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420: The Day Dedicated to Marijuana Appreciation

Whether you are looking forward to buy weed in Toronto or any other place in the world, you would surely be aware of the popular date “20Th  of April” aka 420. If not, let us break it down for you. Abbreviated as the number “420”, this is the day when cannabis enthusiasts from all over […]

christmas 2019 west coast supply

The 7 Amazing Items for Marijuana Christmas 2019 Stash Box

It’s the holiday season and everyone is so excited. Christmas is time for family gathering and getting ready for the New Year with friends. Gifts are a major part of Christmas and it is no different for the serious cannabis users. If you have a fellow cannabis user friend, a marijuana stash box will make […]

7 reasons to buy marijuana

7 Benefits of Using Weed for the Right Reasons

Call it marijuana, weed, pot, dope, grass, or any other name, it is the same drug from the same cannabis plant. Until recently, the only purpose the cannabis used was a recreational drug. People used it for smoking, or vaping. And, it was illegal in Canada too. But everything has changed now as the weed […]

marijuana for stress reduction

Everything you need to know about marijuana for stress reduction

One of the common claims made by marijuana with regards to its health effects is its prowess to help you relax or get rid of stress. However, according to a study, it has been confirmed that the same can be achieved only when you opt for the strains that come with low doses of THC. […]

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Suffering Asthma? How Can Canada Mail Order Marijuana Be Your Lifesaver?

As more countries such as Canada and the USA legalize the use of marijuana for medical as well as recreational purposes, people around the globe are getting more and more curious about the health conditions that God has gifted, the natural drug that can actually cure of sorts of ailments. Some people believe marijuana can […]

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