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Starting Oct 19th 2020, we’ve set a $500 order limit for new customers going forward.

This limit is for E-transfer & Credit card orders only, bitcoin payments have no limit.

This measure was set because we’ve had too many new users abuse the payment system and claim fraudulent payments.

We will gradually increase the order limit for new users as they order more, here’s how the new tiered system works

*The $500 limit can be waived as long as you contact us and provide us with a valid reason, just email us at [email protected] for assistance*

Tier 1 – New users can not exceed $500 on their first order
Tier 2 – Once a customer reaches $1000 in completed orders, they’ll be able to place orders for up to $1000
Tier 3 – Once a customer reaches $2000 in completed orders, the limits will be removed.

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Or Buy bitcoins here for bigger amounts (you’ll have to verify your account and it takes a few more steps but you’ll have a bigger limit)

*If you’re having any issues with the purchase limit, please contact us at [email protected] and let us know the specific reason on why your account doesn’t require any limits, and we may consider removing it.*

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