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How To Detect And Deal With Powdery Mildew In Weed Buds?

If you love smoking a joint or have been prescribed the use of weed for medical purposes, it is critical that you get your hands on the highest quality of this plant. One thing that has been known to ail the integrity of this plan is the powdery mildew that looks white in color. So, […]

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Top 5 Weed Products In 2019 That’s HIGH In Demand

As cannabis/weed attains a legal stature in different states and Countries all around the world, the industry revolving around it is continually expanding. Today, even the politicians form campaigns around the complete legalization of weed. While smoking cannabis in its regular form is known to many, not everyone knows that you can also find several […]

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Proven Health Benefits With The Use of High Quality Marijuana

Proven for its many significant health benefits, the popularity of CBD is growing undoubtedly. The currently available information regarding the potential medical use of marijuana seems to grow on a constant basis. With the federal legality to buy marijuana in Canada, studying this diverse plant and its miraculous compounds is super easy. There is a […]

What are the actual reasons for weed legalization by the Canadian Government? 1

What are the actual reasons for weed legalization by the Canadian Government?

Canada is at the edge of the fresh Cultural Revolution & a dramatic social change with the legalization of Cannabis/Marijuana in the year 2018. Although this move was planned out ever since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stepped into his position in the year 2015, the country had been scrambling to prepare for this big day. […]


Why “Buy My Weed Online” is The Trendiest Search Among People

The smooth legalization of cannabis in several countries has gone a very long way, increasing the demand for various cannabis products every day. Canada is the number one country that has made weed legal for both recreational and medicinal purposes; the shopping channel for weed purchase is growing exceptionally here. Today, online platforms have proved […]

benefits of buying cannabis online in Canada West coast supply

Top 6 Benefits Of Buying Cannabis Online In Canada

Make use of online cannabis dispensary Canada to buy marijuana for medical and recreational use. The use of marijuana has been now legalized by the government of Canada. Also, the head of the legal department is still trying to figure out the logistics concerning demand and supply issues; it is quite evident that the availability […]

Legal Obligations To Follow When You Buy Marijuana In Canada 2

Legal Obligations To Follow When You Buy Marijuana In Canada

Starting with the year 2018 in the month of October, purchasing Marijuana in Canada become a legal option. Marijuana, also known as Cannabis and popular by various other names, has recently been the topic of interest with researchers venturing into its line of beneficial usage for health. Medical marijuana had been in use in the […]

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They say laughter is the best medicine. If you had a bad day or bad health, laughter is the cure to all. And as a matter of fact, cannabis has been associated with laughter for good reasons. Buds, marijuana, and other strains can help you see the lighter side of life. No matter how bad […]

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Top 6 BC bud online varieties with origins in Canada

Top 6 BC bud online varieties with origins in Canada If you have ever been to the major cities of Canada, you might have noticed the signature “Floral-Fruity” smell taking over the air all around you. Yes, that smell is most probably weed or marijuana. Weed is known by many names which include cannabis, marijuana, […]


All You Need To Know About Hash

Are you looking out for quality hash delivered at your doorstep? Do you want to buy hash via convenient over-handed methods and get it delivered directly to your doorsteps? Look no further for your search is over. Buy hash online in Canada at West Coast Supply. When you browse through our online dispensary, you get […]

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4 Misconceptions About Buying Your Weed Online

While scamming is so much in practice, people are mostly not comfortable buying weed online due to the obvious security issues. The majority weed buying population bargain it through second hands and therefore is aloof to the working of the network. The blog talks about some of the frequently asked questions and misconceptions about buying […]

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