King Louis XIII AAAA


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Experience a high fit for a royal, like yourself! King Louis strain is a cross between OG Kush X and Louis XIII with a high THC level of 21% to 23%. King Louis XIII offers relaxing effects that can induce sleep and offer instant stress relief. It is the perfect weed to use after a long tiring day if you want undisturbed sleep. Because of the strain’s sleep-inducing effects, it can treat conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, bipolar, and many other sleeping disorders.

King Louis XIII’s taste is just as manly as its name. Its flavour profile is described as piney and earthy with a spicy overtone. Its aroma isn’t too far away from this flavour combination either. The King Louis XIII nugs come in the perfect hue of purple which symbolises royalty more than any other colour.

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Flavours: Pine, Earth, Spice

Effects: Stress Relief, Relaxing, Sleepy

Medical: Anxiety, IBS, Insomnia, Chronic Pain

Potency: 21-23% THC Content


Why choose King Louis strain?

At only 23-25% THC, the King Louis strain is the perfect choice for those looking to relax without being knocked out. With its smooth resin-coated nuggets and pungent aroma, you’ll have no trouble finding yourself at ease with this king of cannabis!

Experience a high fit for royalty with King Louis strain! This hybrid between OG Kush X and Louis XIII has THC levels that can reach 23%. The taste is piney and earthy, while its aroma also shares those same qualities through the spice. Best yet? These flowers come in the perfect hue of purple, which symbolizes royalty more than any other color- so you know they’re legit!

The King Louis strain is a cross between OG Kush’s powerful and calming qualities with high THC levels. The taste profile reflects its royal namesake, while also known for inducing relaxation that will help you fall asleep quickly or alleviate stress in an instant!

What are the effects of the King Louis strain? 

The effects of the King Louis strain are said to be the perfect way to end a long day if you want undisturbed sleep. In addition, this marijuana is known for its ability to treat many sleeping disorders, including insomnia and anxiety, among others!

The perfect weed to use after a long tiring day if you want undisturbed sleep. Because this particular type of insomnia, anxiety and depression in its purest form can treat conditions such as these without any side effects, therefore, many people choose it over other types for their needs when they need help relaxing or calming down before bedtime!

The effects of the King Louis strain are said to be the perfect weed after a long day if one wants undisturbed sleep. The strain’s calming effect makes it an excellent choice for those suffering from insomnia, anxiety, or depression who need their mind at ease to not feel so stressed out all through nighttime hours; this includes people with bipolar disorder too!

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For anyone looking for a potent cannabis strain that has an uplifting, euphoric effect and is perfect for combating anxiety or depression, King Louis should be at the top of your list. This cross between OG Kush X and Louis XIII comes with delicious flavors like pine, earth, spice, and more! Visit West Coast Supply’s online dispensary in Canada to get your hands on some today.

We’ve got a wide variety of strains in stock, but one you might want to try is the King Louis strain. This hybrid can be used for both relaxation and pain relief when consumed at low doses. It also has high levels of THC that make it great for stress-free socializing or getting work done on your computer. Visit the blog section of our website today to learn more about this powerful cannabis option!  

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11 reviews for King Louis XIII AAAA

  1. Francis Billings (verified owner)

    I would reccommend this

  2. Pinksen21 (verified owner)

    Great stink and great buzz

  3. Shelly (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this but I found the taste to be unusual. Great high though.

  4. Chill174 (verified owner)

    Good strong indica helps with the days aches and pains.

  5. Potzyboy (verified owner)

    King louis did the job !! Nice mellow buzz ! Average taste and smell ! It was a little harsh for me , added a couple chunks of shatter to a bowl much better ! Thanks

  6. Kedpad (verified owner)

    I find huckleberry is better this and the two others I ordered which were Bruce banner and black tuna

  7. ╭∩╮( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)╭∩╮ (verified owner)

    I like the smell and taste, but the effect isn’t that much. Still 5/5 for being free!

  8. Curtis (verified owner)

    Smells sweeter and fruitier than expected for this strain, but I really enjoy it. Smells like beef jerky and fruit loops, very mellow and laid back buzz. Strong body high. Not overly potent but a perfect indica buzz for pain, sleep, and appetite.

  9. Mumli (verified owner)

    I’m not normally a big Indica smoker, but this strain is the exception. Wonderful taste/smell, and also looks amazing. The high itself is also really nice although I wish it were a little bit more potent.

  10. Pellet (verified owner)

    This is some good stuff. I would buy again. Buzz and flavor were spot on.

  11. Wadehopeisdope (verified owner)

    Some pretty good bud
    Quite a bit of purple on it

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