxiety and depression without even knowing. 

Also, most people tend to ignore this sensation and carry on with their lives. However, if not being taken care of at the right time, it will destroy the will for living eventually. Though there are several medicated treatments for it, people are looking for a more convenient way to get away from this. There have been claims that consuming weed is one such way to reduce the effect of anxiety or depression. It has become even easier than ever to access them as now you can buy weed online.

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Surveys and reports

Considering other facts, researchers believe it is not possible to claim that weed can treat depression or anxiety. However, for now, it can be said that they contribute to reducing the intensity to a certain extent. Researchers have claimed that benefits such as mood stabilization and endocannabinoid function are associated with the use of weed. Let’s see whether it’s beneficial or not for people with such problems to buy weed online. 

RIA of the University of Buffalo has been studying the endocannabinoids, which is a brain chemical. This natural chemical is responsible for regulating behavior, cognition, emotions, and motor control. Since depression and anxiety are the products of chronic stress, scientists believe that they might suppress the production of the naturally produced endocannabinoids. 

Therefore, this might be a key reason for anxiety/depression. So, if you’re dealing with any of them, you might buy weed online that’ll provide relaxation for a short span of time. When weed enters your system, it may restore the normal functions and levels, which in turn will reduce the unbearable symptoms. 

Which is better? A high THC or high CBD?

The Leafly and High Times have mentioned in their publications that particular strains might be helpful with depression or anxiety. While you’re browsing to buy weed online, you will find the level of THC or CBD mentioned, which are the essential components. This is because, when they enter your body, they interact with the brain and influence anxiety. 

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THC is capable of working for reducing anxiety when taken at small doses. However, one should not cross the limit and increase the dose as you might respond anxiously when consuming more than required. 

Meanwhile, other studies have revealed that CBD is more effective and reliable when it comes to reducing anxiety. A neuroscientist, Carl Stevenson, claimed that a higher dose of THC is more dangerous than a higher dose of CBD. So, when you are planning to buy weed online, do proper research and try to know the ins and outs of using weed for reducing depression and anxiety. 

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Having said that, one should not forget that all these reports and publications are based on an animal model and not humans! Unlike humans, the animal responds very differently to chronic stress. Only a few studies on humans have been conducted, and people with a healthy mind were tested. Scientists still need to study humans with serious issues to find whether or not weed helps in reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

What does the current research say about weed/marijuana?

Previously, all the studies have been conducted using a THC capsule. However, the current research has been conducted using the proper way of consumption of weed. The study has been held at the Washington State University or WSU, where the THC is not orally transmitted. 

Here, the weed has been inhaled by people at their homes. The study revealed that a single puff of weed, which is low in THC but high in CBD, was successful in reducing the signs of depression. And two puffs were enough to reduce the signs of anxiety. Hence, it’s concluded that whenever one plans to buy weed online for reducing stress, anxiety, or depression, they should see the content of THC and CBD. 

Patients who volunteered for the study said that they had noticed a significant decrease in the signs of depression or anxiety. Also, there was a comparison between the two sexes. It was found that women have noticed a greater decrease in symptoms than men. Therefore, it seems using weed for anxiety or depression is more beneficial for women. They have witnessed more improvement in their mental health than men. 

What can you do more?

No matter what kind of depression or anxiety you have, you can always buy weed online to reduce the severity of the case. Apart from the consumption of weed, there are certain steps you can take at home to reduce the symptoms of anxiety or depression. 

  • Try avoiding stressors or extra responsibilities from your life. When you’re feeling low or down, take a break to breathe and relax.
  • Join mental health groups and seek their help if you’re feeling that your situation is worsening. Your church or employer might have an assistance mental health program going on. 
  • Do not isolate yourself. Even though you’re feeling low, don’t stay alone for a long time. Having someone around has a lot of benefits. 
  • Keep yourself engaged. Add structure, and don’t miss out on events or responsibilities. Set a reminder on your cell so that you don’t miss anything. 


Having said all of that, it’s still not officially claimed that weed is effective for the treatment of anxiety or depression. Also, if the consumption of weed has still not been legalized in your country yet, you cannot consume it at your home. However, for people who are dealing with depression or anxiety in a country that has legalized weed, you can buy weed online. It saves you time, money as well as gives you the content of THC and CBD in it. If you are not comfortable yet to go for medical treatment for dealing with anxiety or depression, this option is the best fit for you. 

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Starting from the 1850s to the 1930s, Cannabis grew famous for the purpose of recreation. However, the intake of drug overdose increased over a period of time, which aroused controversies about the medicinal use of Marijuana. In the year 1966 to make Cannabis more medical-friendly, only the active ingredient of Cannabis –THC, was synthesized. The amount of studies conducted on the medicinal properties of Marijuana is surprising. And the therapeutic benefits offered by the drug are even more astonishing, which made the availability of Cannabis online more favorable. 

Here, we have listed all the medical benefits that Cannabis can offer. Read on to find out why the drug is the future of the medical industry. 

Top 7 Reasons Marijuana for Trending in the Medical Industry

1 – Slows down the cancer cells from spreading:

According to a research study, Cannabidiol possesses the ability to prevent cancer or slows down the growth of cancerous tissues by turning off the ID-1 gene. The researchers today are positive about the theory that Cannabis can be used to prevent the spreading of cancer. An experiment was conducted on the breast cancer cells in a laboratory, which contained a high level of the ID-1 gene. 

They used the cells to treat them with THC. The outcome obtained was positive, and the expression of the ID-1 gene was drastically reduced. Therefore, today Cannabidiol is used to slow down the growth of tumors in breasts, brain, and the lungs, considerately. 

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2 – Prevents Alzheimer’s: 

The results received from a study conducted in 2006 showed that the active ingredient present in Cannabis online –THC, has the ability to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. THC works by blocking the formation of the amyloid plaques by checking the action of the enzymes in the brain, which helps in the creation of the tissues that cause Alzheimer’s. 

These plaques, when increased in number, start to kill the brain cells, and potentially lead towards Alzheimer’s disease. However, with the use of Cannabidiol or the active ingredient –THC, this can be prevented, which is one of the reasons why Cannabis is growing as a drug in the medical industry. 

3 – Treatment of Glaucoma:

Marijuana can be extensively used in the treatment of Glaucoma disease as well. Generally, in this disease, the pressure exerted on the eyeballs increases, which further injures the optic nerve, and as a result, the person loses their vision. According to the research reports, Cannabis can be used to reduce the pressure level inside the eye. A study was conducted in the 1970s that showed weed when smoked can lower the IOP (Intraocular Pressure) in a person, which further prevents Glaucoma. This effect of the drug is also used to avoid issues related to blindness as well. 

4 – Helps with arthritis:

Now you can buy Cannabis online, which has been found to be treating the issues of arthritis as well. According to experts, Cannabis reduces inflammation and pain and promotes healthy sleeping patterns. Therefore, Marijuana, in turn, helps relieve people from discomfort and immense pain, which often is a symptom of rheumatoid arthritis. Many patients who have rheumatoid arthritis were treated with medicines containing Cannabis. Within a few weeks of the time, the patients experienced a significant reduction in the level of pain and discomfort experienced by them. Also, their sleep quality was drastically improved. 

5 – Control the seizures caused by epilepsy:

According to the discoveries made in 2003, the reports showed that Marijuana could help control epileptic seizures as well. The epileptic lab rats were injected with the extracts of Marijuana and synthetic marijuana elements as well. The drugs showed results of stopping the seizure attacks within 10 hours. 

The THC which is the active element in Cannabis was found to control the epileptic seizures by successfully binding the brain cells that were responsible for monitoring the level of excitability and regulating hormones for the body to relax. This is one of the most successful discoveries in the medical industry backed up by Marijuana. And some of these studies are the reasons that suggest Cannabis is going to be the future of the pharmaceutical industry. 

6 – Help ease multiple sclerosis’ pain:

Typically, in multiple sclerosis, there are repeated muscle spasms caused. But, with the use of Marijuana, these adverse neurological effects can be controlled, and the patient can be relieved from pain. According to the reports published after a study conducted by the Canadian Medical Association, Marijuana is known to be easing the painful symptoms, which are often a part of multiple sclerosis. 

Generally, people with multiple sclerosis suffer from several painful contractions. After smoking Marijuana for a few days, the level of pain reported was reduced. The THC contained in the Cannabis online helps in bonding the receptors in the nerve cells and the muscle cells as well, which relieves pain. 

7 – Parkinson’s Disease tremors can be soothed:

Even the patients of Parkinson’s disease are susceptible to the benefits obtained from Marijuana. You can now buy Cannabis online for smoking, which is known to have remarkably reduced the tremors and pain caused to the patients with Parkinson’s disease. Also, it helps with improving their sleeping habits and allows their body to rest up. One thing that particularly impressed the researchers is Marijuana helps with repairing and improving the motor skills of the patients. 

Due to these reasons, most of the countries are now making Marijuana legal and are indulged in conducting more researches about the drug to help improve the lives of human beings. All the bothering symptoms were drastically improved in the patients when they continued to smoke pot for two weeks. The study based on Parkinson’s disease was conducted in Israel, and since then, the country has made the use of weed legal. 

Bottom Line:

Here we have listed a few benefits that are obtained from Marijuana and how the symptoms of some of the dreading diseases are being treated with the use of the drug. This, in itself, is considerable progress, and making the use of Cannabis legal in the countries are some of the wise decisions that are being taken. The medical industry has received many benefits from Cannabidiol and is continuing to flourish further with the benefits. 

Therefore, this suggests that Cannabis is very likely to become the future of the medical industry because of the unmatched advantages it has to offer. Now, the best part is –you can buy Cannabis online without having to worry about its authenticity. 

Many doctors, as well as the researchers, believe in Marijuana as the future of medicine. In such a scenario, you must have a reliable deal of Cannabis online at your disposal in case you need to make your purchase. It is imperative that you received only the original and authentic products; else, it would be merely a waste of your money. So why not try out a dealer who only deals with genuine Cannabis. West Coast Supply is one such dealer that will help you with your marijuana purchase. Sign up for our rewards program and earn reward points for every dollar spent at West Coast Supply! Get as much as $50 rewards on each order!

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Canada weed online

The summers are one of the best times for cannabis lovers. Summer is the best season to enrich yourselves with the best strains of marijuana that is available in Canada weed online. When you live in colder places like Canada, you have the benefit of going out on summers in the outdoors amidst the lush green of nature. While enjoying the outdoor music fest, taking a hike through a pristine and primordial forest, or simply watching the sun glow, you could enjoy some of the strains of marijuana that will blow up your mind and impart you with an unmatched experience of getting high. 

 In this article, we have outlined the top 5 varieties of weed that will help you beat the summer blues if you are having any. You can just stay indoors and simply chill in your backyard while smoking some pot and spending your day. Read on to find out the details.

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1-The Green Gelato:

While the genetic engineers created this strain of weed, they apparently had the summer sun on the back of their minds. Green Gelato is basically the result of outbreeding Thin Mint GSC with the Sunset Sherbet Strain. This weed variety actually ticks off all the boxes of a strain that is significantly dominated by Sativa. That offers you an experience of a high euphoric state that makes you creative and uplifts by relaxing your mind as well as your body. The users of Green Gelato can experience a calm and laid back mood while edging off of pain, stress, or depression. 

Green Gelato could be an excellent smoking option for the ones looking for adventurous summer days of hiking, skating, or surfing. The weed will drastically lighten up your mood and make your feel energetic. Her pungent smell and flavors of citrus and sweetness will make your summers worthwhile. 

2-Fat Banana:

Fat Banana is basically the outcome of a forceful selective breeding program between Chiquita Banana and OG Kush. When you search for Canada weed online, you will definitely come across Fat Banana, which is one of the prevalent strains and is absolutely loved by the weed smokers. The breeding efforts put in to cultivate Fat Banana have resulted in the package of serious punch and production of high levels of THC. You will have a strong stoning experience with the indica-dominated strain. 

The connoisseurs and the collectors of Cannabis are very much appealed by the Fat Banana strain because of the massive level of psychoactive element produced in it, which is uniquely blended with tropical fruit and terpene profile of earth. 

3-Pineapple Kush:

The name of the variety of Cannabis is enough to whet the appetite of the pineapple lovers. Let us warn you that Pineapple Kush will lead to ravenous cases, and you might need munchies kept prepared by your side. Pineapple Kush is prepared out by breeding OG Kush with Pineapple, which resulted in a heavily indica-dominated variety. Pineapple Kush is named after the stunning fruity taste of tropical pineapple that is imparted from the marijuana that you purchase from Canada weed online

She has such a flavor profile that absolutely complements the summer meals and can be blended well with the fruity cocktails. When you plan on smoking Pineapple Kush, you will undoubtedly receive ample muscle relaxation and therapeutic feeling, while your senses are all calmed down. To have an experience of lazy summer afternoons, Pineapple Kush is an ideal smoking strain. 

4-Sour Diesel:

Are you planning on taking a surfing session this summer? Well, then don’t forget to bring your ally –Sour Diesel along with you on your high-trip. A vape or bowl loaded with the Sour Diesel flowers before hitting the waves of the ocean are much needed. Your focus will be enhanced, and you will be all geared up for the adrenaline rush that you are about to receive. This strain of Cannabis has its origin from California and is basically used by smokers before they are about to go on an adventurous trip. 

She offers medium levels of CBD combined with a high and potent concentration of THC, imparting you with crystal clear head-high experience with a few drags. The Sour Diesel variety is the child of Northern Light, Original Diesel, Hawaiian, and Shiva. By having this drug, you will experience a potent augmented taste with high notes of herbal yet sour flavors. 

5-Amnesia Haze:

Many pot smokers will recognize the name of this legendary strain, which is the brainchild of an American ex-pat and was synthesized in Holland. This strain will have a psychedelic effect on your mind, with long-lasting and intense levels of high. The concentration of THC in Amnesia Haze is about 22% and is dominated by Sativa-genes. So if you in for an outdoor celebration or about to go on a music concern –Amnesia Haze is the strain of Cannabis that you would want to purchase from Canada weed online. 

She is such a variety of marijuana, which will make the smokers go bare feet on the ground, and their bodies will groove to the syncopated reggae rhythms. Amnesia Haze offers you with the citrusy flavors and will leave the taste buds in a state of wanting for more. 

Bottom Line:

In this article, we have listed the top 5 strains or varieties of Cannabis that you could buy from Canada weed online. But, there are a few more that you could consider while making your choice, including –the Royal Cookies Auto-flowering strain, Blue Mystic, Shining Silver Haze, Royal Gorilla Auto-flowering, or the Hulkbery variety. They all are prepared from different kinds of plants and will impart you with different types of smoking experience. 

Selecting a strain is an essential part of smoking, and while doing so, do not forget to consider the climatic conditions and what kind of high you are in the mood for. Cannabis is a hardy and versatile plant that grows in different environments and climatic conditions yet gives out the best results possible. To beat the blues of summer season, you could try out some fruity punchy flavors of Cannabis, which can be well blended with the summer smoothies. Now, take your cannabis smoking into different levels by giving the various strains of the weed a try. 

Although several flavors of Cannabis are available in the market, when you are making a purchase from Canada weed online, you must make sure that the products that you buy are from a licensed dealer. You can completely trust on West Coast Supply, to provide you with the best strains of the weed available in Canada. You do not have to go through the shady process of finding a local dealer and later worry about the authenticity of the product anymore because we are here to meet all your weed smoking requirements. Check out our latest promotions running on our promo page

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If you are thinking of using shatter, it only means one thing –you want to take your cannabis use to the next level. Its true. Shatter is the most potent, purest form of cannabis & is designed to provide the best high. Think of it like going one level up with your cannabis usage. Once you start using shatter, you will be entering the advanced level. 

Shatter is all the rage in Canada right now, & for all the right reasons. You can easily get shatter delivered to your home – you can now buy cannabis online in Canada. Since the weed became legal in Canada in 2018, the online market has flourished. Not even the COVID-19 could dampen the spirit of cannabis loyalist. Whether you buy weed online or at store, make sure to maintain social distancing to stay safe and keep everyone safe. 

Shatter is one of the best types of cannabis concentrates. If you are new to shatter or want to know more about it, you are in the right place. 

Here is everything you need to know about how to use shatter for the best effect:

First Thing First – What exactly is shatter?

Shatter is a concentrated form of weed with high level of potency. It has 80% to 90% of cannabinoid content in it compared to just 40% to 60% in regular cannabis. It is also considered as the purest form of cannabis extracts. 

The name shatter was given to it as it has glass-lie transparency and high terpene content in it. Usually, it has amber color, but it can be darker or lighter in shade depending on how it was extracted. It is known for producing intense “high” that can last for a very long time. It has the tendency to break like a glass when it hits a hard surface, hence the name.

Shatter also has high level of THC, which is the main compound that causes high. While shatter with high content of CBD are available, it is mostly consumed for recreational purposes. The CBD-based shatter is mostly targeted towards the consumers who are looking for it. You can easily buy cannabis online now and order your shatter. Shatter can be used in many different ways. Depending on what you are most comfortable with, you can easily choose the one that matches your needs. 

How to Use Shatter:

Shatter can be smoked or vaporized for the maximum effect. These are the most common methods used for using shatter. You can buy cannabis online in Canada if you are wondering where to get them. Here are some of the best ways to use shatter:


This is method of using the shatter for people who do not have a device to smoke or dab. In case you are using shatter for the first time, you can use this method as well. It is easy to use it. All you have to do is use it with your weed bud. Sprinkle come shatter on top of your weed and roll the joints and start smoking. You can also use the crumbled shatter by spreading it lengthwise and roll it into a joint. Light it and start smoking. 

The downside of this method is that you will miss out on the actual taste of the shatter as it will be mixed with the bud. Also, the burning process will make all the shatter content in the joint go to waste – at least most of them. This is quite wasteful and doesn’t serve any purpose. That’s why this method is ideal for users who don’t have a dab or vape with them. Use this method if you don’t have any other alternative. 


The market is flooded with the best range of vaporizers. The vaping devices are just perfect for shatter. You can choose from desktop and portable vaporizers for using shatter. If you want to use it at home, the desktop vaporizer is the best option. If you want to take your weed with you – you can buy cannabis online in Canada –the portable vaporizer is the best option. Although, the desktop vaporizer is not effective when it comes to smoking shatter. Portable vaporizers and pens are very popular as they are compatible with most of the cannabis types including shatter. 

One of the best things about vaporizers is that you can enjoy the flavor and high of shatter without wasting the products. Vaping devices do not burn the shatter, instead indirect heating produces the best smoke and taste. You can choose the temperature range you want to release the cannabinoids and terpenes in it. Besides, vaping doesn’t release harmful carcinogens to your lungs like smoking. 

Today, you have plenty of option in vaporizers and you easily buy a top-quality vaping device under $200. You can choose as per your needs, brand, features, and budget. You can buy cannabis online in Canada now, which means you can easily get the shatter of your choice. While initial cost can be a hindrance, investing in a high-quality vaporizer will save you money in the long run. 


Dabbing is another popular way of using the shatter. A dab rig is a glass pipe, which you can use to vaporizes cannabis concentrated like the shatter. It looks very similar to a bong. It comes with a vertical chamber along with a mouthpiece with a hole where the nail goes. As the nail turns red, you can heat the device with a butane torch. Then you need to add a small piece of your shatter to the nail. The shatter will burn and release a thick smoke for inhaling. Using the dab is very easy and fast. You don’t have to wait for the smoke to form. 

You may find that the nail is left with extra oil after each dab. This is normal. You can continue dabbing till you finish the shatter or till the oil clogs the nail. Remove the oil, clean the dab rig and you are ready to use it once again. 

Again, dab rigs come in various price range. You can choose from a wide variety of dab rigs from different brands. It is a cost-effective option for cannabis users. Make sure to buy high-quality dab rig so that it can last for a long time. Investing in a high-quality product is always a good investment. You can buy a dab rig at $50 without compromising on the quality. 

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The Bottom-line

Shatter is one of the best forms of cannabis concentrates. They offer higher level potency and high compared to others. These are the 3 best ways to use the shatter. Vaping and dabbing are the most effective ways to use shatter and get the best out of the product. Make sure to buy the best quality vaporize or dab rigs for enjoying your shatter. 

If you are looking to buy cannabis online in Canada, look further than West Coast Supply. We have the best range of high-quality marijuana in Canada available at the most affordable price online.  We are your one stop solution for all your cannabis needs. For more information, you can e-mail West Coast Supply at [email protected]