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What are some of the CBD oil benefits to know when you order cannabis online?

Although cannabis has been used for far too long as a natural remedy, it is only now that it has sparked into the limelight. From issues such as depression to chronic pain, this miraculous herb has the potential to help tackle the same. With several studies dedicated to finding out the potential of this plant, […]

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Cannabis Edibles – The Types, Benefits and Advantages of Weed Edibles

Cannabis edibles are very popular these days and for all the good reasons too. They come in a wide variety to accommodate different needs and preferences. Part of the reasons why weed edibles are so popular is that they taste better than the oils and tinctures. For people who don’t want to smoke, edibles offer […]

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Traveling with cheap bud, Canada? Here are some tips & tricks to check out!

Cannabis has been legal in Canada for more than a year now. It is obvious that traveling with the cheap bud, Canada, might have crossed your mind,and you might be ready to experiment the same. However, what most cannabis users do not know is the fact that traveling with marijuana or cannabis can get a […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Marijuana: How to Use this Miracle Plant?

Marijuana is something that has always been debated among the health-care regulators as well as lawmakers. With several scientific studies being carried out by the scientific community, more and more countries are now easing in towards the use of this miracle plant.  However, for someone new to marijuana, understanding the dos and don’ts can be […]

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Here are the Major Cannabinoids Present in the Weed Plant and its effects

Cannabinoids are the 66 out of 480 compounds found in the Cannabis plant. They are the naturally occurring compounds responsible for making the weed what it is. Two of the compounds – THC and CBD –are more well-known than the others. THC is responsible for making people high, while CBD is used for medicinal purposes. […]

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CBD 101: Extraction Processes Explained for CBD Oil

While this topic might not seem important to you, but the extraction process for CBD oil plays a critical role in determining how effective it will be. The method used for extraction can different massively and have a critical impact on your overall health. It is critical that you understand how the CBD oil is […]

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Top 8 Recreational Marijuana FAQs Answered for You

As the sales for recreational marijuana increase with the legalization in Canada, more and more buyers are now confused as to what their legal obligations are. There are several other issues or queries that remain unsolved or unanswered till date. Given the fact that marijuana has been a hush-hush topic to date, some questions haven’t […]

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Exploring The Medical Advantages of Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana has been in the news for quite a long time. The United States categorizes the element as a Schedule I drug, comparing it to heroin and LSD. On the other hand, medical marijuana is a huge hit across nations like Canada, where it could be found at the local stores. Search for BC […]

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