Assorted 3″-4″ Glass Pipes


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Assorted Glass Pipes, for ease of use; 3″-4″ long, and can hold roughly, 0.25g of cannabis.

Choose your pipe design: regular shaped with lines or swirly shaped with swirl lines!

Select a free gift when you spend $299+ (tier 1)
– Quarter (7g) Marijuana
– House Brand Edible
– Gram of shatter

Select a free gift when you spend $499+ (tier 2)
– Half Oz (14g) Marijuana
– Gram of Premium Shatter
– Branded Edible

Select a free gift when you spend $699+ (tier 3)
– Ounce (28g) Marijuana
– Premium Concentrates
– Premium CBD Products

5 reviews for Assorted 3″-4″ Glass Pipes

  1. DKultra1 (verified owner)

    For $10 these are great little glass pipes.
    You get 2 SCOOPS of RAISINS in every package of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran,

    whereas with this Glass Pipe for $10, you get 2 Hoots of Cannabis from every Bowl of this pipe.
    THIS IS A SOLID TWO HOOTER pipe that should be easy to care for.

    The big test will be how often I have to clean it.
    FInding Isopropyl Alcohol is tough, especially 99.9% pure for cleaning and preserving the oil in it.
    70% isopropyl ruins your oil in your pipe.

    A person may as well order 1 of these pipes every couple orders and have a few on hand.
    A nice add on when you are $10 – $20 short of $299 for the big FREEBIE item that WestCoast always throw in.

    WESTCOAST SUPPLY are a leading non-profit organization who provide the highest quality product, as well as lower quality at huge discounts that empower the average consumer and also medicinal users of cannabis and related products.

    Consider yourself blessed if you shop here.
    Seriously, WESTCOAST is that GOOD! Always giving freebies to their customers, always leading the way for consumer’s recreational & medicinal rights!!!!

    Way to go!

  2. southontario13 (verified owner)

    great deal, just replace them when theyre dirty. so cheap
    quite small but easy to pack and convenient

  3. Erin Quinn (verified owner)

    This is a steal of a deal!! Great little pipe for 10 bucks. I’ve bought a couple as gifts to put in little Happy 420 friendly gift bags for friends as well. Great little hitters and well worth it?

  4. DKultra1 (verified owner)

    I have 2 of these pipes now. They work good, you just gotta keep them cleaned out with 99% isopropyl alcohol and save your resin/oil in a pickle jar over a great deal of time. Then when you run out of weed, you can always make some oil by slowly evaporating the alcohol from the oil at a very, very low heat when evaporating it.

    $10 each is a great price, I would like to see some other pipes offered at a greater price, a cleaning kit would be nice as well for someone to manufacture. You have to clean your pipe and be prepared to clean your pipe, letting it soak overnight. A paperclip works well if you get a bigger one, for cleaning out the pipe.

    Save your resin, may as well. Potent resin in the bottom of the pipe.
    Some plastic bongs and metal pipes with screens are something I would purchase on occasion from WCS.

  5. stalitic (verified owner)

    pipe itself is mint no problems so far. More of a joint guy myself though

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