Golden Teacher


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Golden Teachers psilocybe defines it as a one-of-a-kind type of mushroom, despite its recent emergence as a magical mushroom in the 1980s. It doesn’t have such a fast growth rate as with many other psilocybin cubensis strains, which means the Golden Teacher is often much more impressive and potent than many other mushrooms.

Golden Teacher trips can often be revelatory, or insightful. An ode to their name, these mushrooms impart powerful lessons that remain even after the experience.


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31 reviews for Golden Teacher

  1. DMC (verified owner)

    Made a tea of some of it, and had a great evening. Recommended.

  2. Mumli (verified owner)

    This was my first ever experience with psilocybin, so i didn’t know what to expect. This was the ideal mushroom to start off with! Perfect for both social contexts and solo reflection. I’ve worked my way up to 3g and haven’t had a bad experience so far.

  3. @canna.bloom (verified owner)

    Great stuff! Good deal

  4. Pickles69 (verified owner)

    I only wanted to test it out because I haven’t done anything for like almost a year I had one full mushroom and I’m pretty good

  5. Mackenzie (verified owner)

    Calmer of a mushroom. Good for 1st time users. Lots of visuals (walls breathing type of thing, not so much major hallucinations)

  6. @canna.bloom (verified owner)

    Great quality. Full mushrooms. Nice vibes

  7. K_Dub (verified owner)

    Golden Teachers are the perfect product to microdose or to strap on your psychonaut helmet and go meet god. Especially good for ones first foray into psilocybin. I’ve ground these in a spice mill and filled gel caps so I have a perfect 0.5 dose whenever I want. Microdosing these will make you happy!

  8. ihi980725 (verified owner)

    I never had any luck with psilocybin products in the past but this dried shroom kicked in so nicely, I had my first actual shroom trip which was the best feeling i had so far this year 🙂

  9. Ryanwhite (verified owner)

    And now you come out with the trip stopper…

    I might have used it, these are worth every penny

  10. @canna.bloom (verified owner)

    Great trip. Nice shrooms.

  11. @canna.bloom (verified owner)

    These shrooms are great and a good deal!

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